Hellsing Ultimate Episode 2:
Bullets From Your Valentine

Megami33 as Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
WeeklyTubeShow as Walter
Takahata101 as Alucard
Nowacking as Police Girl
Little Kuriboh as Old Asshole #1
Hbi2k as Old Asshole #2
Marc Swint as Old Asshole #3 and Old Asshole #4
Ganxingba as Jan Valentine
KaiserNeko as Luke Valentine
Sheldon Delano Killer as Guard
Chris Zito as Front Desk Clerk
Antfish as Communications

Hayato Matsuo – Badrick
Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco Bellini – Norma – Casta Diva
Andrew W.K. Party, Party, Party
Immediate Music – Subterfuge
Adventure Time Opening Theme
Mozart’s Requiem – Sequentia Rex Tremendae Majestatis
Hayato Matsuo – Die Fledermaus
Hayato Matsuo – Inu no Koku
Nine Inch Nails – Big Man With A Big Gun
Rob Zombie – Dragula
Hayato Matsuo – Target Insight
Cris Velasco – Battle with the Colossus (God of War 2 Soundtrack)
Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi – Nabucco – Va, Pensiero

Hellsing Ultimate is owned by Kouta Hirano and Studio Madhouse, and licensed by Geneon, Madman Enteratinment, Manga Enteratinment, and Funimation.

Please support the official release.

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  • Fighstren

    “Think of Mother” “I ain’t jerking off right now” Hahaha. Incest comedy when you least expect it, is still great Comedy! Keep Up the good work, you hilarious, beautiful, degenerative bunch of A-holes…

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  • Gardewolf

    Alucard: BITCH I EAT PEOPLE!

    • Steve Hanley

      Cell vs Alucard would be freaking epic

      • skywarriorad

        YES, “release restraint level 1”
        “is that more of that kaioken bullshit that kept catching gokus opponents off guard?”

  • WebBowser

    Is it just me, or is the video quality here considerably worse then it was on the old website? Looking at my settings, it looks like my max is sitting at 272p, which is considerably lower then what I’m used to. It’s a real bummer too because this is one of my favorite series you guys do but the frame skips and blurry pictures take away a lot from what is otherwise an excellent series.

  • Chay Alexander

    I wish there was an easier way to go to the next episode so i could watch it all in like a playlist gives me more reason not to go back to youtube

  • 14:22 to 14:34 hilarious

  • Traveller800


    receptionist: yup…definately ghouls…definatly-OHMYGOD

  • Kaiso25Gaming


    • Traveller800

      espetially the ‘epic mealtime’ bit

  • Real_Ski

    Here’s something I’ve wanted to know for a while. Was KaiserNeko trying to emulate Maurice LaMarche with his Luke Valentine voice? He’s the voice actor who “Played” Egon in the Ghostbusters cartoon from the 80’s/90’s, and the resemblance is uncanny!

  • Quavo

    jan sounds exactly like android 17 ha

    • Quavo

      and luke like zarbon ha

    • meh…he does…if slightly more pervy

  • Jaeger

    Rofl, I heard the StarCraft 2 Nydus Worm emerging sound as soon as Alucard activated his hellhounds just before he shot Luke’s leg off.

  • TheGreatEscapist

    “I shall do exactly as the butler does… and tidy up.”

    Is it weird that I find Walter really hot from that point on?

    • Steve Hanley


  • GrobarJug

    I swear from this point on I’m ending every argument I have with “BITCH I EAT PEOPLE !” 😀 Priceless

  • Steve, Son of Steve

    I’m scared. I just watched the original, and they somehow made Jan Valentine nicer in this version.

    • jpic89

      They turned him up to 11, but he was already at a 10.5. Really they just made him a bit more witty and vulgar than he already was, because he was already a sick sadistic bastard.

  • CrimsonCindy2292

    for being a slightly wierd Vampire guy with a bunch of piercings and a F***ing dirty mouth, Jan Valentine’s voice is pretty hot, not as hot as Alucard, but if we were locked in a room together, i’d be all over him like a chocoholic at the hersheys factory. and as for Alucard, he is one of the only other supernatural beings, besides Dante that can pull off a red coat, well done, also his voice *fans self* totally F***able, i’d give myself over to him, body and soul, any day of the week. AWESOME series. ^_^

    • newstomper

      This comment. Right here. Was not expecting, glad I read all of it. Astounding.

  • AlexSwagmuffin

    Oh my god this is fucking awesome!

  • SandyMc

    I HATE THIS AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • champ000

    “and now im on fucking fire” love that part

  • Hanyou

    “Bitch i eat people!”

    You guys are just awesome! I just registered to tell you this and post a coment on this video. xD

  • gazzas89

    support the official release …. you protestant fuckbucket

  • asduton

    Is it just me, or does Alucard sound like Mr.Popo when he says bye after he pulls up adventure time?

  • BjartFreohr

    The sound at 13 minutes when he “releases restrictions” is the Nydus worm spawning sound effect from SC2 XD

    • WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings

      Release the Swar-.. I mean the Demonic Power!!!…. right?

  • Havoc13

    I Loved the High school of the dead reference. You guys are hilarious.

  • KumoriJinsoku

    “Bitches love cannons.”

  • Darkwaver

    Level what? xD

    • asduton

      I get it! Like “Kio what?”

  • Tristan Robertz

    Oh no! They killed Taka at 4:40!

  • Heroshade

    What’s the song that plays while Walter is introducing himself to Valentine?

  • Serujuunin

    Gan is absolutely wonderful as Jan Valentine. Better than the original English voice actor in my opinion.

  • goku55555

    6:06 lol

  • wasp

    NO im going for a walk

  • Nagato_Yamiyo79

    I have the entire scene with Alucard & Luke memorized word for word…is that sad?

    • kneel before zod

      Not as bad as being able to completely say “Father O’Malley O’Connell O’Kello O’Riley O’Brian O’Sullivan who is also Italian” with an accent without skipping a beat at the drop of a hat.

      • TheXHeroJ0013

        You sir are amazing.


    Oh, that’s Alucard, the guy we were talking about before. This is what happens when he has to entertain himself.

  • Meme Pastor

    awesome sauce

  • Timaeus

    I like Walter. He does what I like to do….Cleans things up….

  • OptimisticSquee

    Pretty sure I heard George Lucas…

  • ELLIOTT852

    Another great parody guys!

  • crystalmaniac123

    “Bitch, I eat people!” Best. Quote. Ever.

  • Bulma

    This is so far the most quotable Hellsing parody ever. I fucking love Luke Valentine in this!