#TIBA has come to a close, so to celebrate, Antfish and HBI interview Tom Andre, winner of the first ever Tenkaichi Ironman Budokai Abridgathon (TIBA), discussing the writing, recording, and editing process.

If you liked Star Wrecked make sure to also check out “A Slap on Titan” on Toms YouTube page!


  • NateET

    Wait, how is A Slap On Titan a thing that’s allowed after you guys got smacked down for Abridged?

    Not comparing the two at all, just wondering why y’all got hit for it but he hasn’t.

  • Uriah

    Thanks again to TFS for a great tournament!
    Rocking it, Tom.

  • Matt McKisson

    I wonder if there’s ever gonna be another #TIBA