Hellsing Ultimate Episode 5:
Lay Back and Think of Oblivion

Faulerro – British Dude
KaiserNeko – British Dude 2, Reggie, Hans
Megami33 – Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Lanipator – The Major
Masako X – The Doktor
LittleKuriboh – Sir Penwood
Remix – Walter, Random Nazi
Takahata101 – Lt. Schäfer (Nazi), Alucard
Danielle McRae – Zorin Blitz
TheEngineer – The Captain
Purple Eyes – British Intelligence Agent, Nazi
Hbi2k – Alexander Anderson
Kira Buckland – Heinkel
Hnilmik – Yumi

Shaz – Nazi
1Kids – Also a Nazi
Apatheria – Another Nazi
Tomamoto – More Nazi
OmniBeneficial – Wow, lots of Nazis in this thing.
Edwyn Tong – Jesus, why are there so many Nazis?
NateWantsToBattle – Yep. We got NateWantsToBattle to play a random fucking Nazi.
DasBoschitt – Fucking guess.

Malcolm Ray as Sgt. Klaus

All of you as the Iscariot!

Hellsing Ultimate is owned by Kouta Hirano and Studio Madhouse, and licensed by Geneon, Madman Enteratinment, Manga Enteratinment, and Funimation.

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  • Joshua Tribble

    NateWantsToBattle, HELL YEAH!!!

  • Min

    arent we behind with 2 episodes? it was supposed to come out twice a year since last Halloween, we got only one and here another Halloween has passed

    • Joshua Tribble

      I thought it’s always been once a year. This was was a bit behind, as is this year’s.

      • Min

        it used to be once a year, but since last year they announced that they will be making it twice a hear from then on, sadly it was just a cruel lie.. not even they did not make another episode but they are late on the first one schedule for the second year in a row.

      • Joshua Tribble

        Then you know why they haven’t made two a year now. Also, quality over quantity I suppose. I don’t think you realize how much work goes into these and what their OTHER priorities in life are. This is not done for money. You are complaining about FREE, fan-made content. Scheduling issues happen. My logic is this; if we never had two episodes a year don’t expect two episodes a year.

      • Min

        oh please i am not that naive, i know how world works. they doing it not for money? they are living out of it. yes they are not earning money directly but all their fame and fortune came from it. do you think regular people would be able to go to all these cons? so yes they do earn money because of it, they earn shitloads of money.
        as for quantity over quality, yes i agree, i would much rather wait longer to get a good quality, but as they themselves said they have script for it already, they did it long time ago, maybe it is not finalized but all ideas are already on the paper. what they need to do is to get their lazy asses to the studio and actually make it, but instead they spend their time traveling to all cons and doing lets plays.
        If at least, they would not give out fake promises…. when no one is expecting anything it is hard to be disappointed.

      • Joshua Tribble

        1: They are based out of Texas.
        2: I live in Texas.
        3: There are lots of anime cons around the Austin and Dallas areas. They are not hard to attend and they’re not that far away. It’s not like they’re going to cons 24/7.

        Also, Let’s Plays have NOTHING to do with episodes. TFS has states this numerous times. They have a studio right down the hall way from where they livestream. Lani records a lot of his stuff. Takahata in in Canada. Kaiser does all the rest of the work. Their Let’s Plays and merch sales are what earn them a profit on their YouTube channel, Lani runs the Let’s Play channel with help from LordMoonstone. KaiserNeko edits the abridged stuff. KaiserNeko is rarely involved in anything outside of DBZ – he does pop up for XenoVerse Streams on Fridays. Thats’ on Fridays. The rest of the time Kaiser is maintaining the website, editing DBZA, and then Hellsing. Hellsing was never their first priority. Kaiser also has a personal life. Kaiser is their one editor, though he sometimes gets a little help with certain animations from other people not on the TFS team. They are definitely not lazy, it is a long, drawn-out process and plans change all the time. Not to mention Kaiser has to keep tabs on everyone who contributes their voice to the Hellsing series. Meanwhile, you are sitting behind a computer claiming it’s easy. You try doing what KaiserNeko does by yourself, not to mention his C Drive fucked up and he had to reinstall a bunch of his programs.

      • Min

        that was informative, thank you.

