Welcome our new host Antfish as he Takahata101 and Kaiserneko discuss

Episode 43. Talk about some summer convention stories, voice over gigs, and more!

Things mentioned this episode:
Episode 43

Lethal League

The Journey Down


And to Celebrate this Monday’s release of The Journey Down Chapter 2 (Starring our very own Antfish)  here are some free Steam codes for Chapter 1!

  • Zakaris

    Missed the podcasts, hopefully these can come out more often and routinely like the first three. Also enjoyed Antfish hosting, you guys should possibly invite other cast members/aquaintances as guests for future podcasts, just to hear about their projects and current/future endeavors. Just a thought.

    • Krillinrocks28

      From what I understand Ant is managing the crazy scatterbrained trio, and now we get to hear three or more people we love on a more regular pod cast basis than the trio would manage normally. Also went to Fugu De Chow in Atlanta when I was a kid I concur that it is a meaty paradise and there is no real way to praise it without making an innuendo. Finally Wow, the people who got me bigger into youtube know the people I have recently binge watched, awesome.

  • MalkavianRP

    when i downloaded this it just cut off at about 43 minutes

  • VigilantFarmer

    I really would like to listen to the podcast, but every time I press play, a page for Hearthstone shows up instead. This has been happening very frequently so if this could be fixed or if another way to listen is available I would greatly appreciate it. You guys rock.

    • SailorAku

      I usually have problems with playback on the podcasts anyway. I recommend just using the download link and listening to it on whatever media player you use.

      • Krillinrocks28

        I had that problem on the riff track, the trick is to put your cursor just to the right of the play button.