Check out our “Best Selling” Riff commentary track for Dragon Ball Evolution for FREE! Just follow the instructions at the beginning of the MP3 to sync it up to the movie!

Written and Directed by Lanipator

Performed by Lanipator, Kaiserneko and Takahata101

  • Logan Freeman

    All I’m getting is you guys talking. There’s no video in the file that I downloaded

  • SSGSSWolf

    I’m having problems trying to download this file. I can only get it to reach 51 mins total and I’m upset because I’ve done this about ten times. Please someone leave a link for a pre-synced version or a tip to help. Thanks

  • Menhtrol

    Damn you M. Night Shyamamalamasamakun….

  • Paladine

    You guys spelled the name of the movie wrong. The movie is “Dragonball Evolution”. Because the people who made it didn’t even do enough research to know that “Dragon Ball” is two words, not one. XD

  • _Nail_

    did freiza make this ?

  • mrlmm

    Almost makes the movie worth torrenting. Almost.

  • Metazoxan

    This was my first time watching this movie and I actually enjoyed it thanks to the commentary. So thank you TFS you made a bad movie actually slightly enjoyable. Not good but I don’t regret watching it because otherwise the commentary would have made no damn sense.

  • ayattaw

    so do i watch the video with no audio or what

    • Solember


  • Goku309

    I am having problems viewing. I downloaded the file a couple times and it still doesn’t work

  • Vader_the_White

    Now all I have to do is find a copy of this and subject myself to it again!
    Well, at least it had that awesome catfight.

  • Gorenza

    I would love to watch this with the movie but…urgh I don’t want to rent that horrible thing again.

    • Gorenza

      Listen….I mean listen. Oh my green god damn it.

  • VicariouslyMe

    Heh, I felt like TFS was in my living room. What a way to watch this movie for the first time

  • HikariVG

    I really wanna listen to this while watching this horrible movie, but no matter what i do its not synced. It starts out synced, but once it cuts to Goku’s Face, it gets out of sync, like Goku’s face isnt supposed to be a close up for that long. It gets about 10 seconds out of sync.

    • Spudd86

      Do what I did, buy the movie then pirate a pre-synced version 😛 (I also bought the rifftrax shortly after it came out)

      • SanGoku

        would you leave a link to to pre synced verison?

  • siamawesome

    wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 15 comments this should have hundreds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some people.

  • StephenSwain

    I too found that, even though the download completed OK, it was only 30 minutes long

    I downloaded it again and it was the full 1h 20m, not sure why this happens but this is all I can recommend doing

    Of course you can also play it from the web-page but lacking a seek bar things can get interesting if it goes out of sync!

  • WolfFangDeath

    I enjoy this commentary alot but I can’t seem to download it properly, I only get the first 20 minutes or so and I’d like to be able to get all of it, since my internet connection is at times very unstable and I would like to be able to do this while away from home as well, not to mention I fear that this may one day be taken off of the website. However, I love the commentary and thank you guys for making me feel like I didn’t waste my money buying this
    awful movie.

  • Gamer_Guy_Joshua

    The first time though watching this with the riff it stopped but the movie was still playing and i was like 30 min in. So I had to restart the movie and watch it all the ya though to the part i was at. What fun, but it was only half worth it.

  • Mayku23

    I can’t believe I just forced myself to watch this atrocity again, but it wasn’t bad with the commentary. Thank you TFS for making DragonBall: Evolution more enjoyable than it already wasn’t.

  • GrrMoo

    either way [downloading the file and hitting the play button displayed above the download link]
    it goes to 23mins and then Stops…….. T-T please fix

    • Lanipator

      Seems to be an issue on your side, not sure what’s up. I tried downloading it on 3 PCs and streaming it on one and had no issue, sorry man :/

  • DoubleBaconator

    Okay…one question….WHAT!?!? But good LORD, you guys have split my sides the entire movie. I think I may ACTUALLY watch it again with the commentary, it was that funny. Thank you for making that horrible excuse for a movie timetable. “Not everything revolves around you, bitch!” Literally could not stop laughing

  • Red

    I’m surprised I was able to watch the entire movie without walking out the room in disappointment. My cousin said he tried watching it while he was high one time and it still failed. But hey, you guys made it easier to sit through with the riff. For this, I thank you.

  • vladtet909

    Here’s a great place to watch the movie and listen to this in sync as It actually has the 20th century fox intro.

    • wcthesecret

      whats the perfect time to start the movie on it?

  • Well it looks like I need to watch this movie again.

  • Crazyspacepony

    Wow… you guys made that nightmare of a movie almost tolerable. Thanks for that! By the way, how goes the search for the dragon balls? I would love to have the memory of that pile of sludge they call a movie scrubbed from my brain ^_^.

    • procrastinator_brad

      sorry thats not a perfect wish 😛

  • datdude687

    Great riff guys, only problem, was that I had to sit through that horrible, abomination of a movie. But at least you guys made it not so wrist slittingly bad.