Episode 43: Cell Service

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Takahata101 – Cell
Lanipator – Piccolo, Krillin, Vegeta
Remix – Kami, Android 16
Hbi2k – Nail
MasakoX – Gohan
Faulerro – Yamcha
Ganxingba – Android 17
Shudo Ranmaru – Android 18
KaiserNeko – Trunks


DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Gabriel

    omg now the service is unavailable NOT perfect timing even do i watched all the episodes i was watching it AGAIN

  • Manored

    Also the fact that Cell knows all their techniques from having their DNA. That’s not how DNA works!

  • Manored

    Can’t get over cell not fitting into the time machine. It totally looks like he could, and even if he couldn’t he could cut himself up, travel, and regenerate later.

    • Steve Hanley

      Except he apparently didn’t know about the regeneration because he found out about it by watching Piccolo regrow his arm and chest.
      “How durable is he? How durable am I?”

      Also, were watching an anime about a flying alien capable of blowing up planets preparing to fight a biomechanical hybrid organism while a group of superpowered people including an android, triclops, and godly slug-man spectate. None of this is supposed to be scientifically valid.

      • Manored

        That argument is based on logic, not scientific accuracy. That said, Cell not knowing about the regeneration is a sensible possibility, yeah.

  • Axrus

    wait, Gohan never learnt the kamehameha before training in the hyperbolic time chamber. So Piccolo got it wrong. Unless he learnt it in those 3 years before the androids came, but that seems highly unlikely.

  • Cameron N.

    Vegeta: Is that the Namekian?
    Is that ME?!
    Is that Me STRONGER than Me?!
    I’LL F**KING KILL ME!!!!!

    Me: XD

  • Floofie

    “There’s nothing more satisfying then the rush I get from watching a person disappear”

    That seriously gave me chills. The imperfect Cell delivery here is nothing short of… Perfection.

  • TheGreatEscapist

    Listening to the audio on this, it just occurred to me that Taka’s take on Imperfect Cell kind of reminds me of Beetlejuice. And by that I mean like the spastic outbursts and the all-around smart-assery. Like a more subdued, less guttural version of Beetlejuice. (And that’s a good thing. 🙂 )

    “Oh, no, no. That was another guy. His name was ‘Shit Sherlock’, first name ‘No’.”
    That’s got to be one of the funniest smart-ass comebacks I’ve heard in a long time. Especially coming from an insect-like, alien-looking creature.
    It’s one of the things that make me wish I could get my Dad into this show. I know he’d love the humor, but he’s got a bias against Anime. (Even when you’re in your 20s you find yourself thinking “Parents just don’t get it.”)

  • Karthull

    Just occured to me, piccolo with kami in head is supposed to be a genius, having already known cell has all their moves, and that he alone was already stronger then cell, once trunks and krillin showed up and cell flew up shouldnt piccolo have seen the solar flare coming and close his eyes?

  • Acidheart1989

    Fairly sure this has come up already. Whats with the fly sex during the solar flare? At the edge of 8:42?

    • Ed130 The Vanguard

      Watch the episode 44 breakdown, 7:20 onwards.

      Or if you can’t be bothered there is a running gag that in every Solar Flare there is a frame of something disturbing (Freiza in the shower, Dodoria in lingerie etc). Due to Cell’s design the flies were used.

  • NCHaskew

    I would just like to say I am the 400th comment. Thank you

  • asduton

    When cell says “… And I am understandably hungry,” where the hell did that crater come from? Cell was standing on a parking block a second ago, then he’s in a crater. What happened Kaiser? Did Vegeta have a tantrum offscreen?

    • asduton

      Right after he drunk the guy is when he is on the parking block-thingy.

    • Drakizora

      When Cell powered up and everyone could sense Krillin and the others’ energies in Cell

      • LordOfDarkness8296

        Thing is the crater was there before Cell powered up. So how did it get there before Cell Powered up?

      • asduton

        Maybe the director yelled for a break, but they ran out of He-tap. ;P

    • KotainoKage24

      Since nobody else saw fit to answer this, I will. It is because Kaiser used footage from after the explosion during the scene before it because there was not a scene that he could manipulate well enough before the explosion, so the crater showed up before the blast that created it did.

  • StormyWaters

    Love the direction of DBZA. Both Black Debbie and Debbie agree, this show is far from offensive. I am sure Bender would also have approved of your appreciation for irony, and the word TRANNY. And Archer, well Archer is curled up in a ball, in the corner; might have something to do with aligators and vaccuums.

    Sealab Out!

    • StormyWaters

      I wonder how many care that alligator needed an L more and vacuum needed a C less.

