Join Antfish, Lanpator and KaiserNeko as we talk about, opening up the new studio, some of our favourite moment of episode 51, the names of the new universe 6 characters from Dragonball Super (links for pictures below), and of course, QUESTIONS!

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Universe 6 character names 

Universe 6 character pictures


  • logan2605

    Anyone heard any details of a Funimation DBZ Super dub? i think its kind of frustrating nothing has been said about it so far.

  • GreenDay7

    As I see it right now, you’re just shy of 2,000,000 subscribers by about 5,000 subs. You’ll easily reach 2M by the end of February.

  • MicRai

    If you guys are looking for barbecue in Dallas, Pecan Lodge in the Deep Ellum area is considered the best. Had it last month, best around North Texas, imo. If you have a chance, make a trip down to Austin and grab the best in the state; Franklin’s, Le Barbecue, and J. Muller’s are phenomenal.

  • ilikeracing23

    I’m Aussie and it was such a shame Manifest got shut down after you guys came out in 2012 because it was awesome meeting you guys and Taka. Hopefully there’s a convention out there that wants you so you can come back soon!

  • Nobody592

    To be honest I have always liked all of your humor, past, present, and future.

  • The Big G

    Your “Saint Seiyan” quip made my day. Saint Seiya is such a great franchise, I wish they had released it alongside DBZ back in the day in the States.

  • nitron58

    26:20 Connie’s training outfit is not a reference to dbz, aleast not completely. People have looked it up and that specific outfit is an actual uniform. I think this blog post explains it

  • incrediblenoiseman

    Hey Team,

    Good to hear from you guys. I’m pretty excited to hear you guys are getting your own space and it’ll help the group move forward. Expanding your work is exciting to hear about too. You all were mentioning that you might not know how to get into the live action realm, and I don’t know for sure how easy it is to get different groups together, but the guys that do “Dude Perfect” are setup around the metroplex area and they do a lot of pretty cool stuff. I don’t know if it’s too much of a stretch for abridge genre and trick shooters to come together but like it was told to Kaiser, just ask.

    I like seeing the stuff that’s developing with Super and hope to get to see it soon. One thing that I wish they would do with adding new characters is getting some more female roles in there. In no way am I talking about a Pan situation, but something would be nice they keep just adding more dudes or masculine characters.

    Glad to have heard the story of how you all came together. A lot has happened in the 10 years of abridging and I’m excited still for what’s to come.

    Great job team, keep up the good work

  • captdumb

    Gordon Ramsey’s F word with James May.

  • Bassgrinder

    Medium Rare is king. 😛

    • Roxxycat

      I concur!

  • supershmevan

    Holy shit… the entirety of google images for “dumplin” is indeed completely overrun by the dump-truck. Amazing 😀