Episode 2: DragonThing Z Kai

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Lanipator – Krillin, Piccolo, Vegeta
MasakoX – Son Goku, Son Gohan
Takahata101 – Dende, Mouri, Guru, Nappa, Guldo
Antfish – Dodoria, Ginyu
KaiserNeko – King Kai, Zarbon
LittleKuriboh – Freeza
Ganxingba – Tenshinhan
Faulerro – Yamcha, Kui

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Stephen Krosecz for Goku’s Raspberrry and MasakoX for the Nappa scene at the end!

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DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a Parody made for entertainment purposes only.

  • Nail, come n’ mail this for me

    So what’s the song that plays during Guru’s death? I’m very curious.

  • A. loasa

    That last minute Napa is the best

  • Blair Johnson

    The way Dende says “hey” just gets me, this episode is hilarious

  • Micha Lee


  • twichy1983

    Also, whats the deal with the drunk karaoke guy with fishnet gloves?

    • twichy1983

      Single frame, 52 seconds in, during the solar flare.

  • twichy1983

    This was literally the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Not figuratively, literally. The endorphin rush from laughing was so intense I actually had a surge of panic wash over me when I stopped laughing, because I was afraid I’d never laugh that hard again. Then that happened like 16 more times over the span of 6 minutes. Now I’m all messed up and don’t know what to do.

  • hougie5822



  • PiKei_Smash

    Goku’s “yay” at the end is quite possibly the most delighted sound I’ve ever heard in my life.

  • no freiza yamete!!!

  • Miryafa


  • bassmanchris


  • Shouri

    Zarbons “Mmmm” was the best part of it for me. Also for anyone who never got it, Zarbon is not gay in his normal form but he is “different in every single way” in the ugly form. So…Vegeta is lucky Ugly Zarbon didn’t go through with his threat in regular abridged. Btw, Dodoria TOTALLY ties with the “Mmmm”.

  • heli572

    If you play Porunga speak backwards, he is saying ”Fuck you, i’m a dragon!” LOL

  • trulyjadedatoms

    “hey.” freakin’ awesome, guys. i’ll admit i didn’t watch this one when it was finished, but i just did, and COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. also, i tried calling 1-800-eat-a-dick, and it wasn’t tech support.

  • videlsatan

    Gohan: “Why didn’t you …DODGE”
    Who remembers that one

  • nightblade097

    Dragonball Z Abridged: Abridged

    And freaking hilarious… I couldn’t stop laughing. DBZ Abridged was awesome enough… then they made it better 😛

  • Oh God. I always love when Freeza calls for the Ginyuus after hearing Zarbon is dead and goes “Seriously, though what IS today?” I don’t know why but I always love that line. My favorites are always those throw aways that aren’t even real jokes. Whenever I’m having a rough day or just need something to kill time, I always hit up TFS. All your stuff is amazing and even though I can pretty much recite all your dialogue, it never stops being awesome. Thanks for all the laughs and the hard work it takes to make it.

  • IamAwesomesauce

    “I am hilarious. And you will quote everything I say!”

    • vRCK Mirror

      “Hilarious relatable one-liner.”

    • Nail, come n’ mail this for me

      What is the song that plays during that section?

      Edit: I know this is really late, but I’m curious as hell.

  • demolition541

    Piccolo saying “ALL OF THEM?” gets me every time because I found that scene in Dragon Ball unnaturally hilarious.

  • “No Freiza-dono! Yamete!” I die every time I watch this which is starting to become at least once a day. I need that phrase on a t-shirt and I most definitely need DBZA on a DVD home release! Seriously guys, please do this for me. I’ll give you all my zeni.

  • Mortans

    I just love when freeza says:
    What the godamned shit just happened !

    • Hawkpath1337


  • koori254

    What’s that that Vegeta and Goku say when Frieza grabs them? Been trying to figure it out since I first watched this.

