Live, from Tampa, Florida, it’s the TFS PODCAST! … I mean, not live. It’s pre-recorded. But it was pre-recorded in Tampa, Florida for Lanipator’s wedding! Tune in to hear commentary from MasakoX, Antfish, Takahata101, and LittleKuriboh!

  • Oh Masako, Sunderland is where the Mackems live, not the Geordies. And you call yourself English. As a Geordie I’m arather disappointed 🙁 Still think you’re awesome though

  • hawkfb54

    is the cell games, going to be hell in a cell

  • SixThreeTimes

    Best episode yet.

  • DarkredD14

    Will you all ever add a RSS feed so we can use a app like Pockcast to get the podcast?

  • Lanaelle777

    This player sucks SO MANY balls, get soundcloud, or something geez…

  • Kingjsan216

    Greatest signing off ever!!!!!

  • darkalter2000

    Naruto /is/ on it’s last couple chapters. It is a couple of weeks from the end.

  • darkalter2000

    Red is the sex colour. It signals to people you want sex.

    • Morhek

      Or, if you’re on Star Trek, that somebody’s gonna hit you with a rock, shoot you with a phaser, or disintegrate you with magic powers.