Hellsing Ultimate Episode 4:
Trigger Warning

Megami33 as Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Takahata101 as Alucard
Jragoswin as Pip
Nowacking as Police Girl
Remix (WeeklyTubeShow) as Walter
ShudoRanmaru as Schroedinger
Hbi2k as Alexander Anderson
Antfish as Dandy Man, Father O’mally’O’Connel’O’Carrol’O’Reilly’O’Brian’O’Sullivan (who is also Italian)
GeneralIvan as Enrico Maxwell
TehExorcist as Millennium Rebels
KaiserNeko as Older Gentleman In War Meeting, Nazi 3
Sheldon Delano Killer as First Mate
Marc Swint as Captain Fodder
Little Kuriboh as Sir Shelby M. Penwood
Purpleeyes as Dude Who Gets The Reference
OneKids as The Guy Who Hates The Reference
Kuueater as Nazi 1
Faulerro as Nazi 2
Lanipator as The Major
MasakoX as Herr Doctor

Jessica Calvello as Rip Van Winkle
Brett Weaver as Commander Violet
Cherla Borinnos as The Queen

Hellsing Ultimate is owned by Kouta Hirano and Studio Madhouse, and licensed by Geneon, Madman Enteratinment, Manga Enteratinment, and Funimation.

Please support the official release.

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  • Ekim Rain

    Please somebody please what is the name of this song that Integra is listening to in episode 5 the first time she ever drives it’s an opera sounding song and no one seems to know what it is or make any reference to it whatsoever

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  • FreaksForAkeno

    nearly every episode has me dying with the last line before the intro song, may gay jesus bless TFS also the excessively long, empty nazi rants made me stop watching this series, this fixes that so well. #bitcheslovecannons

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  • Abiel Ferrin


    • Darren

      It seems they’re making fun of the more extreme feminist types than actual feminists but still. They make fun of so many different groups and concepts in this series that it’s less likely they have a personal problem with feminism and more likely they used it ’cause at the time it was memes.

  • Abiel Ferrin


  • Fil

    Anyone know the song at 2:21 ??

  • Giovanni


    (Why does a demonic creature celebrate Christmas, anyways?)

    • Zephyn

      Because parody

      • LanToaster

        Because of Presents obviously.

        If there is something to gain, I´m sure he celebrates anything.

  • 01:22 – 01:32 hilarious…

  • Cloz

    ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King,’ beautiful score. Love it!

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  • TheGreatEscapist

    We’ve just been Rip-Rolled.

    Best. Thing. Ever.

    • ssj4vegetto


  • wL alucard

    Only one more month until Halloween… I’m so fucking excited for episode 5.

  • MonkeyofDeathandDoom

    is it wrong that i would want to see what a child between seras and Schroedinger would look like?

    • war4nl1


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  • Mizuki Vegetas Lil sis

    Alucard is my bitch!

    • Tiffany Alexia

      XD you gonna fight my friend over him lol

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  • Hanyou

    The cake is a lie.

    I get it!!!

  • Ninja Buu

    This has been bugging me for a year. Who does the Hall of the Mountain King song when Winkle fights Alucard?

    • mybayarea

      Hold on, are you talking about AC/DC- Shoot to thrill?

  • MajorMillennium

    Pardon me for being an uncultured swine but, what songs are played when Integra steps out of her car and when Anderson first appears?

    • MajorMillennium

      Wrong episode, sorry.

  • AhumbleHalofan

    I can’t be the only one that is impressed that there was a SINGLE rape joke when it came time for Rip Van Winkle’s death? Usually Hellsing Abridged was the show to make the darker jokes. Then again it was probably just too easy.

    • Waladil

      I think after Episode 2 (which really went over the line with rape jokes), TFS either got a whole lot of complaints, or decided themselves to reel them back.

  • Neo_Zeno

    Halloween. Forget the costumes, forget the parties and the candy…WHERE’S EPISODE 5!? Can’t wait to see it!!!

    • Archangel X

      I knew there would be someone to say it, it’ll probably come out next week, the lastest they have put out before was the 8th so look for that. In the mean time, they can rest for awhile, we may suffer with a little more waiting time, but I would rather have a great episode over a rushed episode.

      • kneel before zod

        They put it up after the Youmacon premier, so well probably see it over the week.

      • Zakaris

        They posted on Facebook that it’ll be out this weekend, so hopefully within the next 24 hours

      • gamegirl23100

        Im sure you know this by now, but episode 5 is already up. Its awesome!

  • Djzninja

    or a pencil
    or one of Alexanders knifes

  • Djzninja

    does the whole zeppelin thing not make sense to anything else
    I mean you could take them down with only a dart

    • theeshyguy

      Zeppelins have metal lining. I’ve never seen a dart puncture metal.