    • Elytius

      “No freeza-dono, yamate!”, yamate being Japanese for “stop it”.

    • OneofaKindd

      “No Freiza-dono! Yamate!” Which means “Stop it Lord Freiza!”

    • ArmadilloSloth

      It is “No freeza dono yamate! It is phrase often said in japan while being raped and translates to ‘No freeza please stop’

  • Space_NapoleHitler

    What is the name of that godly orchestra that is playing when Frieza transforms into his Fourth and Final Form? It is around 4:01

    • Shouri

      I’m no expert but it was also playing when the Meta-Coolers showed up in their movie, when they used the trope “I Am Legion”. Aaand I THINK it was also playing when Meta-Cooler grew back his arm. So since they are brothers this must be playing off of that…Dear Lord Popo I just explained a joke…I’m becoming Pablum…

  • WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings

    And thats how muffins were brought into creation.

  • PoPodropsthebass

    That gets funnier every time I watch it.

    • PiccoloSensei

      Same here. lol

  • ryokozchan


    • PoPodropsthebass

      Ruffles my jimmies. Close though.

    • Hawkpath1337

      *SQUEAKY* Take Piccolo and go.

  • Nidies

    Would have been great if Goku did his mind-reading thing from ep. 21, and viewing the horror of what Krillin did to the cave in ep. 13 was what knocked him out of commission / made him need “the pod”.

  • Kainzorus Prime

    “I’m two guys now!”

    Also, I predict the third episode will have two things – Unreal Tournament announcer quote and Taka’s character going “I am hilarious, and you will quote everything I say”. It’s like a tradition by now.

    • jpic89

      Well, he is voicing Cell, so it’s a pretty safe bet.

    • WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings

      Since Taka’s voicing Cell and hes creepy as hell I think he’ll say “I am terrifying and you will quote everything i say.” instead.

  • SuperMegaUltraAlphaOmegaHyperBiggerLongerAndUncutGuru

    Does anyone know what krillin says when he does the solar flare? this is killing me

    • Runefell

      Pretty sure he’s just saying “Sol’ Fla’r!” Just a weird, short way of saying Solar Flare.

    • Vexflare

      He said and I quote, “Sola Flar!!”

    • Hiraga

      I’m afraid I don’t, but I’m loving the name :’)

    • Hiraga

      SO FLA!!

  • Draven1895

    I enjoy Lani’s reference to Piccolo’s weird slur in the original series. “All of them?” Hilarious

  • chemicalpoisons

    Anyone knows the music that plays when Zarbon appears?

    • danielle the dandan

      im pretty sure its some classical music

    • D-Bot

      It’s Anitra’s Dance from the Peer Gynt Suites by Grieg. It’s from the same set of music as In The Hall of the Mountain King, and Morning.

      It’s basically one of those go-to compositions for whenever someone needs orchestral music, and shouldn’t be too hard to find on YouTube.

  • denirochase

    why did nappa unsubscribe haha

    • KingBeowulf

      Maybe because the ghost of Nappa didn’t get a cameo.

  • Jones

    “This ruffles my JAMMIES!!!” …squeak…

  • adlermann

    any one know what is playing when little green wishes everyone to earth? also thank for making another one of these,

    • The Apothecary

      Its called Popcorn.

      • Cayle

        By Hot Butter?

    • perfectcellrip

      Ain’t no place for a hero by heavy

    • blaze53

      That would be the Popcorn Song.

    • DarrianFate


      • DarrianFate

        sorry, caps.

      • DarrianFate

        here in Nazi Germany, we’re proud of being anal about everything everyone else does and says.

  • UnLiMiTeDsHrOcK


    • DarrianFate


      • jpic89


  • vexxeler0

    I want to see the second form cell act like nappa…

  • shiro

    “No Frieza-dono, yamette!”

    Best. Line. Ever.

  • Thecardq

    I made a dark souls mod based on this episode http://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/801/?