      • KotainoKage24

        I care. I care very much. In fact, it is really annoying the hell out of me.

      • Hawkpath1337

        I almost didn’t notice.

  • Wyvern

    I love the single frame shots of the insects when he does his solar flare. Took me a few times to be able to freeze it just perfectly but it was worth it 🙂

    • jjrbenis

      I haven’t watched the episode breakdown, so I don’t know if you already knew about it or not beforehand, but nice job catching that. Subliminal messaging at its best! I never would have caught that.

  • A while ago I left a request for a Yamcha joke… not being a part of Cell. Anyway, thanks that episode was fucking funny as hell.

  • So… Cell is bettlejuice?

  • vexxeler0

    can cell hear kame and neil? he is piccolo after all. can kami talk to ceil in his head?

    • vexxeler0

      can cell talk to piccolo?

  • That One Satan

    oh… oh dear god… Hercule is introduced in the cell saga…

    • RisingPhoenix55

      oh god no he’s weaker than… than…Krillins win streak!

      • LordOfDarkness8296

        You are the reason why Krillin goes to therapy.

    • Etherial_Hybrid

      Hail Satan, our one true Savior, the mentor of Dumplin and Puddin!

  • TeamFourStarFan.


  • superkamiguru55

    hey wanna see me drink this guy

  • SkullFox

    it’s a pair of mating Cicadas…O.o or dragonflys whatever the hell those bugs are. Regardless the single frame is of a pair of mating insects nuff said LOL

  • FoxInABox

    I can’t seem to pause the show right at the image shown during Cell’s Solar Flare at about 8:41 or 8:42. What is it?

    • gila


  • Z-Fighter

    Vegeta is funny

  • SlowDownTimeGuy

    Piccolo: No, that’s impossible! The only one that knows that technique is Goku!
    …and Gohan
    …aaand Master Roshi
    …aaand Krillin
    …aaand Yamcha
    …and me that one time I tried it just to see if I could.

    • Klaudijus

      …and Tenshinhan…. 😀

      • Klaudijus

        ….and Goku grandpa Gohan.

  • Bob423

    I cannot WAIT to see what Cell’s other forms will be like.

  • Scowl

    Vegeta: Wait a sec, is that me? IS THAT ME STRONGER THEN ME?!?! I’LL FUCKING KILL ME!!!

  • Sir-Murph

    disappointed in cell, was hoping he had multiple personalities

    • neorama

      You clearly have no soul.

      • Sir-Murph

        LOL, yes Cell not having Multiple Personalities has ripped the Soul out, so much pain, just imagine cell having fits as other characters, comedy gold

    • Goku

      I’m pretty sure he kind of does. The way he switches between sadistically humorous and dark and serious. Also, expect his other forms to be quite different to this one.

  • Koglio77

    freaking hilarious, laughed my ass off! one of my favorite episodes yet. will be waiting patiently for the next. great job and keep’em coming! thanks

  • Cuban_Pete

    Anyone reminded of Zorak with Cell?

  • Porchop

    Absolutely hilarious! I can’t wait for the next episode, keep up the great work.

  • Ryrynz

    Cool episode, love Cell’s voice, excellent job. No low quality recordings, win!

  • Ortiz2001

    I figured I give a wall of text reply to the piece of fecal matter I had the displeasure to read. This will also push his crap down a bit. I think he was just mad because Cell spit up his pacifier.

    fourstar dragonball = Fart ( for quoting purposes )

    You are very boring to read.

    There’s no point in spending hours in crying and complaining about stuff you are too lazy to do yourself. If you can do a better job than do or shut the hell up. Fart said “Sure it’s nice: it looks more polished and it reflects good editing skills, but it’s no substitute for the dialogue.” Did you watch the original ep. Nothing major really happens and the jokes and dialogue they had was as good or superior to the original. Fart then compares movie special effects with cartoons or animations. Yeah I don’t see your point. If Kaiser wants his product to have a certain quality more power to him. You basically say you like his work but want more dialogue even though the original ep in relation to the ep didn’t do much better. To bad the guy that Cell drank was not you.

    Fart then says that TFS is concern with the original story, so just because DBz abr stays true and respect the original. You think TFS parody is not good. You probably like the parody that has Naruto repeating “I want to be Hakoge” over and over again. TFS is a far better quality than that piece of fecal matter, but if that is the manure you want to watch. Leave TFS and go watch or make your own product. Point is quite bitching.

    Fart then says:
    “Why are they suddenly trying to be serious about things?”