        Here in Japan i have a group of friends who all have video editing 3d modeling jobs, work does take time and I’m not saying it is easy but if you are working as full time. well here in big companies their time i hella tight, sometimes they do crazy overtime to catch up, i am not expecting anything like that, but jeez this speed makes them laugh, since I, myself dont work in that field i dont want to say as i if i knew what is going on but every time this topic comes up in that group, they talk about it as it was eternal vacation. you i guess you get it where my disappointment comes from.
        as for losing data due to hardware error, well that is just being stupid, at this day and age everyone who has important data on computer knows how important is to have backups

      • Joshua Tribble

        TFS is not a full-time job though, that’s the thing. It is a non-profit fan-based parody. And you know what a C Drive is, don’t you? If your C Drive is fucked, your computer is fucked. He probably does have it backed up somewhere else but he still has to go through the process of editing it all over again. Again; it is not a full team. It is Lani and Taka; the writers/voice actors and Kaiser who is a writer/voice actor/AND editor. They may get help but for the most part, since 2007, it has been those three guys making Hellsing and DBZA for your ungrateful ass. You’re lucky they even make Hellsing at all, Hellsing is a fun side project.

      • Min

        what i am getting angry with are fake promises. if they did not raise our expectations for nothing, then we would not have to be disappointed.
        in the end it sums up to same conclusion, they are earning shitloads of money, by shitloads i mean more than average employee. Just that average employee is usually controlled by their companies, with deadlines and such. and these guys are bosses of their own. which is why they can slack as they do right now. yes they have more things to do than just scripting recording and editing, that still does not change a thing. speed they are working is slow as hell. and as i said I would not mind that if it would mean higher quality, but it is not the case here.
        as for drive C now it sounds more like you have no idea what drive C is. it is a virtual partition, by default this name is assigned to the first partition where usually you install operating system, you rarely keep whole HDD with only one partition and if you do you are not a smart man. in any way if your physical drive dies it does not matter in how many partitions it was separated, but to fix this all you need is to get a new hdd and replace it, and to do that is as hard as playing with legos, well if it is a laptop then it might be more difficult but still takes less than hour to do it. so yes it is still not a big problem. hard drives are pretty cheap in these days..

  • can’t believe that dasboschitt, the creator of Gmod Idiot Box, actually has part on this.

  • Ded1

    I honestly think your version of Walter is AMAZING! I cant think of a way to make him better in any way other than maybe give him more lines.

  • LokiTron

    please make #6 and 7 in 2016

    • deckera

      i dont know man did you see the original last episode 6 might be still good but the last ones are… weird

      the part where erlucart turns in a see of blood and rise an zombie army out of himself
      and the last fights screw the serie for me…

      can’t see how t4s can make that up (would surprise me)

    • Wolfcrawler

      Dear fellow Cheeky Dick Waffle

      If you’re a fan of that show then you know since a week before halloween that TFS posted a video on their YouTube Channel about this. They also talk about it on Twitter… Yeah could you imagine that, they did.
      The new Episode would be release in early january… Why you ask? Simple it was not perfect and TFS don’t do half done job, that’s why we like them so much, cuz they care about quality. On top of that TFS will release 2 episodes a year for now on for Hellsing. I wish you a nice and happy new year… Have too go now, I’m leaving for a very enthusiastic walk… 😉

      • SorsHasOars

        Early my foot, I’m betting the episode comes at at least mid February or later.

        TFS seems to be cooking something up, and the wait between episodes will probably get longer with each new series they come up with.

      • Damien Darklyght

        I really hope I’m not the only one that read this in Takahata101’s Alucard voice….

  • Michael

    Does anyone know the name of the song at the end when Anderson is giving that speech?

    • WarriorOfLightXIII

      its Shipping off to Boston by the Drop Kick Murphy’s

  • silentswindler

    I would pay at least $15 for HUA 6, and every episode pretty much if I had to. These episodes make Halloween.

    • Wolfcrawler

      Dear fellow Cheeky Dick Waffle

      If you’re a fan of that show then you know since a week before halloween that TFS posted a video on their YouTube Channel about this. They also talk about it on Twitter… Yeah could you imagine that, they did.
      The new Episode would be release in early january… Why you ask? Simple it was not perfect and TFS don’t do half done job, that’s why we like them so much, cuz they care about quality. On top of that TFS will release 2 episodes a year for now on for Hellsing. I wish you a nice and happy new year… Have too go now, I’m leaving for a very enthusiastic walk… 😉

  • janeDoe001

    I know episode 6 hasn’t aired yet (let alone episode 7) and I have no control of what TFS does but if they could make one of the songs for Seras’ blood rage “Scum of the Earth” that would be awesome and make me smile. 🙂 (again, not saying that it’ll actually happen or that I have any control of the series, just throwing it out there.)

    As for episode 5: Didn’t realize that she was a woman until episode 8 of the Hellsing series (non-OVAs) but didn’t think she was so young. I mean, 22? *jawdrops*


  • TinyRick

    This is actually like my favorite show now! I can’t wait for the next episode to come out!

  • Narutoboy

    So does anyone know when episode 6 is coming out or if they are still doing an episode 6?