  • BrolyNeedsSleep

    Awesome video guys! i love the kai episodes A LOT, cant wait to see more haha. but im also here to shamelessly plug an idea. Before you guys make teh Broly movie, of course. i figured out why he is so angry all the time!! sleep deprivation, starting from Goku. think about it. when he was born, Goku cried ALL THE TIME keeping him awake. when Goku left, King Vegeta woke him up, with a knife in the chest. knowing he, Broly, would live, he took this time to rest cause eveyrone thought he was dead…then freeze distrubed his sleep by blowing up the planet. as he grew older he was always shown attacking during the night….since he wasnt allowed to sleep making him angry and aggressive. when Paragus came to Broly to put on his ‘control device’…. he was asleep and it woke him up… pissing him off. the long space ship ride to/fro earth kept him up. Broly attacked Goku at night as vengence and seemed extra frustrated when Goku threw the mattress. He was struggling to sleep and angry while in his chair afterwards, prob was a comfy mattress. After his defeatin movie 1 he floats to earth.. finally catching up on his sleep…until goten wakes him up… he gets pissed and everyone knows the result. in bio broly… the clone spends all of his time sleeping, finnaly…. then…when he wakes up…angry. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!! Broly just suffers from major sleep deprivation.

  • JGuy McStormballs

    That was easily the funniest seven minutes I’ve ever seen. I was going nutso-rama.

  • ChillinLikeAKrillin

    AAAHHHH the long-awaited Kai 2 ! yeahhh 😀
    But I just wanna say that episode 42 is now 3 month old, so… would be good if you guys made less Krillin/vegeta plays and stuffs (even if they are cool) and got back to DBZA, cos that’s what we all wanna see, I guess. I’m a big fan of your work, but it seems like DBZA isn’t progressing a lot…


    • muffin

      they mentioned before the kirrlen and vegeta plays does NOT hinder their episode progress. do research before assuming, okay?

    • ThomasJD

      would you rater have them pumped out yet not funny or wait and get a hilarious episode

  • SuperKamiGuru2


    • you disgust me.

    • Elohari

      Your keysmashing ruffles my jammies.

    • P Dot.


    • SuperKamiGuru

      I am ashamed to share the same fake name with you !

    • Dognogard13

      Fucking noob! Read the Hellsing Descriptions!!! Hellsing Ultimate Abridged ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY FUCKING ONLY COMES OUT ON HALLOWEEN EACH YEAR! Retards need to read video descriptions before saying moar lolz plox! kthxbai…

  • tinytim0

    I don’t know if anyone caught it but this happens during the solar flair: http://imgur.com/52FXsQO

    • muffin


  • DukeofGames50

    Stop it. :l
    No. >:i
    Stop it… >:(
    Nnno. >:c
    STOP IT! >:0

  • Aozora

    I just wanted to let TFS know that I’m a big fan and when I’m having a bad day I just watch a random episode and it makes my mood so much better. Thanks for being hilarious and brightening my dark days 🙂 And keep up the great work. I know you guys spend a TON of time and effort on each episode. I don’t mind waiting for episodes because I know how much work you put into them, so take your time. And thanks again! 🙂

    • ItsKrillerTime

      Well said. Well said

    • DukeofGames50

      has tfs decided to end this after cell still? i remember the faq said so. but this saddens me.

      • SuperKamiGuru

        Actualy they originaly planed only to go so far as the cell saga but i think that in recent months they started to adapt to the idea that they might go to buu saga. I think Lani mentioned it at one of the conventions.

  • Aozora

    hehehe. i caught the star wars scream joke 🙂

    • jpic89

      It’s not actually the “star wars” scream. It’s called the WIlhelm scream, and it is a commonly used soundclip in all sorts of movies and shows for over 60 years.

  • kuramakyubii

    Eeeep… Hahahahahahahaha best freiza line ever.

  • Tristan Robertz

    Anyone else regret hearing 1:00?

