Hey guys!

Thanks to all of you for keeping up with all of the gaming material. It really means a lot to us that you enjoy it. To make things more consistent, we’re changing up the release schedule of these videos. For all of the long-form material, such as TFS Plays, and Krillin Plays, basically anything where we (intend to, at least) go from start to finish, we will be uploading those videos daily from Monday-Friday. Maybe even into the weekends. These installments will be about 10~15 minutes instead of 20-30. We feel that this release schedule will make things more engaging to follow along with, rather than leaving you viewers hanging for weeks at a time.

The mainstays such as Renegade for Life and Stream Four Star will still be going on as they have been, but will be compounded with daily material for further things. They will all be released on YouTube as well as the website, but for the most part only bigger releases will be on the front page.

In summation:

Monday – Friday: TFS Plays / Krillin Plays (You might end up getting three videos on certain days if we have every series going!)
Monday: Renegade for Life
Tuesday: -NEW SERIES- & Stream Four Star @ 7:30 PM CST
Friday: Stream Four Star Highlights
Weekends: Special Streams (announced earlier in the week) / Misc (TFS at the Table, etc.)

Thanks for watching everyone, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve got planned. We’re gonna be branching out a bit soon, and we appreciate all you’ve done to support us thus far.

Keep rockin’!


  • David

    Will sell soul for more Renegade for life.

  • Dane Graves

    Since when did TeamFourStar become a let’s play? I’m not trying to complain about free content and such, but the schedule which you fellas laid out well over a year ago has gone nowhere and it feels like you all are alienating your original audience in favor of jumping on the let’s play bandwagon. I love that the quality for the abridged series has gone up quite a bit, but the frequency to which they’re actually produced is utter crap.

    • CrazzyJimmy

      That’s because this is their Let’s Play Side. Team Four Star has grown to be more than just the abridged series. From what I remember, only like two people who actually do anything with the abridged series do something with TFS Plays.

    • Tofu Waffle

      For the 1000th time, this does not get in the way of the DBZ Abridged videos. They already have a schedule for scripting and such, and kaiserneko is the one editing and is not involved in most of their lets plays. For your information, their gaming content is what keeps them afloat and what allows them to do this and improve said quality of videos, and their Patreon has only 2500 patrons. And as you already know since they don’t monetize their videos on Youtube, complaining about their side content is basically asking them to have no life. Please understand 🙁

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  • Slashripper1

    Are you gonna do a broly movie

  • Sureilikedags

    Great! Good to know.

    Do you mind doing a similar thing for DBZA? By that I mean posting a release schedule.
    keep kicking ass and so forth.

    k bye.

  • Zykel

    I think while you guys are doing DBZ Abridged, you should parody another popular show with a different editor so you have more content while at the same time not overloading Kaiser. The lets plays were fun at first, but it’s all you guys seem to put out anymore. It was okay when it was just you guys doing it for fun, but since you started asking for money and support you are pretty much owned by your viewers.

  • gibs

    Hey, i just wanted to tell ya’ll I’m a huge fan and I love your work. I’m really impressed at how talented you all are, hope ya’ll are doing well and I hope to see more DBZ abridged in the future. I’d donate but at this time I don’t have a job and am currently bumbing off my mom while in college. Maybe when I get my stuff together, anyway I think ya’ll are awesome so take care!


  • Ivan

    Im here for dbz abridged not any of those side projects.. I realize you can do what you want but when you asked for donations we thought we are going to get more dbz not less..

  • xCelticgx

    I really hope you all go back to the DBZ Abridged soon. It was the thing that brought everyone to know who you are. The let’s Plays are ok but that’s not mainly what a lot of us are here for. Side projects are great for expanding but you’re losing the core audience.

  • stealth guy

    sry no, i absolutely hate your lets plays. they’re not good. they’re not good at all.

    i rly hope you realize your patreon supporters didnt sign up for a funding your side projects. to me it feels like you guys are like “hey fuck you supporters, we’re gonna drink and play games every day cuz we can”

  • Thule

    Why would I donate to you when you have become nothing more than a lets play channel.
    You production of Dbza (your main claim to fame) has ground to a screeching halt, Hellsing abridged is dead I doubt they will make the deadline for episode 8, and you take months to make an eight minute episode of DBza abridged. Early on you claimed that All of these lets plays would not affect your production time. That is what you told us. That is clearly not the case as you now have a larger staff a partion and can barley put out one short episode every three months. So no I will not be contributing to you. And I think a lot of others feel the same way.

  • varun

    Hey when are you guys gonna release episode 54 of DBZ abridged
    I am really looking foward to it

  • raysam

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  • John_Cena

    Well that explains the sharp decline in quality. You guys are too busy making shitty let’s plays.

