Join Antfish, Kirran and KaiserNeko as we gush over movie #7, an insight of the writing process, as well as a few editing tricks that Kaiser implemented. But that’s not all, as always, you got questions? We got answers!

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“Speaking of dank, furry caverns, longtime friend of Team4Star, geek comedian Uncle Yo, has just launched a new Kickstarter. “Dungeon Crawlers” is Youtube’s Fantasy Sitcom with Puppets about self-aware monsters in an RPG who must first survive…being roommates. This is an original series looking to Kickstart Season 2 for more episodes, on-location shoots, more puppets, zombies and mayhem. Not only is it written, directed and starring Yo, but it also features a bunch of US: hear AntFish, Kaiser, Taka and more across Season 1. Drive ends Sunday, December 6th! Check out the link in the show notes and help us build the Treasure.”

Dungeon Crawlers: Season 2

  • LanipatorOverBrianDrummond

    Once DBZA is done, we need DBA. or as a joke do a Kai style DBGT Abridged

  • kilcraft

    Once you finish dbza….you need to do dbsa.
    We will need dragonball super abridged!

  • OoziHobo

    1) This was an insightful look into the process and I thank you for that!
    2) The audience didn’t get to spend enough time with Gohan to acclimate to the new voice. On subsequent viewings, it was less jarring and definitely felt like Gohan to me.
    3) I agree with Taka about the taciturn line. Sorry!
    4) I need to check out Gunbuster now.
    5) I cannot believe that hat in the wind was original animation at the end! That is amazing!
    6) Dub of the North Star is incredibly funny shit, and you gotta give props to both Remix & Inna!

    • BCHolbrook

      I don’t get it. What is so wrong with the taciturn line? XD

  • kevin31466

    Love when kirran and kiaser are in the podcast

  • incrediblenoiseman

    I really enjoyed the movie guys, a lot of fun and good pacing. I realized that the original I had seen was heavily cut and censored so I couldn’t tell 100% on what you all added editing wise and what was taken out of my version that I watched, which I would think is a great compliment to your work and diligence.

    I’ll be very excited to see what you all have in store for the projects ahead. You all do amazing work and and having a proper office/studio to work from will definitely help you find a good stride.

    Great job and podcast as always team, keep up the good work.

    • incrediblenoiseman

      Also, I’m guessing the scene where they’re picnicking around the cherry blossom trees might be a reception or ceremony for what is alluded to by the aforementioned wedding registry? Should be fun

  • BCHolbrook

    I’m super hyped! 😀

    Oh sweet merciful God in heaven, You-Know-Who is next. Whatever the hell you guys do with that, I’m sure it will be fucking HILARIOUS.

    • ZenkaiPower


      • BCHolbrook

        Ooooooh yeah! o_o