    • KyoJin

      We repressed it… hard.

  • TeamFourStarFan

    Sh o ot himself if gold annoyed him forever

  • TeamFourStarFan

    Freeza would

  • Douryusen

    You know I kind of always wondered why Chichi stayed with Goku through all of this. Now I know. It’s because Goku REALLY knows how to use the Muffin Button 😉

  • Lower Class Saiyan

    Freeza today’s July 20 2014. You’re welcome 😀

  • TeamFourStarFan

    Lol when freezaa was like im space hitler I was like waht and when deodoria said I have a thick,meaty,Vigina well…..that was freaky

    • Douryusen

      Frieza actually said: “I’m space Napolihitler.” As in a cross between Napoleon and Hitler. Which is pretty accurate and very funny 🙂

  • TeamFourStarFan

    And freeze LOLZ is the best besides nappa wait wheres NAPPA AND POPO!!!!!!!!

  • TeamFourStarFan

    “Hello my name is guru but you can call me super epic awesome-” LOLZ

  • Dadave26

    what is the music that plays when it show little green/white mage?

    • Blaze

      Short change hero by the HEAVY

    • argentlupus

      The song is by The Heavy it is called “Short Change Hero”. You may have heard it in the beginning of Borderlands 2.

  • pliuy111

    I’d totally buy a shirt of 1:15

  • steven.miles44

    So, Nappa = Guru and Yamcha = Ginu from Kai ep 1, as near as I can tell.
    “I am hilarious, and you will quote everything I say.”
    “Yamcha’s here!” *Boom* “Yamcha’s dead!”
    “The Ginus are here!” *Splat* “Goku’s ship killed the Ginus!”

  • BrolyTheLegendaryGentelman

    Great video guys, as all your videos are can’t wait for kai episode 3 or my movie lol both probably some time next year lol. I’d love to hear your guesses at the new dbz movie in 2015 all we know now is that the eternal dragon granted a wish to revive someone
    The worst wish despair begins
    So who could be revived post bills that is ttough enough to actually matter and cause trouble. Or do you think its a new character. In a interview before he said the movie will have some classic dragon ball comedy and it is something he was thinking of back when writing the manga. So it can’t be any filler or movie villain I believe

  • refanatic

    it really pisses me off seeing ppl complain about FREE content that you guys create, just bc it wasnt a new episode. i cant imagine how much work it must be for TFS to work actual jobs each day, then have to work for hours on end AFTER that creating all this amazing content you guys upload. i can honestly say ive never felt disappointed by any of the stuff you guys have done and i doubt i ever will. not only is the quality top notch but its just damn funny. the fact that some ppl cant seem to realize this, and all they want to do is bitch makes me feel sorry that you guys have to deal with it. anyone who comes to this site (or the youtube channel) looking to complain, really needs to step back and think “would i ever do this much work for free, for ppl i dont know?” the answer is no you wouldnt. stop complaining and be happy these guys are willing to give up their time for all of us to be entertained.

    tl;dr…..stop bitching and be happy your getting something this amazing you spoiled little brats. keep it up TFS! you made a lifelong fan outta me.

    • Uber Zebra

      I could not agree more

      • Somehowimhere


  • jmt

    I was wondering when dragon ball z abridge season 4 would come out

    • refanatic

      my guess would be after season 3 ends. which is still going on keep in mind.

      • cscjr73189

        They called the last episode the unofficial end to Season 3 in the last Episode Breakdown.

      • Zakaris

        Episode 42 was the mid-season finale

  • firedragon

    Team Four Star love you guys and your videos 😀 by the way just so you know the link at the top for this video.


    Why does it say episode 1 within the link, when there has been two episodes of abridged?

  • Levi the Critic

    Episode 43?

  • Vegerot98

    no frieza dono. yamete!

  • Piccolo, why didn’t you dooooooooddddggeeee?

    Oh God, I’m dead.

