Antfish is joined by Takahata101 and SenileSnake of The Unexpectables to talk about the show and a few E3 goodies.

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  • Tsapki

    “I love playing big, tough, dumb characters”

    That explains why Nappa was so amazing.

  • poutyinu

    oh jeez i didnt expect to be reminded about the Nazo animations out of nowhere. i used to love those. as a kid they were the coolest thing (in particular the last one) on Newgrounds to me. even now, some cringe aside, i can go back and watch it and enjoy my time doing so.

  • Zachary Aranda

    Hey so can we expect a regular schedule for the podcast I really love these.

  • Travis Root

    Why doesnt this show up on the podcast page? Its missing this and ep. 62

  • thelightingfox


  • Alexander Quimbayo

    Dragon Ball Fighter(Zeeeee)