Join Antfish, KaiserNeko and Kirran as we discuss The World’s Strongest as well as the latest arc in Dragonball Super!

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  • ScreamingBeast

    Wow I wouldn’t have guessed Kaiser had such a distaste for Dragon Ball Multiverse.

    I kinda like it.

  • Yuffah

    All this talking about the Buu saga got me really excited again! I can’t wat to see what you guys are cooking

  • incrediblenoiseman

    I had a question, was World’s Strongest the first full in house DBZA project to come out after you all moved into your new office? From concept pitches, drafts and writing all the way to the final product. I know 52 came out after you all were already there, but I’m sure concepts started and work was done in the other places you worked on the series before you all made the move. Just curious.

    Maybe you can work it out, in your canon, to where Popo is Universe 7s version of Black Goku and Goku is Universe 6 version of Popo.

    You guys do amazing work and I’m excited you all are growing. Congrats on 2 million.

    Great job team, keep up the good work.

  • TheFabledFamilyGuy

    Ok. I’m confused. Why the title?