Join Antfish, Kaiser and Lanipator as they talk about life after…the incident, how much TFSGaming is growing, episode 52 and of course, QUESTIONS!!

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  • Domehammer

    As someone who found Episode 7 to be a good movie but a bad star wars movie, George Lucas did it better. Episode 7 was made to be the anti-prequel and jerk the hate boner a lot of people had for prequels. But god dammit the original series format they tried for Episode 7 did not work. They ignored every good thing about Prequels, it should of been the medium between prequels and original trilogy. That would of been closer to a perfect Star Wars movie.

    Reys character I will wait for next movie to finalize opinion on as they designed her character purely for multiple movies by explaining nothing.

  • AxonGear

    Agreed with Lani on the wish. Also I honestly don’t hear the difference in how Kaiser says Goku.

  • TheFabledFamilyGuy

    Awww Ant. You got my name right the first time you asked one of my questions but oh well. I don’t even mind. Keep these up. Love em

  • Crownedcclown18

    Team Fur Star!

  • Arstein

    Civil war over Hotdogs Are Sandwiches!

  • Tenma975

    Something I’ve always wanted to bring up around TFS, but never could or was afraid I wouldn’t get listened to. Some good points made early in the podcast about early abridging (2007-2009ish). I was around the abridging scene during that period, albeit under a different name. I can understand where you all are coming from. Some of those folks were in it for the internet fame that you all had acquired. I wanted to do it because it sounded like a neat idea, and I had fun with it, contrary to what some others may have thought at the time. My main issue was networking. I’d post audition threads places, but I’d barely get any takers. I had a crap range. I couldn’t contact any of my IRL friends to voice due to some complicated circumstances. I was ashamed of being an anime fan at the time. I still sort of am. If I displayed any bitterness during my first run in 2009, it was because I noticed people that were really good that I wanted involved were out of my reach. You guys, VAA peeps, even other abridgers. It didn’t help that I had some serious issues to deal with. I tried again in 2014, and really wanted to push through and make something decent, if not good, regardless of whether I had a high sub count or not. Life dealt me an even worse hand, and I stopped entirely. I wanted to create content, but I was too much of a damned moron in both of those cases to create anything of value.

  • Nobody592

    Well I would watch your other content if I found it without knowing about your abridged. The laughs I get from the games you play can be more entertaining than the abridged.