Join Antfish, Lanipator, and KaiserNeko as they talk about Lani’s birthday, upcoming wedding, conventions, as well as Episode 44 and Takahata101’s performance as Cell!




And our wonderful audio engineer Antfish:

Episode 44:

  • Maximum Over-Saiyan

    I’m Irish and I wanna see Dragon Potato Zed soooo bad.

  • pablo1275

    Im Irish and I really wanta see Dragon Potato Z and besides the people who do get offended are only langers.

  • Kuvira

    Irish Dragonball. Do want! 😀

  • Kuvira

    Two podcasts to listen to in one day…. Neat! 😀

  • SaiyanTimeLord

    So, Team Four Star confirmed for an appearance in an RT Short, or as guest voices on RWBY?