Join Antfish, Takahata101 and Stephan Krosecz (@Krosecz) as we talk about Stephans Pilot animation, “Fist Master”, some fresh hot animes as well as our review on Batman Vs Superman.

Skip past 37:59 in the audio if you want to avoid spoilers.

Fist Master

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  • cobaltsentinel

    The Patrick Warburton Watch me Whip is now my ringtone

  • RenoVega

    The amount of nerd rage that taka has when he goes off is fanboy level.

  • TheFabledFamilyGuy

    Fuck I don’t know who does a better Patrick voice, Ant or Taka

  • saravis

    For anyone who is interested in giving One Piece a try, but is intimidated by the episode count, here’s my advice:
    Watch it up through the Arlong Arc, which ends at about episode 44. The Arlong Arc really establishes what makes One Piece so special. If you didn’t enjoy it, just stop watching, but if you did enjoy it, keep going because it gets even better.

    • TheFabledFamilyGuy

      I couldn’t even get past the Sanji introduction episodes. So I take it I’m not gonna like it.

  • GeneralCrackers

    So, My Hero Academia is basically Sky High: The Anime.

    You’ve got me interested, Steph…

  • SilverSinner

    This may be a really stupid question but when do you guys record these?

    • arykon

      They don’t have a schedule (as far as I know) but Antfish announces who is gonna be on it and asks for questions on twitter a couple days before it goes up on the site.

    • TheFabledFamilyGuy

      Antfish will put out who he’s going to have on the podcast with the hastage….#AskTFS every second Thursday on his Twitter, they probably record it that day, sometime in the morning and then release it on the following Monday. So next Thursday, on his Twitter he’ll have just that, who’s going to be on the podcast and that hashtag. Could place to ask some non mainstream questions.

  • Invader Rin

    I think My Hero Academia is a decent series. It’s a bit too tropey for my taste. As someone who is tired of shounen tropes, I like it, but I want to like it so much more. Hope it doesn’t get overhype to hell when the anime comes out.

  • Tolvan

    When you were talking about “right wingers” I remembered that Sephiroth only has a RIGHT WING. Liberal propaganda confirmed!


  • Jenkins

    Also note to Taka’s point about One Piece villains, Doflamingo does have a tragic backstory, it’s just that everyone admits that he is simply using it as an excuse and he would have ended up as awful as he is without it.

  • Jenkins

    What was the twitter page they mentioned?

    • Jenkins

      Wresting anime story arc: Chimera Ant arc from HunterXHunter.