    Proceeded by 3 examples of comparison between DBz abr and DBz showing how TFS takes there time in researching the original source so there jokes and dialogue stays true to the original. TFS has been a parody while still staying true and showing respect to the original. This is one of the reasons DBz abr is far superior to other parody. Fart is basically saying that Kaiser should not try as hard, and to that I and a bunch of other TFS fans will gladly tell you to go fudge yourself.

    Fart says:
    Why do they need to have Cell explain his origins?

    The ep covered was all about the introduction to Cell. It is part of the original and therefore a specific plot that needed to be covered. If you had watch and been following they only skip useless things like the Garlic Junior Saga. They don’t skip important character background. You basically want jokes and stupidity which is not what DBz abr is all about.

    Fart then ends with two more paragraphs on why he thinks TFS is not as good as it was when compared to its previous work. I have watched all of the 43 episodes and while some are better than others. The overall quality has stayed about the same. Ep1 of DBz abr is by far one of the worst episodes I saw, but after a few more episodes I was hooked. Some episodes are weak but that is only because the material that needs to be covered is sometimes really dry and in each case they have done an excellent job in staying true to the original and showing respect to the source while still adding jokes and making into the parody most of us love.

    Sorry for the errors in spelling and grammar. I don’t have time to check or correct them. I hope the overall idea gets across.

    • Goku

      ^ This
      fourstar dragonball is being a whiny little bitch.

    • asduton

      *slow clap* Thank you. Fart deserves everything he gets for criticizing our Lord and Savior, TeamFourStar.

  • fourstar dragonball

    This was boring to watch.

    There’s no point in spending hours editing in special animations like pacifiers or correcting textures (in my opinion very few viewers notice any of this or care much). Sure it’s nice: it looks more polished and it reflects good editing skills, but it’s no substitute for the dialogue. This isn’t a Transformers or Star Wars or Avengers movie where people come to be dazzled by effects. I understand that doing all the extra editing work is partly a hobby and enjoyable for Kaiser, but I almost think that if they put 90% of the time into the script writing and just did basic edits of lip flaps the quality would improve. I realize that getting the timing of the audio just right can improve the humor, but if it’s not related to the humor, then there isn’t much need for it. I, for one, enjoy many episodes from season 1 better than this one, despite the poorer sound quality and editing.

    It seems like TFS is making this less of a parody and more of a rewrite of the original series. It’s as if they’ve gotten too wrapped up in the series and too blinded by their initial and have forgotten their roots. [It’s ironic because Lani and Taka discuss directors “ruining” comic-book based movies in their podcast series. Of course, no director intends to “ruin” a movie, but maybe they just get wrapped up in their own ideas. They think they are making a great product just like TFS does]

    Why are they suddenly trying to be serious about things?
    Take the conversation between Picollo and Kami before they fused in the last episode. Was TFS really trying to make that a serious moment? Were we supposed to spellbound by the drama and tension? by Kami’s isolated existence? by Piccolo’s frustration and anger? I personally found it boring and almost worthy of being parodied in its own right. I can’t take any of these cartoon characters seriously. The fact that the original DBZ had such one-dimensional characters; the fact that it had such shallow and predictable plot (the endless power-ups and “Yes! that last attack must have finished him…. oh no! he’s still alive!”) is what makes it a great source of parody. Yet, it seems like TFS is trying to make this into serious drama.

    Another example is Krillin and 18’s relationship. I had waiting for “the kiss” for a long time, expecting TFS to pull of something hilarious. Something like: 18’s being reprogrammed by 17 (as a twisted joke) to have an irresistible attraction towards short bald guys; we hear 18’s screams of fury and loathing even as we see her face jerked down to peck Krillin on the cheek beyond her own control. That’s the best my poor imagination could come up with, but I’m sure TFS could have done much better. Instead they missed the opportunity completely (nothing but a lame comment from 18 about societal standards of beauty. Is TFS trying to teach us morals?). From the episodes afterwards, it seems like TFS expects us to take Krillin’s “love” for 18 seriously. Are you kidding me??!? She’s a murderous human/robot hybrid who’s main purpose is to kill his childhood friend, Goku. It’s hard to imagine anything more ripe for parody, but all we’ve gotten so far is Roshi’s comments about her boobs (fairly lame on its own). Hell! Even Yamcha should be making fun of Krillin for this bit of insanity.