      A true zeppelin (as opposed to a blimp) is make of steel and has multiple ballast chambers so even if you do have something to “pop” it you need to puncture it in multiple places for it to sink (a “lead” zeppelin was a zeppelin with enough ballasts popped that it started to sink, but just barely). They work in a warzone and were used extensively in WWI for bombing runs (with Anti-Air gun turrets on the top and sides). By WWII other planes could get the same range and payload, and could move a lot faster, so airships were relegated to transport duty, but zeppelins could still fight when there were no Anti-Air emplacements or fighter planes to take ’em down.

      The real plot hole comes from a SECRET organization using zeppelins. Zeppelins are many things, but ‘easy to hide’ is not one of them.

    • defender1be

      The army has actualy don test with shooting down a zepplin. The hit it with a salvo of a high caliber gun and it took several hours before enough helium escaped that it could not stay airborn.

  • Partycrazman

    Does anyone have any kind of time for when we will be blessed with a preview for episode 5?????? D:< I AM DYING!!!!!

    • UltraStarkiller

      They release it on Halloween, like they do every year

    • UltraStarkiller

      Sorry didn’t read your comment properly before replying, my bad

  • theeshyguy

    Best episode yet! Waiting for ep 5!

  • drake

    Sad they only make this once a year I really love this series can’t wait for more

  • donopolis

    I am very said this only occurs once a year. I think I may actually enjoy this more than DBZ Abridged.

    • CzewiK

      DBZA have more episodes to do. Personally I love them both and cant white to every episode! Alukard RLZ in HUA, but Nappa steals the show in DBZA!

      • CzewiK

        While not white, stupid auto correct

  • Sheldon86

    Eeeeeeee I can’t wait for episode 5. Fuck I’m so pumped for it. I just re-watched all 4 damn come at me episode 5.

    • theeshyguy

      Same here

  • thedarkalchemist0110

    I hope to see more eps for this 🙂

  • roninreverie

    Watching these after they air on Toonami, and I am pretty sure that these are better than the actual show LOL XD

  • rayne267

    im still waiting for it 🙂 I hope you guys make it soon.

  • heyther


  • Sire44

    I just showed this to a majority of engineers attending K State University and now they’re all upset at me that its incomplete rofl.

  • fuzzycoco

    PLEASE MAKE 5-8!!! pwweese

  • DeepOceanDude

    Don’t forget to make the next episode TFS!!

  • SlowDownTimeGuy

    To Bregan, andrew, xbucket666headx, BJG12345, vader1096, TFSGroupie, DeathEmu426, gokuisstupid, obake, kevin1999, Platinumgunx, itachipwn3du, Macoonix, Muzzytheviking, Scowl, cosplayer64, nienbro1, Wudac, legick, AmberRavenMoon, and YES, even Alucard:


  • kiddiflame

    did…did I just get rick rolled…in 2014.

  • Neo_Zeno

    Dear GOD I have been waiting all fricken year for ep 5. Dear T4S, please know I anticipated the upcoming episode more than the release of Destiny!

  • bigrich

    well episode 5 be ready for youmacon this yr?????

    • AKShadow22

      Their latest news segment said that it’ll be ready by then.

  • That One Satan

    I even logged in to say this. This episode was a fuck-mothering MASTERPIECE! Just sayin’!

  • XZenon_2000

    Even though I’m german, I simply CANT understand the second thing the messenger says.. But the first thing :”Warten Sie!” was really good. (It means “Please wait*). The spelling was nerly flawless. 😀 NIce work, TFS

    • XZenon_2000

      I’m sorry. I meant *nearly*… 😀 My bad..

  • clausanoid

    Do anybody knows the song in the “re-check your privileges” Rip van winkle scene? the one that sounds like opera

    • incomplete_otaku

      If ur talking about the part where alucard goes no man alive can conprehend my sexual preference the songs name is in the hall of the mountain king

      • clausanoid

        no, i mean , the one when van winkle asks captain violent how it feels to change his country, family and friends to be an inmortal vampire

      • Jigsaw1591

        well if its any constalation I was wondering what that song was

    • Jin Kanzaki

      It’s actually already been answered below. It’s “The Planets” By Gustav Holst.

    • osta2501

      I think it is Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 Op. 68.

    • Jigsaw1591

      I believe I heard it in an old movie, where a dog gets bitten by a bat, gets rabbies. kills people. and the most distinctive part was that the dog climbed up a tree and swallowed a cat hole. But I thibk the song was fall of the king or sometin

  • Heroshade

    The Dandy Man heard right. Alucard knows how to make an entrance.

  • thehighelder

    What is the music called where the nazi’s are coming on the airship and everyone is looking out at the moon

    • Purazuma3418

      Gustav Holst’s the Planets, Mars Movement.

