Happy new year folks! Welcome to the first TFS podcast of the year!

Join Antfish & HBI2K as we chat with KaiserNeko and MasakoX about the process of Helling and Broly. Not to mention our “Cell Vs.” videos that you can find on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

  • Argent

    Lit stopped listening to this to go and watch Broly Abridged with “Canadian” subs. I am not disappointed.

  • kai//NEKO

    huh, i dident know that was a kanye west thing ether

  • Silver4000

    But didn’t Goku and Chichi kissed when he woke up from the heart attack? At least implied. And I do believe they must have kissed throughout these years.

    The confusion came from Super, where he was talking about Mai and Trunks at the time, and when Vegeta asked he thought of it as Mai and him, and not Chichi and him. At least to my interpretation.

    • WrestlingsAdvocate

      That kiss in the Cell Saga was anime only.

  • Erik Farrell


    I’m kidding, but for reals I loved the DB Super shorts, so when they have “female broly” in the series officially, I hope you guys do something short and sweet for that!

  • Personally, my favourite jokes were, the Dah-dy scene, the ending song, Broly’s adorable normal voice, and my favourite….Princess Trunks!! XD

  • Gustavo B. Passos

    So If Goku and Chichi’s Divorce isn’t cannon, so mouth present didn’t happened?

  • Morhek

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if “Chichi gets a divorce” was canonized in the DBZA episodes. It would be…appropriate. I think her marrying Piccolo instead would be too on the nose, but it would give Chichi years of missing him before he comes back during the Buu saga to realise it.

    But yeah, Broly was an awesome abridged movie, you guys did great work. It absolutely would have been worth the wait if you’d just left it as two parts. Looking forward to WEN BROLY 2: THE BROLYING. And I bet you can already hear the clamour of WEN FEMBROLY???

  • Kinan Eldari

    man, that profound last question. I wish I could discuss it in the comments, but it’s far more important for people to actually listen to the podcast first before I can talk to anyone about it. You guys are lucky to have each-other, and I’m sad both Ben and Lawrence, who I have on skype these days, are (I assume) too busy with their own stuff and TFS stuff to talk shop.