Happy New Years, folks! This week, we talk about the New Year, Ghost in a Shell casting, the Legend of Korra, MagFEST, and about Takahata101 going to NEW YORK!

  • PrincessWilly

    I know this is over a year late, but I just wanted to inform you guys that there actually is what I believe they call a ‘sub race’ that most Jewish people in Europe and the US are a part of. The thing is, Jewish people in history have been regularly segregated by Christians, in some points even being put in walled off portions of the city (which is where we get the name “ghetto”!)

    In addition, the Jews have historically had a tendency to marry within the faith. In a lot of families, until the last 50 or so years, it was very looked down on to get together with a Christian.

    They’ve been kept so far removed from the rest of the population (genetically) for so long, that their genomes differ from other Europeans by quite a bit! That’s why so many visual stereotypes exist about them. Obviously, the stupid behavioral ones (like being cheap) are as true as all black people loving watermelon.

  • TheFabledFamilyGuy

    I am definitely biased because I’m a Newfoundlander but MOOSE IS AMAZING.

  • jboyd232

    No visual so I don’t get distracted? Perfect.

  • jboyd232

    I never get tired of these podcasts. This has become my ultimate solution for something to listen while doing homework.

    • Rish

      Right?! Same here! I love these! Also I realize I’m a bit late in responding since I didn’t know this podcast and subsequent ones were released up until now.

  • BiggestMidget

    Ghost in a shell? YES

  • My name is Dain, named after the King Under the Mountain himself. >.< With brothers with equally Middle-Earthy names.

  • Wolf

    Just as a note: Dain was played by Billy Connolly 🙂

  • Princessfireshark

    Guys I love this podcast it’s probably my favorite podcast to listen too.

  • Kinan Eldari

    I hope everyone else who listened enjoyed this as much as I did. Thanks Antfish for still putting in the time to get everyone together for an hour, and everyone else who keeps joining in for your time. It’s a cool podcast to listen to while I work.

    • VicariouslyMe

      Perfectly said!