Join Antfish, Taka, Lani and Kaiser as we answer some of YOUR QUESTIONS! We also talk about Youmacon, Hellsing, AWA (which passed) and…Shadina….

  • dude, i had a feeling that was you guys in B3! holy shizballz, that show is awesome as fuck. anyhow, if you guys haven’t checked them out yet, i’d suggest “one punch man” and “beyond the boundary”. i’m sure you guys have seen “akame ga kill”, and if you haven’t, WATCH IT. it is seriously hilarious, and probably the best show i’ve mentioned in this comment so far. well, i dunno, i’ll see how “one punch man” evolves. oo, and the “gods eater” anime! it’s soooo sick, but they’re taking a hiatus forrrr…. 2-3 months? but i prefer that to watching the quality of a show plummet. i think it’s the first anime based off a video game that’s actually good… … yup, it is. anyway, thanks for all the laughs, TFS, and may the haters suck a bag of all the castrated saiyajin dicks.

  • SWM

    Oh sweet, I really enjoyed Blood Blockade Battlefront. Probably because I was in a…mood (for the lack of a better word) for blood magic and such after watching Hellsing Ultimate and I thought B3 hit it right on the head. Although, I am ashamed of admitting that I didn’t recognize any of your voices, but that’s probably because of my incredibly shitty hearing.

  • ddeeffgg


    Lani I love the reference to Principle Vagina (no relation). IF that was a reference, anyway I HOPE IT WAS

    EXACTLY the episodes slowly change..that’s what I’ve been saying. Also, my first episode was 26 (where we see Freeza’s third form) and I just loved the humor, to say the VERY least (well, technically my first “episode” of your work was the Mulan parody, loved that too). Went back to the first episode, and I didn’t mind at all. I mean, there were obvious differences and I thought “wow this seems old” but you know..who cares. I still love that too. Works the same with LittleKuriboh’s work. You all have made good shit awhile ago and you STILL do, and that’s all that matters. I don’t really have a favorite “section” of the series since they all had their best parts / characters which can’t really be compared. Nappa, Super Kami Guru, Cell (damn Taka), ANDROID 16, Zarbon..I could go on but I digress.

    “Have you seen my ass?” ..damn it Taka


    Dude, I wear shorts and a T-shirt all year round and I live in Jersey (NO NOT JOISEY) not sandals though. I see a couple people on campus like me and they wear sandals with socks..I used to be the freak at school in that regard NOW I’M OUTCLASSED

  • incrediblenoiseman

    It’s good to hear from the big three, I enjoy listening to all that you guys have to say. I can say that I also like the format that the podcast had. It wasn’t completely free lance, talk about anything, but it also wasn’t “stick to the script”. It was a good structure and I like answering the questions.

    I would have to say that my favorite DBZ game would be Legendary Super Warriors for the GBC. I enjoyed Budokai 3 but it established a game function that led to a lot of “problems” that other games after it had, and that was the rock, paper, scissors format that took out some skill and took up too much time.

    I love that you all are closing in on securing an office/studio/headquarters for the group. It really helps with the business mind set of things to have an establishment that everything flows in and out of.

    I’m also excited about the new movie that you all are working on right now and I cannot wait to see it. You guys are amazing and I enjoy all that you do.

    Great job team, keep up the good work.

  • SuperKamiGuru

    Wait so Taka is moving to Texas ? Or just somewhere in Canada ?
    By the way Taka man its OK to have bad days and trying to either vent or just express yourself. You are an amazing and hilarious guy so keep that in mind !
    Its been a while since the holy trinity ( Lani, Taka and Kaiser ) were toogether on a podcast 😀 Next time you guys are gonna be toogether tell us who would you guys like to voice act as you in your animated movie “TFS the animated movie” ? 😀

    • RoninOfDeath

      He’s moving back to Vancouver.

  • Drumroll

    I would also take an “Upstart Triclops Bitch” shirt. Ironically, another “bitch” shirt. >_>;;

  • Drumroll

    I still want my shirt immortalizing the best DBZA moment ever.

    Fuck power levels…

    Fuck Super Saiyans…


    But with the f-bomb on it, I understand the reluctance.

    • RoninOfDeath

      They also can’t make shirts that say Super Saiyan on it.

  • RoninOfDeath

    If you were going to kill off Maron it should be by Android 18. Like have Krillin and 18 walking down the street and run into Maron. After an awkward exchange of explaining of who she was and going their separate ways you see 18 fire a lazer or throws a car hitting Maron. Like Rick killing King Jelly Bean in Rick and Morty.

  • Streetguru

    Budokai 3 is probably the best DBZ game, it does need to be rebalanced a fair bit though, too bad namco hates money, if they had just added online play to the HD remake it wouldn’t have been so bad.

    Tenkaichi can probably be considered the best DBZ simulator, though I haven’t played xenoverse just yet.

    Otherwise all I want is a new legendary super warriors game.

    there was also that one like super nintendo game, that really set the stage for budokai

    • Streetguru

      The main thing that needed to be removed from budokai 3 is dragon rushes, or at least altered, perhaps to be more about skill rather than chance, like if they had made it an “enter the button combo the fastest” it would have been much better something like the attack commands of LSW.

  • DBZMerciter2005

    I loved the ending to ME3 (though I chose destroy and got the special ending; Shepard wants her blue babies). ME2 was my favorite despite the fact that in order to be with my love interest (Liara) I had to download a DLC. It would have been my favorite had Miranda been available for women without mods.

    That was a fun podcast to listen to. I like hearing y’all answer questions from the fans. When y’all do go back and tweak season 1 could you also do something to explain some of the jokes? I know that some of them are hard for me to understand such as Raditz’ comment on keeping either a pool or a poodle and Vegeta’s line to Nappa about “Goddamnit Nappy no one’s going to get that”.

    • DBZMerciter2005

      Also I meant “Nappa” not “Nappy.” I have no idea how I typoed that.

    • Jack646

      Appule is one of Frieza’s soldiers who is fairly weak.

  • Freeze235

    Have you considered putting new podcasts upon on the main page like the Let’s Plays and episodes? I think a lot more people would listen if you shove it in their faces as opposed to making people click on a slightly smaller button all the way at the top of the screen.

    • DBZMerciter2005

      Agreed. I would have been listening to them a lot earlier if they were on the main page in some way.