    Take Cell. The first bit of “Cell hype” which they included at the end of episode 40 was bad ass. But when they continued to hype Cell in the next episodes (ending with the “Mr. Sandman” song last episode), it started to seem a little silly. After all, the original DBZ was criticized for over-hyping villains that only end up being beaten by “the good guys” by some miracle. Over-hyped villains should be parodied. And besides, why try to make Cell into some type of bad ass, super sinister villain? We already know exactly which fights he wins and loses and how he is ultimately beaten. Even when Cell first arrives, he’s weaker than Piccollo and is forced to flee and later he gets his ass kicked by android 16, Vegeta, and finally Gohan. Unless TFS plans to change the main storyline, rewriting Cell into a bad ass doesn’t work. After the last few episodes, I feared they were going to make Cell into a serious character and it seems like they have done that. He has a bit of “Allucard style craziness” about him, but it’s not particularly funny. It’s impossible for TFS to make him a bad ass and parody him at the same time. They never hyped up Vegeta or Freiza or made them into bad asses. They parodied them and it was entertaining to watch. Cell spends too much time trying (and failing) to intimidate. Lines like “I will leave you enlightened” and “I will stop at nothing to achieve my perfection” are the same as the lame lines/puns that come from other cartoon villains. Hopefully they are able to improve on his character. [Kudos to Taka for his faithful rendition of Cell’s voice. It’s obvious he put in a lot of work. It’s too bad they don’t have better lines for him].

    Why do they need to have Cell explain his origins?
    We’ve all seen the original series (or can read the plot online). We don’t need to be told again why Cell is there. Episodes from seasons 1 and 2 had very little exposition or they use exposition as part of the humor (see Raditz’s introduction in episode 1or Freiza’s recounting the destruction of planet Vegeta in season 2). In contrast, the Cell backstory here is serious repetition of the story told in the real DBZ without added humor.

    Lastly, they need to come up with new material for jokes. Sometimes references to previous events can be funny or clever, but it’s usually better to come up with new material. Season 1 was great, but DBZA would be dead by now if all they ever did was rehash the same jokes from Season 1. Instead they came up with great new characters and jokes in Season 2 (Guru, Freiza, Nail, Goku’s lines). Lately, it seems like they’re relying too much on former glory:
    I’ve been looking forward to the Piccolo/Nail/Kami interactions in Piccolo’s head, but so far it hasn’t been very funny (I’m talking about after the Piccolo/Kami fusion). The first jokes made after the fusion were reference’s to old jokes: piccolo’s chanting to himself, and piccolo’s car driving. Both stale and uninteresting.

    TFS is great at writing parody. They are poor writers of drama (and they are working with terrible source material for drama). If they try warp DBZA into some kind of half parody half serious hybrid, they will fail. Indeed many people have commented negatively about the quality of the last several episodes. Some have complained about filler; others about the “slow pacing”, but I think main cause of the downgrade which started after the beginning of season 3 has been due to TFS replacing parody with actual plot and a dearth of new jokes.

    • DoubleBaconator

      I don’t know if I want to slap the crap out of you for writing that novel, or slap the crap out of myself for reading it. People are entitled to their own opinions, I get it. But if it’s really not to your liking, WHY EVEN BOTHER WATCHING!? You could’ve spent your time searching for something else to watch that piqued your interest. When instead you wrote a 10 paragraph essay on why you dislike where the series is going. I, for one, enjoy every episode. I guess like DaSpiritBomb said, everyone’s a critic.

      • fourstar dragonball

        Taking your line of argument, I might as well say: “Why did you bother to read my opinion and comment about it, if you don’t like it? Why waste your time?”

        I had to watch it at least once in order to know whether I liked it or not. Even if the quality never improves, I’ll probably keep coming back to see what TFS comes up with in each episode. Yes, it mostly “meh”, but it I still watched it to see how the scene would play out. It was cool hearing Taka’s Cell imitation and I even grinned a bit at 16’s “I don’t believe the car identifies as either male or female” line. It was worth a 10 minute watch.

        And writing my opinion wasn’t wasted time either. I had fun writing it. It’s enjoyable to express yourself and to hear other people’s responses and reactions (I was certainly aware that my comments would draw out some angry responses).

    • ItsKrillerTime

      U just said not to waist time spending hours on stuff nobody cares about but u probably spent hours righting that u damn hypocrite. Yes I agree it was not one of there best but it was still funny. Besides the reason that took so long to make was kaiser (head editor) was in the hospital for most of it so if u r just gonna be an asshole don’t leave a comment oh and I forgot to say fffuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk yyyoooooooou

      • fourstar dragonball

        I never complained about how long the episodes took. In fact, I hate the guys that complain about the time between episodes. TFS is doing this for free and they have their own jobs/lives. They could take 3 months per episode (or more) if each episode was awesome.

    • demonhaku

      fine tuning and effort are what set tfs apart from the rest this is epic funny and highly enjoyable you have no idea what you are talking about C:

    • TamarH

      I’m having the exact opposite response to the serious moments.

