Today we talk about Battle of Gods, Berserk, Sailormoon and much much more.

Featuring: @AntfishVO @Megami33 and @Hbi2k

  • Krillinrocks28

    Mostly regular updates and we get to hear from more of the laundry list of folks that is team four star? Thank you Antfish, and anyone else who helped with the idea and execution, looking forward to the next one. 🙂

    • Krillinrocks28

      *Don’t know why I didn’t mention it to begin with, but thanks to hbi2k and Megumi33 too

  • hbi2k

    So about midway through it sounds like Antfish and I are ignoring Megami. For the record we weren’t being dicks; the Skype call was breaking up and we were having trouble hearing her.

  • XIII

    there should be Alucard and Anderson playing games together in character that’d be hilarious.

    • CafeMan24


      • CafeMan24

        Also, I think for Renegade for Life, Vegeta needs to play Bioshock if he hasn’t already.

        Guns, bigger buns, explosives, AND superpowers. He will have a blast.