Joing Antfish, MasakoX, Hbi2k, and Takahata101 as they discuss Hellsing 5, DBZA 45, Thanksgiving, the new Star Wars trailer and more!

  • IncinerateAnthem

    “Protestant [email protected]#$buckets!” I want that as a shirt you guys!!

    • IncinerateAnthem

      Also bring back the PattyCakeChampionship shirt!

  • 0taku_N64

    KaiserNeko, i want that shirt!

  • *nervous pause* … When is Taka going to New York?

    • I mean, *predatory pause*… When is Taka going to New York?

  • dustin stickle

    we all want the preotestant @!#$-buckets shirt !!!! ill buy like 5

  • Streetguru

    Any plans to make the next hellsing a 2 parter for 6&7 and a three parter for next year?

    That way we don’t have to wait 5 years!