Break out your arcade sticks and brush up on your combos, it’s tall about games on this week’s podcast.

Featuring Antfish, TehExorcist, and GanXingba!

  • dracosfire7

    Vine con will only be open for 6 seconds, but it will loop 100 times.

  • darkalter2000

    You guys sound like old men when you talk about vines.

  • CrimsonMoonMist

    To be fair, the Flash comics always start out with “I’m Barry Allen/Wally West, and I am The Flash”

  • Deceiver9811

    How many times was the word “like” said I wonder? I counted 32 in the first 5 minutes and then gave up.

  • Streetguru

    Also I hope blizzard changes the monitzation model of HoTS, It’s just copying league and it sucks for players.

    Also “moba”? Gross man.

  • Streetguru

    I’m betting and hoping nintendo’s next console is just a really powerful android device focused on gaming, it would explain why they’re working to bring a company in for mobile games.