Happy December, folks! As the year comes to a close, let us reminisce in the final podcast of the year.

Join Antfish & HBI2K as we chat with Lanipator and Kaiserneko about TFS gaming’s past month of November playing Dragonball games, as well as Kaiser’s favourite moments from DBZA Episode 56!

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  • Daniel Kuipers

    R.I.P podcast

  • 7Link7

    Fuck you. The wrestling over the mic bit/what it’s referencing is still Fucking gold. STFU.

  • Travis Root


  • flyingcow84

    so the video starts off with a broken Matt Hardy reference okay so this sounds like it will be good

  • Michael Hendley

    Dude! I loved the additional character development for 16! “This should have been actual canon!” was the first thing that came to mind. Thanks for doing that. I’ve watched several episodes of Puddin and you guys are just great. Hopefully I can get my own copy of Xenoverse soon to join in the mayhem. Love everything you do! Look for ward to seeing more in 2017!

  • BlueMageBrilly

    I used Kaiser’s voice for my purple Frost Demon, Puramu (Part of the word ‘Plum’) and… it was great. The sinister giggling, the casual yet gentle tone he had… It fit. Sadly, I couldn’t tell what the hell he was saying when he goes Golden, typically due to the game itself being way too loud, but I’m sure it was great. The only complaint I had was some giggling he did when he was doing some ultimate moves, such as Frieza’s ultimate. But it was still fun and I appreciated it.

    For the whole ‘Remakes of the early episodes’…. I think that’d be fun. Shame it’d be hard to grab a good editor to get the same quality Kaiser has for the series for awhile now, so it might be best to focus on the future unless you guys take a long period off of the show for a bit, but I don’t see that happening with the Cell Saga winding down. Maybe after that + the movies right after that, like Bojack Unleashed? Speaking of… You guys kind of hinted at Bojack all the way back in those early episodes. Is the voice actor for him going to be the same and if so, is he going to have a lot of touch and go with King Kai, seeings as they’re “kind of” friends or whatever? It’d be an interesting take on the movie, for sure.

    Either way, great job overall on Episode 56 and the pod cast in general. d(‘ ‘)Z

  • Thuazabi

    Wait, this came out 11 days ago? Why hasn’t it been posted to YouTube yet? I would have completely missed it if I hadn’t come here and seen it run across the banner while I was checking the episode progress meter. Seriously guys, it’s fine if you want to give your site early access to content, but it makes no sense for you to have it on THIS much of a delay. Unless you’re no longer uploading the Podcasts to YouTube – in which case, it’d be nice if you gave us some conformation one way or another.

    • Nathan Hoover

      dude. its a free site. the only money they make is off merch. and podcasts (maybe). they cant make any money off any of the actual content because they would get the bejesus sued out of them (kinda why they do the disclaimer at the begining of every flippin show). so unless youre going to the patreon site next, dont complain. should i add that this is super awesome btw? another reason to shut ya trap?

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  • Dr. Miles Manners

    TFS should just “lose” the early episodes and re-do them out of necessity.

    • Even if they don’t like them, the early episodes should be preserved for posterity (and the entertainment of people who like them).

  • Kuroiikawa

    Dunno if HBI2K or Antfish edits this, but I think you guys missed an edit. When Kaiser and Lani are talking about the Super spoilers, HBI’s voice comes on saying “enter timecode here”. Around 28:23

  • Ginseng

    New podcast?

    *Kills family so they don’t disturb me*

  • RoninOfDeath

    I keep missing any kind of notification that the podcast have been posted to the website. I keep finding out about them a week late.

  • Brady Simpson

    Wen broly

    • Duncan Sharp


  • JustAHologram

    I thought Kaiser’s character in XV2 was close to his VoE Abridged character