Join Antfish, The best friends Zaibatsu (Liam, Matt, and Woolie) and the Ustabiaz (Takahata101 & Marcellus Black) as we talk about how hype Magfest was! Some great panel shenanigans (link in the description) and Warhammer 40K!

Rock, paper, scissors battle: Team Zaibatsu Vs Team Ustabiaz

  • Jefferson

    Oh no! I’m out of podcasts. I’m out of new DBZA. I’ve hit the end of the road! I need more!

  • Hank Nasty

    This is quite possibly the coolest assembly possible for a podcast…

    The Great Black Otaku, TFS and TBF, it’s like if the Original nWo and DX had a weeb-baby.