    • theeshyguy

      I believe it’s coming out after Thanksgiving

    • janeDoe001

      should be out in December, assuming everything goes according to schedule. (this is based off the TFS news video they made about it)


    • Wolfcrawler

      Dear fellow Cheeky Dick Waffle

      If you’re a fan of that show then you know since a week before halloween that TFS posted a video on their YouTube Channel about this. They also talk about it on Twitter… Yeah could you imagine that, they did.
      The new Episode would be release in early january… Why you ask? Simple it was not perfect and TFS don’t do half done job, that’s why we like them so much, cuz they care about quality. On top of that TFS will release 2 episodes a year for now on for Hellsing. I wish you a nice and happy new year… Have too go now, I’m leaving for a very enthusiastic walk… 😉

  • XZenon


  • g1i7ch7heory

    Eeeeh, so excited for the upcoming Hellsing! These are hilarious – They’re one of three things that can make me laugh! Can’t wait for the next one!
    Also, ya’ll’s voices with this show are perfect! Seriously, I can’t imagine any voice but Takahata’s for Alucard now, and Lanipator as the major, and don’t forget Megumi33 as Integra… just fabulous.

  • TheGreatEscapist

    Lani as the Major is just a riot. His line reads for that character are just so wonderfully over-the-top it never fails to make me laugh. The Major in the original English dub was a lot of fun, but I think this is even better. It makes me think of the over-the-top Nazis voiced by Mel Blanc or Bill Thompson in old war propaganda cartoons.

    (Makes me wish the Major was included in that “Doug Walker and Team Four Star Read Fifty Shades” panel from a few years ago.)

  • Shanks

    12.53 min, which is Music / band that?

  • Reinjecto

    will another be released on Halloween?

    • OneofaKindd

      Yes, duh.

  • TheItzal11

    God I love these… There needs to be moar. And I love how Anderson gets a subtle Irish rock song (feels like Flogging Molly). It just suits him so well.

    • g1i7ch7heory

      It’s part of the boondock saints running joke… just thought I’d double check you knew. ^^

  • Ashtaroth

    Will there be another this year?

  • BoogieBoo

    The dialogue in your shows are like an awesome combination of Joss Whedon and Tarantino.

  • Mooooaaaaaaaarrrrrrr moooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • achillion

    what is the song before the dropkick murphys one?

  • Rumen151

    Does anyone now what is the name of the violin song which starts at 12:00?

    • Cyberrsquirrel

      “I’m shipping up to Boston” by “dropkick Murphys”

      • Rumen151

        No. Not the Boston song. I mean the song when Integra bust out of the car and prepares to fight the Nazi Vampires.

  • K33V3N2K15

    when is another episode coming out? really enjoy watching this show. Alucard always makes me laugh

    • Matrim

      Halloween, same as every year.

  • roninreverie

    I was flipping through channels and saw an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and it used the “Party song” that ya’ll use in Hellsing Abridged! OMG, I thought you made that song up!

    • LusterWolf

      Nope, Andrew W.K. did that song. The guy who hosted Destroy Build Destroy on Cartoon Network. I found that hilarious, him blowing stuff up was the only reason i watchted it, lol

  • Fangwarden

    Find myself curious, which song is used at the end when Anderson is ramping up to fight Millenium?

    • GodOfMana

      I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys

      • LusterWolf

        Aka, the Samuel Adams beer comercial song.

    • Matrim

      Dropkick Murphy’s I’m Shipping Up to Boston

      • Matrim

        Gah, I really don’t like how nested replies can appear on following pages.

    • lostunknown

      I would like to know 2

  • Bardawulf

    Anderson: By Jove, you fucking hedder of a woman! Surrounded by fifty vampire Nazis armed literally to the teeth, and what do you do!? You get out of your fucking car, pull out your sword, cut off one of their heads and yell, “come at me, you kraut shits!” No wonder Alucard wants to plow that virgin soil. I’m thinking about growing some flowers myself! Ha, ha, ha, ha.

    That’s Gold!

    • Qaletaqa Thorson

      anyone got the song name plays when that starts?

  • Caladus8887

    Say something in moonspeak!

  • “I’d better not miss a damn thing…”


  • inkprince

    I hope you guys are gonna make many more hellsing abridged episodes soon!!!!(: you guys are amazing

  • jackjeffers

    I know I shouldn’t be one to say something, but I thought of something Alucard should say in a future episode. Yeah, that’s very fascinating and all but let’s talk about something more important. Like my dick for example

    • ThatBenderGuy

      The autism is strong with this one

  • Kimzar

    This was just amazing….

  • Rabblerouser

    I just about died laughing.

