Join Antfish and HBI2K as we sit and chat with KaiserNeko (co-writer and director of the ‘Cell Vs’ series), Takahata101 (Voice of Cell), and Innagadadavida (Editor of the ‘Cell Vs’ series) to talk about the writing, editing, and directing process of Cell Vs while having some laughs along the way. We also sit down and answer some of your questions!

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  • James Allan West

    How about Cell VS Mr Popo <<>

  • Myla Modesitt

    We need Cell Vs Sailor Moon

  • Dustin Godin

    what happened to the episode count down with the % showing how much was edited?

  • Anakin The Weird

    “And I’m KaiserNeko, the gay neighbor! :D”

    I have no idea why that got me but it did…

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  • Potterinu

    I would love to see a Yuri on Ice one!

  • Bulma<3Vegeta

    I personally would love a Cell vs Hellsing…It would be awesome! I’m really enjoying watching them and I can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Matthew

    cell vs king Satan(the devil is a part-timer)

  • Caio Silvestre

    Thanks for the answer. Also, it’s pronounced kinda like “Kyle”.

    • KiuanTroll

      Brs everywhere. Jesus wants a hug é muito foda, até comprei a camista kkkk

  • Asher Dalbey

    I really wish you had made meruem from hunter x hunter, however it was amazing as is

  • B.C

    Would love to see if they could pull off a Cell vs Sans…even though its not an anime

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    The death of Light Yagami in the manga was much much better, and I agree with Kaiser, killing the best character really took away a lot from the series.

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      I agree with the former half of your statement, but disagree with the latter. L is arguably the best character, but I feel that the series benefited from L dying mid-series. Still, I entirely understand why people feel that it took away from the series. It did not ruin it though, as some make it out to be.

  • Vyllckart

    1-Cell VS Jotaro Kujo
    2-Cell VS Mr.Satan (aka: actual episode)

    • I really wanna see that but….Three other one’s that could be equal to or more awesome are….Cell VS Ash Ketchum (Pokemon Bridged) Cell VS Alucard (Hellsing Ultimate Abridged) and Cell VS Kirito (SAO Abridged) XD

      • Bulma<3Vegeta

        Cell vs Alucard needs to happen

  • Dan Tomasik

    Why did I think his name was pronounced In Naga Dad Vida?

  • Joe Doyle

    Can we see cell vs goku next? Or I guess it’s cell vs Mr Satan

  • Ashley

    Id love to see hisoka from hxh vs cell itd be amuseing if nothing else

  • editing wise cell vs saitama looked awesome
    but i thought it was boring

  • Brandon Macklin

    Crossovers, Overlord and SAO

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