  • superlordbill_godofdestruction

    Frieza: he took all the things vegeta get him… Zarbon: hmmm:)

    • superlordbill_godofdestruction

      so are yall going to make a dub parody Dragonball battle of gods go on to the buu saga after cell saga if you are teamfourstar tell me

      • TravisMoehring

        They will probably make Battle of the Gods if the series continues all the way to the end of the Buu Saga. They have said that they would like to make it all the way to the Buu Saga but there is no way to know if the series will still be as popular then or if they haven’t had any real life issues that prefent them from continuing the series. They wont make Battle of the Gods until all the characters have been in the main series because they would have to create and dedicate to a characters personality and voice actor.

  • vegeta67285

    Funnier the 758th time.

  • KyoJin

    “This. Ruffles.. MY. JAMMIES!!”

    Best. TFS moment. Ever.

  • EXShade

    2:24 I think your rage broke vegeta

    • KyoJin


      • one_finegent


    • Rewardingcheese

      I think your Rage Broke Adobe Vegeta

  • Ed_Crane

    You guys are really hilarious.

    I found out about DBZ abridged like a few weeks ago, and I have to say that it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life.
    Unfortunately, I’m from France and french people can’t understand a word of english, so I can’t really share this masterpiece with my friends, (I wish I could dub the entire show if I had the time) but really, you truly are hilarious and I hope you will keep going for a while.

    I just can’t wait for the release of the next episode.

    You guys are the best, thank you and keep going!

  • Jump3R

    Hey, does anyone know what is said in the background when Freeza notices Spirit Bomb coming from above?
    I can’t quite get that one…
    @ 04:47
    Is that “Dominate” or something?

  • nmpxq4

    So wait, is this a parody of DBZ Kai, or a DBZ Kai of the parody?

    • dracosfire7

      DBZ Kai of the parody

      • KyoJin

        DBZ Kai of the Parody of DBZ Kai!

  • Lower Class Saiyan

    Quick question. Is anybody going to watch Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods?!

    • DukeofGames50

      @ morph: yes i saw a Youtube post in Japanese Dub with Eng subs. Bills is def my favorite “villian” of dbz and gt. if you can even CALL him a villian, cuz i dont think thats accurate

  • morphuemax

    vegeta: “Hey guys u remind me of some ass holes im goin to kill
    Krillin: O.0 gasp
    vegeta: “No time for that cause the ginyus r coming”
    XD just great man

  • hackwaus101
    • Derpy_Nappa

      Thank you now I can watch this again knowing that frieza rapes people XD

    • Flame13

      HAHA! Talk about being tricky, cheeky, bastards. Then again, Goku would have a reason to say it, cuz he is the husband of… the dreaded Chichi!

  • ShMike

    Ok, Frieza throwing the “Kien-structo Disk” and getting immediately cut after was the most hilarious thing ever!

  • Omnishadow

    my amazing timing was able to pause printscreen this so thank me for it with the praise to the super kami guru

  • steven.miles44

    You guys are killing us with this cliffhanger. Keep up the good work.
    Cell : “Hello…friend.”
    Can’t wait.

  • SheikTheGeek

    I’m dying… xD

  • Tolnin

    I can’t find the thing as Krillin is doing his solar flare!

  • VolksknechT

    You guys are the personification of creativity. South Africa salutes you TFS, julle is befok!

  • Just as funny as the first time I saw it at HAMCon! Loved Namek being turned into a muffin!


    you guys do know that DBZA on a break, Episode 42 was the season 3 mid season finale, those of you who are complaining about this and the cooler abridged,please stop, we could’ve gotten nothing

  • ShatteredDiamonds

    Did anyone else notice the random picture after (During) Krillen’s solar flare?

    • Waladil

      Because you mentioned it, I took the time to find it.
      I do not recommend anyone else bothers to see it.
      You will want to claw out your own eyes, which I guess is how the solar flare technique works.

