Join Antfish, HBI2K and Megami33 as we talk about Megamis trip down to Dallas to see the new studio, how they found out they’re going to San-Japan, their performances in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged 6, and of course, QUESTIONS!!

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  • GreenDay7

    About 700 subscribers before you hit 2M!

    #WhenBroly 🙂

  • #asktfs hey guys! i’m a long-time fan, and i just noticed you’re ~4000 subscribers away from 2 million on youtube! serious kudos. [actual question] is there anything you can talk about in the next podcast (42, the answer to life, the universe, and everything) that you will be putting on as celebration? aside from that, i know a lot of people have their own suggestions, but please, PLEASE keep going with your current projects and if you’re apprehensive about potential projects, f*ck it. f*ck apprehension and give it your all, like, shoulder deep. (btw, please make that shirt. i know you guys considered it already. also, please remind kirran that he is valid and appreciated. he seems like a great guy.)

  • Domehammer

    The new scooby doo looks so awful that words cannot describe how bad it is. They could of made them nazi’s working in WW2 Germany and it wouldn’t be as bad as redesign they got. It’s like artist went to the Michael Bay school of ruining childhoods.

    • GreenDay7

      Right? It’s awful looking. At least Daphne looks ok, the rest, especially Shaggy and Scooby, look like a Robot Chicken parody. I watched one full episode (something to so with a ghost at a ballpark and Daphne in a giant hornet costume or something) and it just wasn’t that great. Scooby was a dick to Shaggy in the episode too (actually angrily calling him a “scaredy-cat”) which totally contradicts Scooby’s character.

  • JamsterJam

    We need a new Thundarr the Barbarian!

  • Tevolan

    Gotta say that I eagerly await each new episode. Keep up the good work!