Join Antfish as he, HBI2K and Megami 33 as we talk about HBI’s newest member to his family, what we did on Back to the Future day, sports ball, Youmacon, and of course, QUESTIONS!


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  • supershmevan

    So… Kaiser saw HBI’s penis? Looks like my TFS fan fiction is writing itself.

    • supershmevan

      Also, I love Inuyasha and I feel personally attacked.

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  • Trevor

    -I completely agree that BttF 1 > 3 > 2.

    -Surprised someone is a fan of Avatar abridged, considering it didn’t seem to run very long and hasn’t had an episode in many years.

  • incrediblenoiseman

    It’s too bad the Cubs couldn’t make Back to the Future more of a reality. Darn.
    It’s good to here everyone will be getting together to have a grand ol’ time, hope everyone makes it there safe.

    I know that you all are just people like any other but there’s still something more to it when you’re meeting someone that you are a fan of for the work that they do. But yeah, I do recognize there is a difference between respectfully showing your appreciation and love for a “celebrity’s” work and then being full fan crazy. To be honest though, I sort of had an anxiety attack the first time that I met TFS at a convention, I was looking for where your merchandise booth and when I turned the corner and saw your logo my heart began to race. I came and shook your hands and formed enough of a sentence to get a t shirt, it was all I could do from falling over. You guys are great and I appreciate your work.

    For me I’d be glad to do any voice acting at all. I would think Disney or Funimation would be end game, but video games hold a special place in my heart also.

    Great job as always, keep up the good work.