Episode 37: Catch Me If You Can-droid

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Lanipator – Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo
Hbi2k – Nail
GeneralIvan – Dr. Gero
MasakoX – Gohan
Ganxingba – Tenshinhan
KaiserNeko – Trunks, Yajirobe, George Takei, King Kai
Megami33 – Bulma

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DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a Parody made for entertainment purposes only.

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  • Cris Marquez

    did they play mr.Roboto in the car?

  • Bartolomeo

    Gum-Gum Pistol!

  • Ahh, Krillin in this series is such a cutie. >_<

  • SonicShenron

    “I know you’re playing me… but your right.”
    Given what’s happened in the two latest episodes, did you guys spend two years setting it up!?

  • yezzur421

    shoulda used the “Nail Gun” on Freezer

  • trulyjadedatoms

    wind scar? seriously, piccolo?

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  • NukeKrieg

    I think this might be my favorite episode that or one of the ones around when the Ginyu Force was a thing.

  • Hawkpath1337

    “You know the funny thing is, I know you’re playin’ me, but you’re right. He’s all yours.”

  • Sarru

    I just realized, Xenoverse kind of contradicts time-travel canon in the DBZ universe. A large plot point of the Android Saga is that you can’t actually change the future by going to the past. The whole “Multiverse theory” thing.

    Yet in Xenoverse *SPOILERS AHEADS*
    Trunks is nearly erased when his past self is almost killed by Toma or whatever the underboob lady’s name is.

    • Durmatagno

      I’ve had a theory about that. Maybe machines work using multiverse theory, but people using magic, like the Supreme Kai of Time, and the demons, move through the actual timeline. My main point is that when you do the parallel quests, you use things like Trunk’s time machine, while the main story, in fixing the timeline, uses the scrolls, and magic to travel.

      • Hawkpath1337

        Yup, multiple forms of time travel.

    • Krescentwolf

      Well… If you actually paid attention to the Xenoverse Storyline (which I admit was pretty thin all things considered) The Supreme Kai of Time Mentions that the multi-verse, and time-travel in general, didn’t exist before Trunks changed the course of History.

      In other words, if the timeline hadn’t been ‘corrected’, the true history of DBZ would’ve ended with Goku killed off by heart disease. Sadly, the one downside to all this is that it legitimizes DBGT… in a multi-verse way…. F%#k the time space continuum 😛

    • trulyjadedatoms

      well, tangent timelines. so, actually, they should just keep traveling into the past until there are a ton of parallels universes. But, that opens a lot of cans of worms, and you don’t need that many worms. It’s also theorized that too many timelines would result in compromising the fabric of spacetime, kinda like futurama’s “time keeps on slipping”. soooo, time travel is bad, m’kay? the REAL question is, why didn’t trunks go to new namek to get a new guardian to wish back the fallen warriors?

    • Mistress Chief


  • Nehcroskull

    I never understood why Piccolo was able to beat Gero. If Gero was prepared to fight Goku without his Super Saiyan form, and Goku was way stronger than Piccolo even without being a Super Saiyan, and Gero had already obtained a bunch of Piccolo’s energy, shouldn’t he be able to wipe the floor with Piccolo even after Piccolo had eaten a senzu bean?

    • LeaverDetected

      You forgot that in Namek, Piccolo fused with Nail. In the Dragonball series, they did mention that the monitoring bugs they had following Goku and his friends were destroyed during the Saiyan Attack. They probably did compensate for his growth in strength over the years. But, did not calculate their power spike from Namek’s ordeal + Training they underwent for three years to fight the Androids specifically.

      • Nandit

        Plus Senzu bean

    • Hawkpath1337

      Again it’s the whole SERIOUSLY! WHAT THE F*** IS NAMEK!? deal.

    • LeadWedding

      Also they kinda explained it in the series, supposedly because piccolo has trained to reach his level he knows how to focus all his energy into every blow he connects, whereas gero gains a crap-ton of energy without training and so doesn’t know how to use it properly

      simply put: power levels are bullsh!t

  • zortharg

    This “Generalivan” really needs to work on his variety with the voices. The thing that really struck me when watching Cooler’s Revenge was how much Cooler sounded like David Attenborough. And so it’s pretty flagrant to me that he’s using the same exact voice on Dr. Gero, because I only need to remark that Dr. Gero sounds just like David Attenborough to be annoyed that I’m running into redundant voices, completely different characters in dba with the same voice. And I don’t just mean the same person, I’m not complaining about the same person doing more than one character, but he should try to sound different for different characters. And the announcer at the beginning who says that the following is a fan based parody, that was the voice of one of the Freezer minions on Namek who was outside the healing chamber, that’s obvious because it sounds like a dead-on approximation of Otto the Bus driver. Though I guess that one’s ok, but it would be better if that voice were in an episode that character was actually in, or at least one close to one he was in.

    • zortharg

      Oh right, that other voice is Yajirobe. But that just shows my point, KaiserNeko is being sloppy too. He’s able to do Trunks and Sulu and those are completely different, he shouldn’t need to reuse voices.

      • vegeta67285

        U mad bro?

    • MewMew

      How many different voices can YOU do? How about offering your services as a voice actor next time they need to cast a new character? Then they won’t have to do as many with their generally small group.

      Personally I wouldn’t mind doing that myself. Gotta figure out how they go about casting new roles and offering up something as a demo. Even if it’s just a few words as a one off character, it would be fucking awesome.

  • zach.118

    “Gum Gum Pistol!” lol