Join Antfish, along with Kaiserneko and Megami 33, as they discuss: Thanksgiving (again), Hellsing (again), DBcember, Episode 46, Midwest Fur-Fest, Pokemon and much more!

  • Did Megami get to ask the grumps at their panel at Magfest? I swore I heard her voice

  • Domehammer

    I remember reading somewhere that the dog King was actually a result of dragonballs. A dog wished himself King of the world in past.

  • incrediblenoiseman

    I love Game Theory, Mat Pat does a lot of work when it comes to his show. There’s some good quality and interesting information that he provides for the games, the science and references behind it. I think there’s a trend to the shows I like to watch on YouTube regarding how excellent the quality is…*wink wink*
    You guys are stupendous.

  • SaigaTenshi

    i think Antfish fits perfectly on Podcast because he host so good, its as if like hes on a radio show interviewing abridgers

  • SixThreeTimes

    Could you try to get PurpleEyes on the podcast?

    • Vegito73

      Well he’s not a part of TFS, but since he’s in their stuff it could definitely be an excuse to bring him in. I think it’d be great, I hardly know anything about the guy, even though I’ve been subbed to him since forever.

    • AngelXMikey

      If you want to hear Purps and Megami talk here ya go.–w

  • Soldierkei

    This was actually the best episode of the podcast since Ant started hosting, in my book. Definitely enjoyed it, looking forward to the next one

  • Moose

    Always makes me laugh