Join Antfish, Takahata101, and MasakoX talking about Xenoverse, Yu-Gi-Oh! Abrdiged Episdoe 64, and KAMI-CON!

  • Jefferson

    I defiantly bought Xenoverse because of Team Four Star. At the end of Season 1 “Has anyone not seen this show?” Yeah that was me, I never really cared for DBZ until I started watching DBZA and I really started getting into it. Getting that game was my way of supporting the original release.

    DBZA keeps getting better. Can’t wait for episode 53.

  • Jack_Leonhart

    I greatly enjoyed seeing Masako, Taka, Lani, and Kaiser at Kami-Con! Ya’ll are the coolest, nicest, funniest guys, and I hope to someday see ya’ll again!

    Not gonna lie, it made my day when Lani signed to me, “To my best Kriller:”.

  • TheLelouch17

    Oh my god! Taka’s Krusty the Clown impersonation was on point.

  • BlackReaper

    funny, looking back on it, Taka’s even the Villain in a different abridge show, where most people don’t even know that they’re the villain yet!

    SNK fans, you know what i’m talking about

  • Trevor

    They could add more creation options to the existing races too. Majins should have a lot more potential for customization (even though I think making them a whole race was weird).
    Namekians even moreso. I mean, back in DB original Piccolo’s other kids had different shapes, sizes, and even wings. I say you could even use a similar justification for female Majins to throw in a female character choice for Namekians (neither of them actually have genitalia anyway, so It wouldn’t be that big of a stretch to just have one with different curves).

    • KotainoKage24

      Back in DB, they were all demons though. Some things had to change in order for the story to keep working.

  • Kirokishin

    In the options menu you can change the controls to type C so that L1 is up/jump/teleport and L2 is down. The X button becomes dash and L3 is lock-on. It made it so much easier for me. I made a Freezer race character named Aisu.

  • KazePhantom

    For Xenoverse 2, they could like you said, add the Kai and Demon race, and they could also add the Dragon race maybe? They definitely should add sub-races, like have Androids, and Triclopes (Tien’s race) as the sub-races for humans. Have Low-class, High-class, and Half breed as sub-races for Saiyans. With Low-Class saiyans have lower starting stats, but gain more exp, while High-Class saiyans have higher starting stats, but gain less exp. Stuff like that. I would also definitely want them to make transformations for the other races. Like have the Majin race be able to turn into a more evil form like Kid Buu, and call it “Pure Majin.” Of course include the Frieza race transformations. And have the Namekian race be able to transform into their Giant state.
    As for Story, they could have Mira come back and use time travel to build an army of villains from alternate timelines, remake Towa into a stronger form, and use those things to go back to the very beginning of time in an attempt to rewrite all of history. You could also explore time periods outside of Goku’s timeline, like maybe go back in time and meet a young Master Roshi, or go back in time to when Namekians didn’t have Dragon Balls and were a more warrior like race. And maybe at some point have Mira gather an army of Ozaru and have to fight them off.