Join in as Ant (voice of Barret/Co-creator) brings on Takahata101 (voice of Red XIII/Co-creator), Justin Briner (voice of Cloud) and Sarah Ann Williams (voice of Tifa) as we discuss some of our favorite dub casts, the casting and recording process for FF7MA, Takas love for Hellsing, and answering a few questions sent in to us and much more!

  • Rish

    Could you guys please post updates on Facebook when a new podcast is out like you used to? These are really enjoyable to listen to! 🙂

  • AlonzoWarlow

    I kinda feel sad that I never get to hear about them holding auditions. I would love to be involved somehow.

  • marzera


  • firewoven

    So that was fantastic. I was practically in tears for half of it.

  • jayhot91

    Where are the rest of the podcasts? Where is this podcast?

  • wcthesecret

    wheres the podcast thing?