Here it is folks!

Episode 1: “Psych, Hitler!”

Cast List:
Alucard – Takahata101
Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing – Megami33
Police Girl – Nowacking
Alexander Anderson – Hbi2k
Narrator, Father O’mally’O’Connel’O’Carrol’O’Reilly’O’Brian’O’Sullivan (who is also Italian) – Antfish
Walter – LittleKuriboh
Bella – MasakoX
Random Nazis – Shadyvox, LittleKuriboh, Antfish, Ezekieru, Kirbopher15
The Major – Lanipator
Luffy, Edward, Evil Homocidal Priest, Dick and Harry, Nazi 1, Nazi 2, Nazi 3, Nazi 4… – KaiserNeko

Writing: Takahata101, Kaiserneko
Editing: KaiserNeko

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  • Alcaste

    There’s always a joke in TFS stuff that makes me pause. The implication that all women are naturally Protestants made me heave VERY much. Good one.

    • Selonianth

      … What implication? The only women accused of being protestants in this *are* protestants.

  • Justin Blair

    TFS, you guys really need to add permanent links to the next episode to all of your… episodes. Please. Having to go back to the menu to find and select the next episode every time sucks. There should just be a “next episode” link right there in the description or something.

    • AquaThird

      I agree with you, but for now u can change the “URL” if you don’t want to go back to menu.
      You should see “teamfourstar,com/tfs-hellsing-ultimate-abridged-episode-1/” at the top of your browser
      change the number to the episode u wish to see, such as episode 3:
      (i had to change the period to comma or it wouldn’t show full url)

  • Oh, hello Alucard, it’s been too long. We haven’t talked in a while, drop by the lookout, we have so much catching up to do! Perhaps we can start another apocalypse, remember all the good killing sprees we’ve had together in the past? Good times.

    • Tony Sanchez Diego

      I came hoping to see something of value in TFS in the last 10 months. I’m not dissapointed thanks to you Mr. Popo. Don’t worry I remember all the rules of Mr. Popo’s training.

      • Lazaro Sol

        whats the first rule?

  • neelmay26

    8:19 Was that from Sheamus is old theme?

    That was his best theme. IMO

  • Chris_Marley

    is it me or is it everytime i wanna watch this shit on youtube it gets pulled because some fucking choker tie wearing stickler saw someone using his companies content for comedy and satire, total fair use then pull it. Fuck you nbc japan and youtube.

    • Chris_Marley

      also you have nice tits teamfourstar. <3

  • do u think if i shot/cut a leprechaun with my gun/knife lucky charms will explode/spill out everywhere?

  • oh u are just a treat….

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  • Freedom153

    Evil Homicidal Priest – OMG it’s Unalaq! They look a lot alike.

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  • GrobarJug

    Just watched Hellsing Abridged (or the episodes so far) for (at least) the 10-th time realised that I know all of the dialog by heart .. Just thought I’d mention it since I did want to state that TFS ARE FUCKING AWESOME !!!

  • Byakuya Kuchiki

    04:06 I’m half-Irish…and I find this hilarious…

  • ThatOtherGuy

    I love how you guys stayed true to the hellsing story!!!

    Well done, can’t wait for you guys to finish season 2!!!

  • Afro Mexican X
  • FalseShepard

    never watched hellsing ultimate; LOVE THIS THOUGH!

  • Shoe21

    I love how he uses Protestant as a swear word, “Call yourself whatever you’d like you crazy **********

  • Stephen

    “Like Nazis?” “That would be retarded” “Und ve, are nazis!” “SIEG HEIL, SEIG HEIL!”

  • Stephen

    I swear to god, Team Four Star is frickin’ amazing!!!!!!!

  • SailorVegeta

    Can’t tell which Alucard I like more.. this one or the official one. XD

    • ehkrickor

      I think the correct answer there is… Yes.

    • adyy78

      totally agree with you

  • crossbow96

    Hey guys. Long time fan just now getting off his dead ass and joining the site. Love all your work on both shows (and lamenting the loss of AoTA). Keep bein’ awesome.

  • T3CHN0515

    U dun goofed

  • zmiller612

    “Fuck you thats how” XD best part

    • Demonnen


  • zmiller612


  • kneel before zod

    So what can I do for you, Father O’Malley O’Connell O’Kello O’Riley O’Brian O’Sullivan who is also Italian?

  • Jessica

    I need more of this in my life

  • OptimisticSquee

    I’ve got this sudden need to go for a very enthusiastic walk…anyone else?

    • Timaeus

      We all have that need.

    • Triforce of Doom

      Especially through a forest at midnight.

      • GOBFIMD

        During a full-moon

      • DarrianFate

        …at night.