      Dragonball Z has so much charm, but–let’s be honest–it NEEDS a rewrite. Badly. And the fact that they’ve been able to stay true to the characters while also making fun of the worst qualities is the thing I love best about TFS.

      Dragonball Z as originally envisioned is not exactly sophisticated drama, that much is absolutely true. But I remember the way I reacted to it as a kid, when it was treating its subject matter more seriously (and by extension, taking me as the viewer more seriously) than anything else airing in a daytime slot. Sure, I grew up on scenes with poorly-recolored beer, convenient dust clouds and the the “sent him to ANOTHER DIMENSION!” bullshit, but at 12 years old I WAS spellbound. For a talented team to take drama that worked for me as a child (not to mention the nightmare fuel) and bump it up to something that now works for me as an adult (even in a campy kinda way), plus make fun of the original and sum up its problems so deftly every episode… That is AWESOME and that’s something I really value and appreciate.

      Yeah, DBZ abridged has stopped being as much of a joke-a-minute parody. It’s still very funny but as the source material begins to introduce more drama they’re following the same curve in the parody and I like that. It’s really turned into more of a reimagining.

      • fourstar dragonball

        Wow, someone who can actually express their own opinion and differences of opinion without being insulting. You don’t seem threatened by someone who has a different opinion than you do. Thanks. I’m glad you enjoy the serious moments and the overall direction of the series. I too enjoyed DBZ as a kid (what kid doesn’t like fighting, explosions, show downs, taunts, and general chaos?)

    • sarenwords

      When I view something and I don’t like it, I have two options. I can either keep my opinions to myself, or be an ass hole and insult the demographic by saying what they like is shitty.

      You are entitled to your opinions, but wasting your 15 minutes to type out a drawn out essay about why you don’t like TFS is about as redundant as drying yourself with a towel whilst submerged in water. It is just illogical.

      Season 1 is good, but right up until episode 9, the quality was atrocious. If you like horrible sound quality, and amateur editing then understand that some people prefer to improve quality. As for writing, your poor example of 18’s attraction to Krillin makes no sense even if you were to parody the series. How would 17 find the time to do that? And just because 17 is an Android doesn’t mean he knows shit about mechanics. If anything Android 16 would be more knowledgeable about reprogramming 18, but then again the question begs to be asked, why?

      Don’t try to come off as someone with validated opinions when your entire spiel is subjective. If you don’t like something and you really want to express your opinions, then do so without being so prideful, otherwise you’ll just come off as an ass.

      Thank you for wasting 10 minutes of my time to express how stupid I think you are. I hope you learn something.

      • fourstar dragonball

        I’m not sure why my opinion is insulting to you or anyone else. TFS seems to invite viewers to post comments about “what they think” as long as its respectful.

        Are you sure you know what “redundant” means? Redundant is like using a condom and birth control pills; like keeping your will in your desk drawer and a copy in a bank’s safety deposit box; like saying “foreign imports” or “unexpected surprise”; like dropping 20 nuclear weapons on the same city. Drying myself with a towel while underwater is NOT redundant, it’s futile or pointless.

        Why would 18’s reprogramming need to make any sense? TFS throws in plenty of things that don’t make sense just for the fun of it. How does Vegeta know about Professional wrestling or Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles when he’s not from Earth? Anyway, it would make as much sense as a killer cyborg engineered by a mad scientist suddenly deciding that some random human is cute.

      • DoubleBaconator

        Because saying “This was boring to watch” is not insulting??? Especially to someone who spends their free time working on something for the entertainment of others? You sound ridiculous.

      • asduton

        He knows about TMNT from Space Hulu. Duh! ;P

    • princesspancake

      Just thought you should know how you come across.

      • fourstar dragonball

        I don’t demand anything of TFS. I’m just stating what I think. It’s their own show and they can do whatever they want. I can see how I might come off as demanding things, but when I think of the “DANCE MONKEY” guys, I think of the guys who demand an episode every week or the guys who always ask when the next “Hellsing ultimate” is coming out. I respect TFS’s work. It’s just hard not to say something when something that used to be awesome, starts to disappoint (in my opinion).

    • Corenear

      I like how most of the responses are “Lel ur so fug :DD ur dum TFS 4 lyfe XD”. As a consumer, you have the right to point out what you don’t like. TFS, although I love their content, aren’t God’s gift to man and people have every right to point out what they didn’t like.

      • I agree with you but some people do it in the most rude way possible and it kind of makes the creators feel bad after all the work they have done but still criticizism need to have limits pointing something out is diffrent from insulting someone 🙂

    • Havoc13

      Dear fourstar dragonball,

      …Shut the F*ck up and enjoy the show.

      • actually… thanks, havoc13. that’s exactly what i meant to say.