  • Tristan Robertz

    Did a white supremacist just say “no race wars”?

  • Tristan Robertz

    I despise the ideas of fascism, but the Major was played so well in Hellsing Ultimate and I enjoy how far acting as an antagonist/villain can get.

  • ssjmatt01

    I just started watching this and it is HILARIOUS Alucard is HILARIOUS

  • Alucard

    Good Evening TFS (TeamFourStar), it would only seem to me that you have stopped your videos of the TFS Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Series. If your reason for stopping these videos is due to not having the other episodes, then your in luck. I have episodes 5, 6, 7, and 8 on my laptop as we speak, all in English Dub. If you’d like, i could send you these 4 videos either through email or through mail box, depending on what you would rather prefer to do. I’m currently in the process of getting the last remaining videos of the Hellsing Series in English soon. Not sure when exactly.. other than that, if you’re interested in my offer, please reply with an email that is currently posted on my account. I’m a Big Fan of your work TFS, and i hope you guys keep up the good work, you’re doing great.

    Yours in Eternity,

    • BluePoPo

      Don’t quote me on this but I believe “HELLSING ULTIMATE ABRIDGED” is a yearly processes for Team Four Star. I think they also like to release new episodes around Halloween; but I am positive they haven’t stopped production on it. Hope this helps 😀



    • Kheldar

      Alucard, these videos are a Halloween special that TFS does. They do one episode a year.

  • giggling_panzer

    This better not be just…forgotten! I want to see what happens!

    • Tristan Robertz

      I could either spoil it for you right now or I could tell you to go to an anime website and watch the Japnese version because the English dub isn’t finished yet.

  • When Alucard is killing the chick with the glasses at the end! Whats the name of the song? I know its in the hall of the mountain king but its sounds like remake of some sort Plz help

    • Platinumgunx

      its another part of in the hall of the mountain king where the tempo is raised i think but i know alton towers done a remake for their adverts you might find on youtube.

  • AmberRavenMoon

    Omg this is freaking awesome!!! when will we get more episodes?

  • TheMuffinFuckr

    Want. More. Hellsing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Follow at [email protected]


  • SailorVegeta

    Awww snap Alucard’s goin super saiyan! O.O

  • ancalagond

    While Ac/DC is an excellent choice, I have to say you missed a huge opportunity by not using “Danger Zone” when Alucard was flying the Blackbird.

  • legick

    When are the episodes going to start being made again?

    • Kheldar

      Each episode is a Halloween Special Project. 1 episode per year.

  • HapplyInsaen

    What does alucard mean my the return of the boner thing?

    • Knalxz

      If i had to guess its the whole thing with a guy character looking and acting like a girl.

    • beast10121

      i think when he said “y boner” he meant yaoi boner

    • Agent Nappa

      i think he meant “why boner” meaning he got a boner and he dont know why

  • cyborrooster

    my god, the “put the fun in camps” joke! I’ve watched this 8 times, and only just now caught it.

  • cyborrooster

    * spell it! (god damn it.)

  • cyborrooster

    pardon my spelling. I know the sounds, not how to say it.

  • cyborrooster

    has anyone else noticed the fact that our user thumbnails are like rawshack cards?

  • If this only comes out 1 a year, and it started 2010 then why is there 4 episodes if hallooween 2014 havent even come?

    • kneel before zod

      2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. Do you even count?

      • I thought wrong sorry! No means to be rude

  • Retaliate

    Waiting patiently for episode 5.

  • Wudac

    Please for the love of fuck duck keep this series going!

  • nienbro1

    wheres episode 5?

    • ozmasterflash

      They only release these once a year. Ep. 5 will be halloween.

      • Jigsaw1591

        Thanks for clarifying that. Now my new fav holiday is Halloween

      • Wudac

        That makes me sad. Halloween is just too far

      • Why?

  • bbenjoe

    Hey there!
    Can anyone tell me the name of the song being played when Alucard is killing her at 13:40?

    • Smithius

      Ofcourse I could tell you. The song was made in 1867 by the Norwegian composer “Edvard Grieg”, for the Norwegian play called “Per Gynt” made by Henrik Ibsen, and is originally called “I Dovregubbens hall”, or as people from the rest of the world knows it “In the Hall of the Mountain King”.
      Hope that helps. ^_^
      From a Norwegian TeamFourStar fan

      • bbenjoe

        Thank you, you helped a lot.

        This song is a typical “Oh sure I love it and heard that before a thousand times, but no idea of it’s title” Well with your help, I think I found it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8ZRFdO6IpI&hd=1
        The title is “In the Hall of the Mountain King-Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross ” and it might be in the movie The Social Network, which I didn’t see.

      • bbenjoe

        Thank you, you helped a lot.

