Join Antfish with TeamFourStars musical composer “AinTuez” as well as popular video game DJ “Dj CUTMAN” as we discuss the process of making TeamFourStars first ever album, “Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged – Midgar Mix.” Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, Loudr and Amazon on April 22nd.

Pre-orders available on amazon

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Got questions? Use the hashtag #AskTFS and yours just might be picked 😉

  • tehkendra

    Final Fantasy has a game called Curtain Call. It’s kid of like Guitar Hero, but it only has songs from the games in it. It sounds like the original music too. So you can hear how the music progressed over the series, but I digress. I have played the crap out of the songs from FF7, and I love what you guys have done with them. You guys did an amazing job.

  • VicariouslyMe

    I think this is officially my favorite Podcast. I’m so impressed with the Midgar Mix, so thanks for all the hard work! 😉