    • Super Human

      Wow…dude…what the hell? The lets’s plays are fun to watch too ya knows? Also, they’ve come out with a movie and an episode recently. Is that not good enough for you?

    • TheWooter

      DODO DO DO DO, DU DO DO do you really think that?

    • Jolbucley

      Many of us quite like the gaming videos. I’ve seen old favorites in a new light and been introduced to new favorites (I am now, quite despite myself and my sense of game balance, hooked on Xenoverse). And I haven’t seen any decrease in quality. I have noticed a decrease in the first derivative of quality with respect to time over the past few months, but for the two years or so leading up to that, TFS showed marked comedic, editing, and acting growth; dQ/dt is still positive, but no longer unsustainably so. And of late, they’ve released more than enough DBZA videos alone to justify even a decrease in quality.
      Considering all of this, I really wanted to be angry at your comment. But I’ve benefited from it; by sharing your opinion, you have reminded me that the community of TFS watchers and fans is just that: a community. We’re not some homogeneous, ideologically consistent cult; we respond differently to different changes, and our opinions don’t always match. What makes some of us happy infuriates others. Maybe I’m crazy and maybe you are, but what’s more likely is that we’re both just people who care a lot about the same thing and like different aspects of it.

      • Masayoshi

        Jolbucley, sir, you need a goddamn gold medal.

        Someone get me the president lol.

  • Karthull


  • Breezchain

    What are y’alls plan for the Nuzlocke or is that considered a Misc or NEW SERIES

    • Super Human

      I hope they’ll do Pokemon Heartgold or Soulsilver for the next Nuzlocke. 😀

  • Marvelfan00

    I’ve watched all the dbz abridged episodes and movies, but noticed that there’s no abridged version of World’s Strongest. What’s up?

    • courtneygheath

      they already did its old one of there first videos

      • SonicShenron

        A common mistake. Although some of the voice actors are in that, it’s not considered part of TeamFourStar’s work. They are working on World’s Strongest proper though. Kaiser even tweeted about it yesterday.

  • Rgreen88

    Fpr someone like myself with a wife and child, my gaming hours have gone down to the point i get a game once a year. Even now i have not completed fallout 4.

    With the game series that you guys do, I am able to see new games while I am at work. Because of this, I thank Team Four Star for quenching my gaming thirst when I cannot do so at home. Please keep this going, for I plan to watch everything you release.

  • leonrb

    Loving Fallout 4

  • Nonya Bidneazz

    What happened with tfs gaming? I know this might seem like a dumb question and im certain your busy with your lives and other projects. I ask as a fan of your work with dragonball abridged and two saiyans play. I love renegade for life and wish there were more lousy games for vegeta (lani) to tear apart, honestly i miss nappa though. Will the TWO saiyans ever play games together again? Maybe throw a goku and gohan in there for smash brothers maybe. Just a dumb message wondering whats going on with the classic material.

    • Zentus

      Hey. Kakarot and Gohan is both voiced by MasakoX, so i don’t think it would work

      • theone123

        if you look on his channel he posts goku playing games, maybe if we ask him he could do some stuff for gohan aswell. there isn’t a lot of games he would play though, with his mother on his back all the time, maybe it would be best to wait till they get to the boo saga when he is older.

  • concorde7734


  • Kinne

    You said on a video update that you would be releasing videos on youtube and the website simultaneously. I would like to point out that the website fallout 4 series is still on part 19

  • Super Human

    So, is “Two Saiyans Play” no longer a thing now?

  • OuichesDoctor

    Hey guys ! I really love what you do (abriged series and let’s plays – can’t wait till the next Captain Ravager’s Adventure episode !). So, as a french follower, I’d like to know if there’s a daily schedule for the video uploads. I mean is there a specific time in the day where you upload videos, or is it only asap ?

  • When is the new hellsing coming. (Can u guys plz respond)

  • SovereignGod

    Still waiting for the new hellsing episode.

    • powerchild7543

      I hope ya’ll put it out soon it’s been a year I know you guys have been busy but there has to have been plenty of spare time too work on it

      • gboy193

        They said December release at the earliest, but they’re going to be making two a year once it’s out.

  • tbartz

    more batman please!!!!! i really like it1!

  • metalpsyraven

    I want to see like mr popo and alucard play a game see how that works or like Goku vegeta trunks frieza dedoria and cell (or some other villian) do a podcast or something… just chillaxing talking about some random thing or play halo… TFS TOURNAMENT OF THE CENTURY! TEAM VEGETA!!! AWWW DAY!!! unless mr popo or skg is there… then i wont be able to decide… ahhh thats the dream…

  • Super Human

    Is Two Saiyans Play still going to be a thing?

