On this week’s episode of the TeamFourStar Podcast Antfish, HBI2K joins the fray as the new Co-host, while YamataoSFX and Hayabussa449 from Something Witty Entertainment joins us to talk about #TIBA, the new Berzerk anime, The new Overwatch character Ana, and of course, QUESTIONS!

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  • VicariouslyMe

    It’s about time HBI was ranked up. He’s always on these podcasts. XD

  • Gud Username

    I think the robot multi limb game was override

    • Gud Username

      Not maximum override just override

  • Zelmegas

    I think I’d like a One Punch Man game styled in the same way as Asura’s Wrath.

    • Gud Username

      That would be absolutely amazing.

  • Kinan Eldari

    As hbi2k knows, I’m that kinda twitchy sniper person. Ana will be great for me like you wouldn’t even know : D

  • darkalter2000

    Casca is obviously Romani (aka Gypsy). Look at her facial features again and tell me she isn’t. I do agree that making her white when she is so obviously in not is dickish at best. And we know she isn’t just tanned because when she *spoiler redacted*, she ends up naked and doesn’t have any tan-lines anywhere on her body.

    Seriously though, google Romani and look at the images of the faces and compare them to Casca. It even makes sense with the setting of Berserk.

    • Domehammer

      We have yet to see Casca in proper lighting. Until we do we don’t know her actual skin color cause she could be bleached from really poor lighting on her 3-D model. Though how they do females in general is weird, they will do topless but no nipples, the nipples are gone. The censoring is different every episode and it is driving me nuts but wonder if dvd will have censors undone like removal of nipples, darkening stuff black and all that.