Join Antfish, HBI2K & Shudo Ranmaru as we discuss their involvement with Berserk, FF7MA, Dash Adams (MAN OF SCIENCE!), Ambers enormous amount of hatred towards the second Silent Hill movie, and of course QUESTIONS!!

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  • ScreamingBeast

    The whole Caillou franchise is actually French-Canadian in origin (as evidenced by the fact that none of you can say his name right)

  • VicariouslyMe

    I friggin love Shudo. She is the best person to relate stories too, if only because of her reactions XD. Also, so glad to know that someone out there is also a Skip Beat fan!

  • Ravon

    0You want to play a game, where your only choice isn’t being a dck for no reason and basicly a saint?
    Play the Witcher series! I’ve just finished it, and I can’t stop talking aboutit. The protagonist has a great caracter on his own, and yes, you can be naughty or nice, but the main choices are moraly obique, where the question is, whats the less evil, the more payable cost, or with what choices can you keep playing. Oh, I hope yiu read this, and wouldn’t consider a spam! 🙂

  • ac_tactics

    Every college has a radio station or a music department. Take a personal recording device and a lav to the recording booth in the radio or the practice room in music department. Recording device 25-35, lav 1-2.

  • Argent

    Dachshund is literally German for “Badger Dog”. So yeah, they love tight little spaces.

  • BCHolbrook

    Hear hear, Amber! The second Silent Hill movie fucking SUCKED!

  • incrediblenoiseman

    There was some stuff between the manga and the anime for the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood that I was reminded of talking about Berserk. They thought “Let’s redo the anime and tie it closer to the manga, there’s more of it out now” “Yeah, but it’s still not finished” “Yeah, but it’ll be ok, by the time we start and finish it’ll be over”. It was neck and neck, with new episodes coming out every week and a new chapter coming at a slower pace.

    Also, you should check out Game Theories or Film Theories videos on why video game movies suck. It was very informative about how directors and producers took to video game stories so that they could take a big tax write off.

    Glad, you all are able to do so many things and I appreciate your efforts. Great job team, keep up the good work.

  • Freeze235

    TFS Podcast complaining about a series coming out slowly because of a dedication to high quality and not farming out work?

    • med2vigilante

      Haha irony aside, that devotion to quality is really why I and a lot of fans are ok with the wait for these projects. A weekly Berserk series may sound great, but when Miura shows a two page spread of beautiful artwork with intricate detail it makes waiting that month worth it. Same with the TFS guys, Kaiser’s work on the editing makes the changes made feel organic and the writing maintains a great internal consistency that really makes a great comedy.