    • Goku

      Sorry mate I have to disagree with pretty much everything you’ve said. Whilst you’re entitled to your opinion, saying “this is boring to watch” is insulting to the creators. They do this completely for free and they don’t have to do it. It’s their artistic style and their choices in terms of what direction the series goes. Also just so you know, Kaiser has always spent most of his time editing the episode than he does anything else. Even from the beginning. He’s just gotten more skilled so the quality has risen. It’s also not just “TeamKaiser”. Lani, Taka, and others are involved in the writing process and contribute a lot to what the final product turns out to be.
      Also, the quality was lower back in season one. The only reason it was praised so highly by fans is because of the goldmine they struck with Nappa’s character. I personally think that season 2 and these last two episodes are where the gold is. The comedic genius of season 2 and the plot of the last two-three episodes along with the excellent humour makes me exited for the future of TeamFourStar. I think they are taking the series where it should be. Comedic but staying true to the original series.
      If you dislike it so much then maybe you should consider watching other abridged series? I, along with many, many others thing that the series is amazing and is a testament to the greatness that the original series was.

    • kita

      While I disagree with you on the content being boring and too much time spent on editing (on that note: I’ve always suspected that part of the reason so much time is invested in video editing is to make it a better representation of Kaiser’s skills in the professional field if need be? It’s almost like a portfolio to present with your CV for applicable editing jobs, whatever. And I 100% support that idea, if it can benefit him, too), I do recognize your opinions and feel that you really gave some thought into constructive criticism.
      I felt the need to make this comment due to the backlash your original comment garnered. Is everyone else watching this series incapable of dealing with legitimate social interaction? Good luck being able to take criticism or have someone disagree with something you like in a day to day setting when your immediate reaction hiding behind a keyboard and veil of pseudo-anonymity is to tell everyone who disagrees with you that he/she is wrong.
      Improvement doesn’t always happen just by telling someone that everything they do is good. TFS has made it clear from what I recall that they are eager for feedback. This particular piece of feedback isn’t completely complimentary, but it isn’t just trolling, either. And if I were the creator of something for which I requested feedback, this is the kind of submission I would want, as would anyone who truly wants to produce something of quality: feedback that challenges me to observe from a different perspective and possibly hone a particular skill or project.

      • hmm, fourstar dragonball, i think you’re being a little offensive because this is THEIR site, and they’ve worked reeeeally hard on this. if you’re not a fan and just want to be a downer, at least be respectful. they’re trying to provide people with much needed laughs, and when you do crap like that, it’s detrimental to the process. most people appreciate what these guys do, so when they comment, it’s usually pertaining to compliments or how to make the show better. i’m sure if someone else did exactly what you’ve done on your youtube (or wherever) page, you probably wouldn’t appreciate it.

    • John Smith
  • DaSpiritBomb

    Know you guys have been going through alot. But, this episode… FREAKING ROCKED!!! Seriously I haven’t laughed like that in a while.Glad yall took the time an did it right. I wish everyone would quit picking a parody to death, but i guess everyone is a critic. Neways You guys take care of yourselves, Health is everything.

    • ItsKrillerTime

      Agreed ;D

  • DoubleBaconator

    You know…I never got the whole future trunks thing. I mean I get how changing the past of another timeline doesn’t change HIS time, & Piccolo dying in his time means no dragon balls to wish every one back. But couldn’t he travel to new namek to use their dragon balls? That seems to be the answer any other time…I guess it’s all for the sake of plot?.. Idk. Just pondering.

  • Emersed_In_Fire

    Has anyone else noticed whats in the solar flare?

    • tezzeret1432

      It’s like some really ugly bugs. I couldn’t get the pause right, but they were definitely bugs.

      • jamoth

        i got the pause right and it they are bugs… idk what kind but it looked like flies having sex or something …was humorous

      • michael14765

        yeah its 2 flys banging lmao

  • Caeric

    Good episode! I’ve been a fan since season 1, and I made an account just ’cause I was tired of thinking about what I felt about the show and not sharing it.

    When episode 42 ended and we got that chilling first glimpse at Cell, I kind of hoped he’d be a super serious character — but on reflection, I’m glad he’s not. Perfect Cell’s never serious, and changing his personality sharply would be a bit off. I totally get the cocky antagonist vibe from him, even now. I’m not sure that all the Piccolo-Nail-Kami stuff worked as well as I’d like in this episode, but ehn. I don’t expect them to dominate another episode for the rest of the series. I’m eager to see episode 44!

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    Piccolo: Why is your crotch the same as your mouth?
    Cell’s crotch: I love your work

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    I was thinking though that there was going to be a scene with the robotic fly, Cell would point to it and it would say “Beep” like the robots on Cooler 2, then Piccolo would spastically blow it up.

