Join Antfish (Dodoria, Mr. Satan, Ginyu), Megami33 (Bulma, Chiaotzu), Shudo-Ranmaru (Android 18), and Megami’s beau Alex as they talk about their lives, and their performances in the official dub of Holy Knight!

  • ScreamingBeast

    Just checked the cringe fest that is Holy Knight and it is creepy as all fucks.

  • ColSanders730

    Immediately paused this to check out Holy Knight. Digging it.

  • galren

    So, after deciding to watch Oda Nobuna no Yabou because of this podcast; the first minute really mind-****ed me.

    • galren

      And it was quickly dismissed.

  • IncinerateAnthem

    Have you seen Tokyo Ghoul? The main character turns into a psycho and yet he’s still a nice, likeable guy and a total badass. One of my favorite anime/manga characters.

  • Haliya

    “B-Tier” members? I love them all.

  • HavokJC