Happy new years, folks!

Join Antfish, Takahata101, Masakox, and AinTunez on the first podcast of 2016!

We’ll be talking about upcoming movies, what we did over the holidays, have some fun fan casting a One Punch Man abridged (THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!) and of course questions!

Use the hashtag “#AskTFS” to see if your question will be picked!

  • Rish

    Really? I thought Masako sang that pretty well! His singing was beautiful and quite soothing to listen to at the beginning of episode 51.

  • Damn i was excited to watch that Sherlock special I thought it would be good, still gonna watch it lol!

  • Domehammer

    I want to see the tattoo artist of the Joker, cause you know he has to be most fearless man alive. Plus has to be someone Joker respects and trusts enough to not just tattoo something vulgar like a dick on his forehead. The most interesting character we will never see.

  • psykolord

    Sorry, wanted to stop in quick. Cyberpunk 2077 is I THINK based off of the old Cyberpunk from R. Talsorian games. Yes, the game series shares its name with the genre, and yes, the tabletop is so 80s that it hurts; most of the character portraits in the game books look like hair metal rejects. The series itself is, as you might expect, a giant love letter to Neuromancer, Blade Runner, etc.

    Personally I’m not in love with the 80s feel, and I prefer a bit of magic in my sci fi, so I’ve always opted for Shadowrun over the Cyberpunk series. But that’s a matter of personal preference.

  • PrinceofStars

    First line Masako says in the podcast and it’s a goddamn pun. Who’s up for bringing back #KillMasako ?

  • barrell23

    Only the dankest of memes from our friends at teamfourstar remember people accept no substitutes.