    I’ve also always wondered what would happen if Piccolo hadn’t shown off the regeneration ability in front of Cell. In some material Cell was surprised that Piccolo could do that, and if that was the case then would Cell have been able to use it to his advantage in future events if Piccolo didn’t reveal this ability to him, or would his body just know to respond with regeneration?

    Of course, there is some material that would suggest that Cell already knew about it. Anyway… thoughts?

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  • is that me stronger than me

    I shouldn’t upload videos ripped from this website and post them on my own channel.

    Post Edited by TFS

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      • Heroshade

        I mean, one could argue that Abridged is even a better SHOW than DBZ was. The voice acting is better, the editing is superb, the story isn’t bogged down with filler/screaming/shit-talking, and it actually manages to tell (pretty much) the same narrative as the show even though it’s a parody.

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      • Rockman-1995

        if u pause the screen at 8:42 when cell dose the solar flair , theirs a pitcher of 2 fly’s fucking. I’m serious check it out

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    This series is a love letter to Dragonball & I love you all’s work.
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    • Considering he is a collection of all of these guy’s DNA… It’s quite appropriate to say that!

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      • dcforeman

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    i actually don’t get one word from each sentence, like i said before I’m just learning english, and i think TFS videos are funny, that’s why i want understand this parody (srry if my english isn’t good at all, I hope you won’t get mad)

    • dfitz314

      Android18 “Hey sixteen how is that tranny coming along” Android16 “I Don’t believe the car identifies as either male or female.” Android18 “So what do you think that explosion was” Android17 “eh who cares probably just vegeta throwing a hissy fit or something” Android16 “wait did you mean the transmission because its fixed”

      • dfitz314

        thats ^ all of 3:03 to 3:18

      • dfitz314

        Android18 “Hey dieciséis cómo es que viene junto transexual” Android16 “no creo el auto identifica como hombre o mujer.” Android18 “Entonces, ¿qué piensa usted que la explosión fue” Android17 “eh que se preocupa probablemente sólo Vegeta lanzando una rabieta espera en forma o algo “Android16” Quizás quiso decir la transmisión, ya que su fijo “

      • Calick

        Congrats, you proved you know how to use Google Translate.

    • dfitz314

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      • dfitz314

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    • dfitz314

      5:08 Krillin: “I affectionately refer to it as stealth mode. so what are we looking at?”

      • dfitz314

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    • dfitz314

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      • dfitz314

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    • dfitz314

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      • dfitz314

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      • dfitz314

        05:40 Cell: “ohh’h’h’h debe ser tu primera vez porque eres fuerte! y por desgracia para ti … Es también el último “De hecho, me fui a 5:47 porque suena mejor con el contexto completo, divertirse leyendo la vuelta. 🙂

    • dfitz314

      Sorry if it is a little tough to read I used Google translate to change it into Spanish for you, but I also left the original English version in case you wanted to check it over.

      Lo siento si es un poco difícil de leer utilicé Google Translate para cambiarlo al español para ti, pero también me dejó la versión original en Inglés en caso de que quería comprobarlo más.

      • ApolloDBO

        thx ,man this helped me a lot!

    • McFluffy

      ((18) “hey 16, how is that tranny coming along”) ((16) “wait, did you mean the transmission, because its fixed.”) ((cell) “alright i’m gonna need you to do me a solid and not kick me anymore” ((krillin) i affectionately refer to it as stealth mode. so what are we looking at?”) ((trunks) “i have no idea, it could be a giant cicada(i think?) monster for all we know.”) ((cell) “howdy neighbor”) ((cell) ohohohoh it must be your first time because you are tight”

      ps, your english has a few hiccups here and there, but its 100% legible. i tried my best, hope it helps.

  • Gigantor The Space Age Robot

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    • Thugboat

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    • SuperMegaUltraAlphaOmegaHyperTurboBiggerLongerUncutGuru

      Yeah, hate to burst the bubble but I saw to listening pretty close about two times and I can tell he says “solar flare” Would’ve been interesting if he had said that, though.

  • ApolloDBO

    Can somebody tell me what does cell say at 2:19 – 2:23? (I’ m a random spanish user here, and I’m just learning english)

    • Cell said “Ah, and three that is how I power the beautiful temple that is my body.”

    • Jaimeinexile

      “And 3. That is how I power the beautiful temple that is my body.”

    • Caruso45

      “Ah, y tres: asi de poderoso se templo los que ahora es mi cuerpo”.
      O algo por el estilo, no lo se con seguridad

      • Calick

        Lo que dice es: “Y tres: así alimento el hermoso templo que es mi cuerpo.”

