Episode 1: Then Who Was Monkey?

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Hbi2k – Farmer with Shotgun
Lanipator – Radditz, Piccolo, Krillin, Vegeta
MasakoX – Son Goku, Son Gohan
Takahata101 – Nappa
Antfish – Bojack
KaiserNeko – King Kai
Ganxingba – Tenshinhan
LittleKuriboh – Yami

Kenji Yamamoto – Destiny
Takayashi Tanimoto – Dragon Soul (sung by Lanipator)
Kenji Yamamoto – Tranquil Times
Kenji Yamamoto – Daimao Appears
Gustav Holts – Mars, Bringer of War
Kenji Yamamoto – The Clouds Of War Spread
Kenji Yamamoto – Requiem ~To Those Who Meet Their End~
Smouldering Fury
Kenji Yamamoto – Bubbles Dance
Kenji Yamamoto – A Moment For Shuddering
Kenji Yamamoto – The Curtain Rises On The Battle
Kenji Yamamoto – The Braveheart Challenges The Strong

Visit our website at:

Our Facebook:

DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a Parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Amaterasu user

    Hahha, hilarious title. 😛

  • Zenrock12

    From 1:10 to 1:33, that audio was in a flipnote on Sudomemo! I knew the audio was from Team Four Star, but I couldn’t find where. Now I have! :3

  • Grey Line

    “Aren’t we enemies?”
    “Nobody watched Dragon Ball.”
    Sad truth :c

  • veggie: “destructo disk!!”
    kriller: “the f*ck?!”
    me: “sooo glad somebody finally made fun of that.”

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  • VegetaTheHype

    I’m a Monkey!

  • Solaire

    What does piccolo shout when using his special beam cannon?

    • PiccoloSensei

      Something like “MANKANSAPPALEPPAGA!”

      • Karthull

        Thats actually exactly what he says

    • Zenrock12

      I believe it is what is known as random shit.

  • Ben Lunaris

    Yugioh…The subscriber count is higher then Exodia’s attack power!

    • Hawkpath1337

      It is, isn’t it.

  • Dognogard13

    I get this message whenever I try to watch this video:
    “Error loading stream
    ID not found on server”

  • TeamFourStarFan

    Mr popois my favorite character besides nappa

  • Flame13

    XD Pharoah Yugi!

  • Weakling

    There needs to be one of these for season 2. Fer realzies.

    • kneel before zod

      Ask and thou shall receive.

      • Hawkpath1337

        Nice username for the comment.

  • EternalDaedra

    best parts: Are you a yoshi? hells yeah!, and now i am the dead, i am hilarious and you will quote everything i say, hilariously derailing one liner, cuz im a monkey and destructo disk the fuck!

  • Tasty Vengeance

    Nostalgia… warm, gooey, dripping…

    And hey! SOME of us DID watch Dragonball dammit!!

    • Hawkpath1337

      I watched the first two episodes! Mirrored!

  • SailorVegeta

    The abridged within the abridged within the abridged..

  • WiiFan2786

    Oh No im not a Monkey!!!
    Oh no. the kids a monkey!!!

  • deadpool_bear

    Can we hope to see a dbz kai ep. 2? This is wonderful.

  • roninreverie

    OMG!!!!! I am dead XD

  • Something-Something-Darkside

    lol wow

  • cptcaboose1991

    im a monkey

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  • Just_shred

    “I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say”

    • kneel before zod

      Derailing one-liner.

      • Hawkpath1337

        It’s HILARIOUSLY derailing one-liner, Nappa! Get it right, now we have to do the entire ten minutes over again!