  • Miryafa

    …and subscribe =P

  • Scowl

    Loved it, It’s even funnier cause they just fit an entire saga into 7 mins and I honestly don’t feel like I missed a thing XD

  • noyjitat

    I gotta say krillin getting impaled this time was even funnier than original dbz abridged

  • Mrmonkey91

    But you can call me super mega ultra alpha omega hyper turbo……..bigger longer and uncut guru

  • pug

    i was happy and sad when i saw this episode, cause the dbz abridged kai eps are awesome,but still not episode 43…..sigh

    • Wait your time

    • smallplay

      I completely agree. Since we already covered that era, and TFS did a brilliant job, it seems like a step backward in regards to the storyline. This new episode is really funny though. Keep up the awesome shows TFS! You guys are amazingly clever.

  • rboss

    Just wondering: Was Megumi33 unavailable, or was the video scripted to have Bulma not say anything? I did get the intended joke; I was just wondering if it was on purpose or not.

  • JordanB500

    lol nappa unsubscribed id like to see a TFS DRAGONBALL Z KAI ABRIDGED PARODY EPISODE 3 if you guys make enough episodes you may just be able to to that one day keep up the good work and for all those ppl who think tfs should be making episodes for you all the time you need to realize im preety sure aside from donations tfs does all this stuff for FREE so who cares if we have to go a few days or months without an episode theres always something new with tfs and they are doing this so you have something to watch while you wait for more episodes so show some patience

  • Strike

    What the flying fuck, TFS? I have to admit that this one just wasn’t funny. It’s just a retread with new rapid-fire jokes that mostly missed the spot. It’s a cocktease is what it is. You guys do an amazing job with the main show, but have jerked our chains twice in a row now. The introduction of Cell was amazing, but it was a cliffhanger that was followed up by two completely unrelated abridges. It’s time to get back to the show.

    • KaiserNeko

      It’s a sequel to an older video we did. One that people have been asking for and, by the way, have very largely enjoyed if you look at most of the comments, views, and likes over on our Youtube Channel. Watch our news video over on said channel, by the way, to know why this is out, and why Episode 43 is not. If you didn’t like the video, we understand, but the information is all laid out for you.

      • Zakaris

        Get’im Kaiser! lol Just curious, why don’t you guys post the TFS News on here as well? Ever since I started using the site I stopped going to the YouTube channel, so I didn’t know about the delay either till yesterday lol Welcome to Dallas btw, its effing hot -.-

      • Thepennyassasin

        I lol’d a bit but i’m gonna be honest, I was expecting 43. Take your time and make it good.

      • yasha_mikage

        I was actually curious as to why News posts aren’t featured on the TFS site as well. Spent a good 30 mins or so clicking all over to see if they were here and all I could find were some older ones from back in February.

      • Strike

        Wow, a response from Kaiser himself. I guess I should feel honored. I know this was something that was requested a lot, since I’ve poured over everything you guys have done almost religiously. I just think that it was poor timing and almost a cop-out by creating and airing it while people were expecting Ep. 43. I understand that you’re in the middle of a move, but if you guys can create two unrelated major releases, then what’s so hard about sticking to the plot? I’m grateful to the thankless effort it takes to create this stuff, but the DBZ Kai follup was just not what we were expecting.

      • Flame13

        @Strike, one must realize that they do the movies in chronological order as they were released, hence the 2nd Cooler film. As for DBZ Kai Abridged Episode 2, it was requested, and it was a proper time to release it, considering all the work that Kaiser himself does when it comes to the main story. He’s the one who edits, adjusts, pieces together, and ultimately, duct-tapes the whole bloody thing together. If you think that expecting Episode 43 was mandatory, you might just wanna suck on a lemon, cuz it’ll be released when it gets released. Patience is well rewarded when it comes to all of TFS works, thus, WHEN Episode 43 is released, it’ll be like that major moment when you think celebratory fireworks have gone off while your lover screams in pure, blissful, ecstacy.