        No uses Google Translate.

    • dfitz314

      Cell: “That is how I power the beautiful temple that is my body”

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  • Glerax


    Oh, and by the way, for people who couldn’t find it; The solar flare’s “image” this time was a fly fucking a fly

  • Kwikshotace

    I will agree with the fact I hope cell in his final form sounds like Alucard….cause frankly Cell just acts just like Alucard..which we all know is takahata

    • dracosfire7

      Taka has confirmed that Perfect Cell sounds similar to Alucard.

  • nsfrie01

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  • The Chillin

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    Omg… had me so weak on the floor… Best line of the whole dang episode. Can’t wait to see the next one up! 😀

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  • Beloth

    Why does Cell know all the techniques but not that Piccolo can regenerate his arm. In the actual anime he knows he can regenerate himself

    • NCHaskew

      If I remember correctly, he doesn’t think Piccolo has enough energy left to regenerate his arm–or it would weaken him to the point where it really wouldn’t have been worth it. Been awhile since I watched the actual scene.

  • Disturbed264

    yall are amazing great job on this episode just wish yall can make them come out sooner anyway thanks for all the laughs great job

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    Oh my god did you guys ever deliver after that long wait. Good job guys, you can all pat yourselves on teh back for this one ^_^

    (made an account just to comment this)

    • Buio


    • Beloth

      well said

  • FinalFlash502

    Holy crap Cell is awesome. please bring Nappa back. It would be funny if Nappa popped back in Vegetas head and told him he died again.

    • Hocker

      Or how about have Cell just channel his inner Napa…because he IS part Napa

      • ed765super

        That is the greatest idea ever imagined

      • SlowDownTimeGuy

        I could see that in Cells 2nd form.

  • Ok…. y’all NAILED Cell! This is going to be the best season yet!

    • Reaper86

      Thats because hes voiced by Taka!
      That guy always does great work with this stuff!

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  • Mandalf The Beige


    If you want to know what the picture is during Solar Flare:

  • i didnt get what cel called picolos attack
    can someone please tell me?

    • HaruKitsune

      Makankosappo. What the attack was really called before Special Beam Cannon.

  • neorama

    I have seen a lot of good DBZ Abridged episodes, but I think this one is my favorite.

  • princesspancake

    Well worth the wait. Hope you’re feeling better Kaiser!

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    Okay, that was too damn funny. It’s 12:30 AM and I’m laughing so loud I startled the dog. Good job guys. Only question I have is when you’ll have a way to watch these on a PS3 so I can see them in full 1080p. Other than YouTube a week later.

  • Orius_Rumac

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  • Heroshade

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    I swear to god, the cold-cut transition to that moment is one of the best things I’ve seen in this series.

  • darkspeed

    That was the best, funniest, and creepiest episode i’ve seen so far.
    “He’s gonna kick me again, isn’t he?”
    “Is that me. Is that me STRONGER than me? I’ll f**king KILL me!”

  • Arachnidking

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  • Zessei

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    • Zessei

      Well, at least it works at 360p.
      Oh, and now I have the image of two bugs humping. Thanks for that.

  • SixThreeTimes


    I was a bit nervous with how Cell would be handled, given that the next few years are going to rely on his character working, but not anymore. Shit’s gonna be incredible.

  • No Omniscience


    For those who want to see the image that blinks through during the solar flare.

  • gmarcturus

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    • Thecardq

      Next one covers android saga, Cell saga would be Kai 4

  • Tekablade

    YES YES YES! My favorite character and arc are here. I don’t care what some say but Cell could have won at the end of the arc anytime he wanted. He just gave the heroes a chance because he was bored. Go Team Cell. (Yes I know he loses, but Cell was a cool character.)

    • gmarcturus

      He couldn’t have won before he reached his perfect form because anytime before that Goku, Vegeta or Trunks would have wiped the floor with him. Also, before Cell absorbed Jinzoningen 17 any of the Jinzoningen’s could have destroyed him.

      • ReyDePanty

        Useless reply is useless -_-. Tekablade was talking about during the Cell Games, when Cell was perfect. All the points you’ve made, while valid at different time periods in the Cell saga, are not relevant considering they were true only before Cell reached his perfect form. Which you agreed to. Which, once again, Tekablade already mentioned.

        Thank you for your time and I hope this has been informative for your future reply-making needs.

  • psycho1delta

    Flies during the solar flare….. cause Cell is a bug?

    • scrin99

      They are two cicadas fu-mating…

      • morphuemax

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  • captainz

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    • captainz


  • cybele

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  • LeviMyL0ve

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