Join Antfish, TehExorcist, and Shudo Ranmaru as they talk Cosplay, Game of Thrones, Movies, Cons, and a new upcoming game called Devil’s Dare!

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Devils Dare

Devils Dare Facebook

Nyan Con


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  • ha, thanks, Haliya. anyways, amber (and TFS in general), here’s an anime i’m thinking you’d really enjoy. not sure how many of you were already fans of the game(s) but here ya be:

  • Haliya

    Do more podcasts with Amber

  • Kuvira

    Gotta love Shudo Ranmaru’s voice and laugh… haah *falls in love while drooling numerous buckets full*

    Love your podcasts, guys! This is like what I listen to when I’m grinding on games :3

    • VicariouslyMe

      Good, I thought it was just me

  • Vegito73

    The anime they were talking about with the boxes is called “Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun” I believe, the last episode is out this weekend too.

  • Sousuke81

    That actually wasn’t animatronic, that was an actually mask that the guy work for the Groot Costume

  • ZeroMew08

    Some of the links above need to be fixed.

  • darkalter2000

    Voiced. A voice actor ‘voices’ a character. Not plays. 🙂

    • Zakaris

      Well technically, they do “play” the character, because they have to take on their personality to make it believable. Which is what makes TFS so great, they can take on the personalities of so many different characters and they do it so well.