    • Fan

      Like I said with the comment before yours…They’re all posted on Youtube. Dunno why they aren’t uploaded on the site. Except Machina Abridged…they’re only up to five at the moment last time I checked.

      • Super Human

        I wasn’t asking where they were.

        I was asking if they were going to continue the series.

    • gliscor101

      They said in their second destiny stream maybe but not anytime soon. Apparently after the fiasco of portal 2 they lost a lot of passion for the project

  • danny20623

    Monday – Friday: TFS Plays / Krillin Plays (You might end up getting three videos on certain days if we have every series going!)
    are these series not going anymore? Did Krillin quit soma and tfs quit batman?

    • Fan

      They’re all posted on Youtube. Dunno why they aren’t uploaded on the site.

  • curiousd82

    How come all the content from DBZ Abridged, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged and Yugioh Abridged are showing pages that say “Sorry, page not found”?


    Drunklstiltskin is my favorite series you have going right now. Also, any chance you could arrange for another Cards against humanity stream? Those were fucking hilarious.

  • Bagelbandits

    you guys are the greatest. thanks for all you do and all the effort you guys put into making your videos, its awesome

  • Gardien

    Guuuuuys! This organization is great! But we NEED DotOR!!!!

    • DanteRage

      I second on the DotOR

  • Malytheria

    just got back from day two of AWA and wanted to say great panel. can’t wait for everyone else to see ff7 ep4. appreciate what you all do. Lord Salty as well.

  • Steveo

    Awesome news guys, love the fact your let’s plays involve top tier games as well. I’m enjoying Batman especially, I’d like to play it myself but I’ve got other games to play.

    But DOTOR please please pleaase. I know there’s footage out there because I watch you (in your streams lol) and you’ve said so. Such a tease.

    I know you’re focusing on single player games for the most part but I would love to see some old fashioned TFS multiplayer taking out zombies again. Any new games out there that would fufill that wish? I enjoy watching the streams as well, any chance of some Cards Against Humanity? I know I’m requesting alot but I feel CAH is more enjoyable to watch than Jackbox because it’s alot more structured and also random at the same time if that makes sense, is it because you guys use consoles now rather than pcs for online games?

    Anyway thanks for all of your hard work and of your easy work too.

    • codeseeker

      True I’m still hoping for tfs plays left for dead 2 Disney land campaign i have seen some other people on youtube play it. (Also hoping for ravenholm campaign as well)

  • Zenithes

    I’m glad that you guys are setting up a nice schedule and stuff for yourselves 🙂

    Hope it works out for you guys.

  • SuperKamiGuru

    Love the fact that you guys are trying to evolve the series and the content has been great although a very very minor cricism could be that in recent weeks there have been a few delays on these videos here but nothing horrible just thougth to mention it. I watch all of the gaming stuffy the podcasts and streams so i am up to date but happy to hear this news. Also are we gonna get some content for the 23 24 september where we got no videos ? Are we alsgo gonna get stream highligths today? Because i would love to watch it on yutube but the video has been deleted ?

  • CCCStudios

    Curious how come you guys stopped the two saiyans plays series?

    • SuperKamiGuru

      I believe that they said that Taka is the issue. He just has so much work to do to especialy with Final Fantasy 7. It probably is easier to schedule a game with Kirran or Kaiser who are living close to Lani than with Taka who is in another country. I do think that we will see some taka in the games in the future . Just guessing though so please dont kill me if i am wrong.

      • CCCStudios

        Oh you’re fine thank you for answering! =) I was just confused as to what happened to the series

  • what you guys think the new series is i think is gohan plays i am not sure i hope is gohan plays

  • Red G

    Very excited for the new schedule! I’ve always enjoyed your longer playthroughs, so it will be nice to see them on a regular basis.

  • JohanUser

    2-3 videos that are about 10 to 15 minutes long a day?
    I already keep refreshing the home page to see if 1 daily video has been uploaded.
    I’m never going to be able to study again.

  • Peculiar111

    The new schedule is looking really good. I can’t speak for everyone of course but the various gaming series being 5 days a week (or more) and only 10-15 minutes long sounds a lot more appealing and better for regular viewers. And with Dbza, weekly streams along with edited highlights, weekday gaming videos AND a new series it sounds like you guys are really working hard, keep up the good work!

  • The new schedule fore long release series is better, we won’t have to wait as long and you guys will be able to get through your series faster and do more projects on a more frequent basis whilst we wait for your completion of new episodes.

    and Will “The Evil Within” be the next Krillin Plays you do? Because it should be

  • Violet Ace

    Glad you guys are taking at least part of weekends off. Excited for the New Series!