Travel woes, Captain America 2, Wrestlemania and more!

  • Jinclops

    United breaks guitars, and now it’s breaking faces. They need to be dismantled.

  • SmashFan1337

    Are these on youtube? They should be. IMO

  • Kenyan Javelin Team

    Too bad I don’t live in Tacoma anymore. I miss PAX sooooo much.

  • abomeisl

    Seriously, I want to personally thank whoever saved all the TFS LFD2 let’s plays. They are amazing.

  • AdmiralWoodfinn

    The guy who does the voice of Fuhrer Bradley happens to host on a classical radio station here in the Dallas Ft.Worth area and he sounds exactly like he does in the show. Basically, Fuhrer Bradley is hosting a radio show in Texas. The station is 101.1 WRR. He is usually hosting on Fridays and I believe weekends.

    • AdmiralWoodfinn

      His name is Ed Blaylock.

  • blacksmith224

    if you wanted to see the English dub you should have gone to sakura con! “lookin at you taka”
    P.S. tehexorcist missed you.

  • blacksmith224

    I think it would be hilarious if you guys would consider doing a two saiyans play with the attack on titan browser game. the game is getting pretty popular right now

  • Violet Ace

    United and American are like partners now, that is so weird that they couldn’t work together to get that work for you. Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry.

  • Then, on the flipside, Rose is a throwaway character in FMAB, when they just wouldn’t let her go in the original series. lol

    Madoka is awesome though. Also, you two should watch Steins;Gate, if you haven’t already. I put that one off for ages, but wish I hadn’t in hindsight.

    • Oh, and Madoka on bluray is only about $40 for the whole series if you get the UK release. Same over here in Australia.

      So, the price on Amazon US is limited to just there.

    • Trevor

      Seconding the Steins;Gate recommendation, since you guys said you haven’t watched much recent anime.

      • Trevor

        Heck, Steins;Gate is what finally got me to try out a Visual Novel.

      • Same here, Trevor. I have the game sitting here just begging to be played. Just haven’t had the time to start it. XD

        Did you enjoy it? Good overall or maybe a bit lacking?

      • Trevor

        “Did you enjoy it?”

        Oh yes. It isn’t as polished as the anime, and a few scenes I actually prefer how they play out in the show compared to the VN. However, the VN is much more detailed. There is a lot more that gets explained, some of which is kind of important, and a lot of additional scenes and optional paths.

  • incrediblenoiseman

    I love FMAB, I’m actually re-watching it now with the Funimation dub. My wife will come up to me while I’m watching and ask “Haven’t you already watched this show?” and I’m like “Um yeah…but not in English, so it’s totally different this time around.” Good answer right

  • Justale18

    So there won’t be anymore live podcasts on

  • Whitebelt Shaman

    What a coincidence. I also have all the old TFS Plays on my hdd, and they’re all in .mp4/.m4v. Just let me know and I’ll get them to you guys. Some might be better than others.

  • Rystall

    Yeeeeeaaah, sorry about the crap quality of the videos. I was using a video downloader that forced me to download it in poor quality. Glad I could help, though!

  • DonnE Starside

    09:55 Kind of odd for a guy who cosplays Loki…

  • cptalcoholic

    you guys should play tom clancy’s ghost recon phantoms. its a free to play game on steam.

  • Omega64

    I have all of your TFS plays Halo Reach ones too, so if you ever need those I can send them your way.