On this week’s episode of the Team Four Star Podcast Antfish and HBI2K are joined by KaiserNeko as we talk about Ben and mines week in Texas, moments at San Japan as well as getting the scoop on DBZA Ep55 and 56!

Need a visual component? Check it out on YouTube!

Got a question? Us “#AskTFS” in the comments below, and yours might get picked!

  • Anakin The Weird

    Is that… Dunkey? On the thumbnail?

  • Ginseng

    Griffith did nothing wrong?! The nerve!

  • Bamagamer92

    A new podcast and a new website? Am I dreaming right now?

  • SanJapan

    It’s not Ken, it’s Dave who does the SJ bookings. Ken just makes sure his team takes care of y’all at SJ. It’s cool as we <3 TFS.

    Look forward to working with Ben for future endeavors.

    • Teamfourstar

      Thank you we <3 you guys too! 🙂

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  • RedBeard

    Not going to lie. Look forward to these podcasts just as much if not more than the actual episodes. Keep up the great work and can’t wait till the next one drops.

    • Praxis

      I was wondering why I was having deja vu and was convinced someone stole my identity until I saw RedBeard (which is hard to read in rather low contrast green ^hint^) and snapped back from a curious blurry “how could I have posted this”?

      • RedBeard

        That better? 😉

  • Lelouch

    During these podcasts, the loading bar always disappears on my end. Anyone else have this problem and is there a way to fix it? I’ve downloaded the podcast anyway.

    • darkalter2000

      Happens to me all the time. Sometimes if I click in the right place I can get the loading bar back… but not always.

  • Travis Root

    The newest episode of the podcast… finally. This is something I wait for more than the normal episodes. Love to Ant and HBI