    • david

      how about you shut up and have some respect, kaiserneko has moved house and has explained in a video that the next episode won’t be up until august and that he had the cooler movie and another video being prepared so that the fans of the show had something to watch

  • DendeTheWhiteMage


  • Noor_Kun

    I Dunno how to describe this but u guys are awesome i freakin lobe TFS and u don’t just bring any voice actors .. u bring the original DB voice actors and u are hallarious .. keep it up <3

  • chucknorren x

    things things evening is a thing

  • ogradyjd

    Your level of funny just topped NINE THOUSAND!!!!!

  • SkullFox

    Okay that was not only freaking hilarious. You guys managed to tell an entire … near 100 episodes worth of story in just over 7 minutes ^^ Congrats

  • Oryana


  • Crazed fan

    This is pretty good. Love it when the ship fell on the ginyu’s

  • monyoshu

    The tv tropes page for ‘Arc Fatigue’ USED to be ‘Are they STILL on Namek?’. And here we get the whole saga in under 7 minutes.

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • Oh man. So awesome as usual, you guys. It’s a pity that your hard work gets criticized by people who clearly don’t know how tedious and difficult, not to mention time-consuming non-standard jobs can be, despite the clear evidence all over this site of the impressive amount of material you produce, just for these projects which of course isn’t counting the numerous other projects you do with other friends, for smaller gaming companies, and the fact most of you are pursuing “real world” voice-acting and video-editing careers. Things that are readily knowable about you if anyone had taken the time to really find out anything about you guys. I’m sure you’re all mature and responsible adults who won’t take the occasional troll too much to heart, but even still I just wanted to reiterate the obvious: that a shit-ton of us love you all and what you do and appreciate all the work you put into giving us a really well-done and hilarious product. Sorry for all the hyphenated words. Sometimes I forget how language works, whatever.

    • Zakaris

      ^TL;DR: You guys fucking rock and fuck the haters!

  • fegonz85

    Does someone know where the music they play while everyone is disappearing off Namek comes from? It’s driving me nuts not knowing.

    • monyoshu

      Popcorn by Hot Butter. Always loved that song.

    • dracosfire7

      It should drive you popcorn…

      you know… like the song… made by Gershon Kingsley?… the annoying EDM son-ah screw it.

  • noyjitat

    Point made team four star. Lol this is so true.

  • Derpmaster6

    ….. Can’t wait for Part 3

    • DukeofGames50

      im just greatful they FINALLY released this one!

  • kseide2

    This was hilarious, but just a little on the asinine side lol

  • batcountryburnsa7x

    you guys should make avatar the last airbender abridged or just looots more DBZA

    • kseide2

      Oh my god, all of the yes to this.

    • ogradyjd


      Has a nice ring to it. Now we know what you’ll be doing for the next 20 years. 🙂

  • Timaeus

    Vegeta’s rage broke through the Matrix!!!! He’s the Agent of Rage.

  • tleast

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    • Kaiser stated they’d have the next episode out in August, it was delayed because him and his husband moved to Texas

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    • Lanipator

      We stated in the latest news that due to a few of our members moving 43 will be premiering in August. Sorry for the delay, this is just something that was much easier to put out than a full episode since we’ve had the script ready for a while.

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    • November Rose

      If you watched their news update video, you would know that Ep. 43 has been postponed to be released in August because Kaiser and his husband are moving to Texas.

    • FlareKnight

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  • Gretnablue

    Am I the only one struggling to watch the video? Even at a 6.7mbps, the video keeps freezing and jumping.

  • Gretnablue

    Am I the only one struggling to watch the video? Even at a 6.7mbps, the video keeps freezing and jumping.

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      They’re saying “yamete” (pronounced phonetically), but with an American accent (hence “te” becoming “tay”). It means “stop it” in Japanese.
      Phrase that generally comes up in anime when a character – typically female – is being tormented by the bad guy

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