Join host Antfish along with  KaiserNeko and Zach Holzman as they talk History of Trunks, Dragonball Xenoverse, Resurrection of F and more!

  • Jefferson

    I went to listen to Doomsday and posted a comment when I saw the “Came here because of TFS” comment and posted something myself. Some crazy person just freaked the hell out on me. Gotta love YouTube comments.

    The worst thing is, I really loved the Rose arc of Dr. Who and had completely forgotten about this song. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Jiganashi

    Hmm… I dunno if you guys already thought of this or not, you probably have. But for the Super Android 13 feature, Future Trunks still has his pre-time-chamber look I.e Capsule jacket and short hair.

    I dunno if it should be held off for TOO long, you know? Perhaps before you release post-time-chamber future trunks in an episode?

  • I was so happy to hear them announce GT Isn’t cannon

  • Majin Druu

    It would be funny if Brolly had Mike Tyson’s voice.

  • Wolf

    I can’t believe people complained about Taka being in DBZ Xenoverse. Honestly as much as I loved DBZ as a kid…going back and watching it…a lot of the voice acting seems terrible compared to you guys.

  • JonathanBrookly

    Speaking of the new movies and GT, am I the only one who’s wondering what happened to Bulla?

  • Princessfireshark

    great podcast as always. you guys are too awesome

  • 34Nor

    Another great podcast! I love these, guys, thank you.

  • RyanOpsw

    By the sound of it this is going to be good. BTW i love you antfish for keeping these going i allways love these podcasts.