        This song is a typical “Oh sure I love it and heard that before a thousand times, but no idea of it’s title” Well with your help, I think I found it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8ZRFdO6IpI&hd=1
        The title is “In the Hall of the Mountain King-Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross ” and it might be in the movie The Social Network, which I didn’t see.

    • Son Goku

      In the hall of the mountain king

  • cosplayer64

    I have waited one year and 3 months when is the next episode?????????????????????????????

  • T3CHN0515

    i really hope that the blackbird was insured

  • T3CHN0515

    Im scared because i may think that this may be better than dbz abridged :’o

  • TheWolverine

    Why do we have to wait a whole year for another episode? I’ve waited long enough! I want to see more.

  • kneel before zod


  • AdanteBloodmoon

    You know shits’ hit the fan when you get Rick Roll’d by Nazi Vampires…

  • Scowl

    You guys aren’t gonna leave Alucard stranded on that boat for like 2-3 years are you? x.x

  • Muzzytheviking

    When will you guys make part 5???

    • RicardoTheFox

      They make a new Hellsing Abridged episode every year and it’s usually up to view around November 3rd or 5th

  • Macoonix

    How come you guys stopped…like seriously….these were hella funny…please make more if you can

    • RicardoTheFox

      Don’t worry they’ll make more, they just make one episode of the Hellsing Abridged series every year and it’s usually posted a few days after Halloween

  • itachipwn3du

    Is there a confirmation for the next episode of Hellsing or AoT abridged?

    • Master Ronan

      They do a Hellsing Ultimate episode every Halloween.

  • youngdanz

    bitch i eat people

  • EXShade

    I have two questions for other viewers.

    1. has anyone else thought about an alucard plays video?

    2. Please tell I’m not the only one who wants to see Alucard’s Christmas list.

    • Metazoxan

      An Alucard plays could be very amusing. I’d definitely like to see that.

      • chibispirit

        Me three!

    • Jessica

      I had that idea as well! Omg. I would PAY for them to do that, a freaking lot.

    • itachipwn3du

      I’d like to see a Christmas short. Perhaps in July? Xmas in July!

    • Nickcage

      Maybe An Anderson Play’s Aswell

      • Agent Nappa

        they should make an alucard plays, and a Nappa plays(no vegeta)

    • Flame13

      If we saw Alucard’s christmas list, and looked up every item, we’d be only 10% as mad as Alucard. Seriously, no one can be on Alucard’s Madness level.

  • Platinumgunx

    Hey was just wondering, Did you guys have any plans to make make episode 5 of Hellsing ultimate abridged in the near future? i love it so much, its humor is less tame than DBZ abridged and so much funnier 🙂

    • PrinceOfNsanity

      It’s a Halloween special Takahata does every year.

  • gliscor101

    Did you even read my Christmas list?! I asked for more frequent episodes


    Walter: We had over a dozen guards.

    Alucard: Those were ours? I mean, OH MY GOD how did he get through the guards?!


    Do you even read my Christmas list?!!!

    • zyxavier


  • kevin1999

    u guys need to keep making these and also attack on titan

  • argentlupus

    To everyone wanting a new one, every Halloween ish…

  • Obake

    This absolutely needs to be continued! It’s friggin’ HILARIOUS!! 😀

    • kevin1999

      u said it

      • Obake

        Yes I did!! ^(°v°)^

  • Miryafa

    That was unexpectedly awesome.

    On another note, I would love if episode 5 was the entire rest of the series crammed into 1 20 minute episode. Except maybe the Walter fight. Maaaaybe the Anderson fight too. But it would be so funny to see one night as one episode.

  • OptimisticSquee

    Those were ours?…

  • Rocktober

    What are they referencing when alucard says “and now she’s trigger”?

  • procrastinator_brad

    why must she be a brony

  • gokuisstupid

    when is the next episode

    • Rocktober

      they come out around halloween

  • DeathEmu426

    I love all of your stuff TFS, but this series is my favorite. Will there be another episode coming soon?

  • Did I just get Rip Van Winkle’d (Rick Roll’d) ??? Damn you!!!!

  • vader1096

    Really hope there’s a new episode soon.

  • Great Rhombicosidodecahedron

    This series is awsome, needs more production effort!

    • Miryafa

      Wtf? This is incredible production effort. The voices are about spot on, the audio and video are synced perfectly, and the pacing was great in this episode.

      • Ibraheem Malik

        He means to put more production effort into making more episodes.

  • BJG12345

    I love Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. I pray that the next episode comes out soon. Love all of the episodes.

  • xbucket666headx

    Can’t wait til the next episode, hope it comes out soon 😀

  • andrew

    damn right I better not miss a damn thing whens next episode/

    • Bregan

      I’d like to know when the next ep is actually coming

      • Killed_Thattt

        probably around Halloween it became there special