This episode, it’s Antfish, Kaiser, and Taka! Takahata talks a lotta ’bout his trip to New York, being in Pokemon, going to Magfest, and they all share their feelings about History of Trunks, DBZ: Resurrection of F, The Legend of Korra, and more!

Resurrection of ‘F’ Angels:

  • ScreamingBeast

    Taka is probably like 1/8 or 1/16 Native American. I’m sure that’s what Jontron “saw” in him.

  • Thecardq

    Will there be a TFS plays of the original Dark Souls, or maybe even Demon Souls?

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  • VicariouslyMe

    I really want a TFS shirt that just says “#whenbroly?”

  • Yakyu21

    French fries were from Belgium(they were speaking in french so the American Soldiers thought they were in France), and Hamburger was from Hamburg Germany.

  • darenl94

    In the original dragon ball(I think manga only), there is a scene where goku intersect with arale( from Dr Slump by Toriyama) and in Dr Slump, the angel Gatchan looks like the angels who guards frieza.

  • incrediblenoiseman

    I’m really starting to like what they are doing with the new movie installments to the franchise. It has that good mixture of a fandom story feel, without being too far out there, and original content. I was a bit confused why in BoG why they were emphasizing so much that Goku beat Freeza, a second arc villain. Not even considering how much more devastating Cell and Buu were. It’s nice to add like a new story arc, but I feel that it makes it even better to involve something that was already a part of the canon. With reintroducing Freeza, it’s like there is going to be a more in depth character build, like there’s more to Freeza or that he plays a bigger role than you know. And that may stem from Beerus maybe knowing Freeza or gave him a job/role in the yin yang, destruction and creation balance. I keep hearing people say that it’s lame to bring Freeza back because he’s so weak now in comparison but it’ll make for interesting story to see what crazy thing will happen in the Dragon Ball universe logic to level the playing field.
    Also, the God ki introduction was pretty cool, I wished it was explained a little better though, although I only saw the English version of BoG, I think I have an understanding of how it works but it’s mostly just speculation.
    Anyway, you guys are awesome and I’m glad to hear you all are taking some time to enjoy yourselves and not just be bogged down by the work load of all the content you put out. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  • TheLelouch17

    Really enjoyed listening to this podcast while working on my own video.

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