  • .trixter.

    Is the video freezing for anyone else after 10 seconds?

  • .trixter.

    Yay natewantstobattles in it

  • DemonSlayer1157

    At 4:56 I need to know what the sound effect is, it would make for a really cool ringtone.

  • Bookworm

    Please keep making new episodes! I absolutely love this series and have watched it more times than I care to say.

    • 1832vin


  • Solice93

    The opera song that plays ehen Integra is driving is “The Flower Duet (Lakmé)” by Léo Delibes. Here is a link http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8Qx2lMaMsl8

    • 1832vin

      no, i wanted to know the opera song playing when their hands got chopped off

  • MajorMillennium

    Okay, so I learned that the song that plays when Anderson FIRST APPEARS (NOT Dropkick Murpheys Shipping Up to Boston) is some sort of remix of WWE Wrestler Sheamus’s theme song “Written in my Face”. But now the problem is that I don’t know where the remix is AND I still don’t know the song that plays when Integra EXITS her car and faces against the Nazis. So, if any of you know anything about this,please tell me. Thank you!

  • 1832vin

    can someone tell me the name of the opera song?

  • Cerberus1138

    15 mins though? and it seems to cut off, what happened?

    • Cerberus1138


  • Knux986

    THE BEST EPISODE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! The jokes and the music just fantastic!!! Keep it up guys!!!

  • redneckbamf69

    It’s about time! I look forward to hellsing more than I d dbz!!

  • Khagan

    Is it just me or Integra is like female takahata? o.O

  • theBTC

    tfs should put out more helsing abridged more often than once a year

  • RolandWinchester

    That entire 5 episodes is effin genius, never laughed so hard or been so entertained, and dudes don’t let the social justice trolls scare you away from the catholic priest rape jokes…the never get old lol. MOAR please.

  • Seiz

    Nazi #1 -Judas’ Priest…!
    Nazi #2 -Wait…, like ze band?
    Nazi #3 -They vere named after him!!! XD

    Also, Penrose went out like a baws given his track record. ‘Where you see one man, I C4’ is a pretty damn good one-liner to go out on.

  • hedgicorn

    What is the song Integra is listening to in the car?

  • Gamephantom

    This was the best fucking episode ever you guys are awesome

  • PlayingPandora

    I just finished the actual show a couple days ago, so one joke in here was extra funny to me because I thought of it myself. “Walter, I don’t know how to drive.” I was thinking the same thing in that moment

  • MajorMillennium

    Pardon me for being an uncultured swine but, what songs are played when Integra steps out of her car and when Anderson first appears?

    • Leo Crionna

      It’s “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” By Dropkick Murphys

      • The PayneTrayn

        No, they’re not. “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” is when he’s talking to his posse. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the songs are Integra steps out and Anderson appears. Perhaps song title credits might clear up the issue *hint hint*

  • Soloseeker12

    I loved this the last Bit with Alexander was the best part for me. My favorite line was ‘The Holocaust museum’ ‘Leave that be no one will deny what we did” I was rollin.

  • thedarkalchemist0110


    • asduton

      no, it’s “Vunderful”

  • flashback180

    millions of people die every year . Any one of use might be in that million & we may not be here to see the next episode .

    If we are destined to die this year, i assure you if you post your video soon at least we would die in peace .

    – help the sick and dieing (we all are dieing)

  • Rigmathis

    the holocaust museum?
    no, leave that be. no one will denie what we did.

    my faverite line so far. right after “bitches love cannons”

  • abomeisl

    I forgot this comes out every Halloween, and I just found it when checking the site one day. Gotta say it made my day.

  • Seiz

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGH! I can’t believe i have to wait another year for what MAY be the conclusion of this arc.

    Lord have mercy…please do the next one in 6 months at least, i can’t wait another year! TT_TT

    • jpic89

      …conclusion? There are 10 episodes of Hellsing Ultimate OVA. They’ve only abridged 5 so far. You’ve got 5 more years to wait buddy.

  • VicariouslyMe

    I just love how much fun Anderson’s having with the whole thing.

  • Hideyoshi

    Ah war what is it good for

    • VicariouslyMe

      Absolutely nothing

      • rboss

        I prefer “Absolutely naught”

  • choaslord

    ok one thing I have to say, I was hope to see integra get Anderson and other to escort her home or at least light he cigar like in the normal cause that crake me up ever time I see it. but with they own way of doing it.

  • deamonomic

    please oh might TFS take pitty on us humorless ones and bring us the rest of the episodes sooner then 1 year… the wait kills us

  • saint seiya fan and DBZ

    i waited this long to see this noooo i thought i was going to see dbz abridge T_T

  • kristofee

    i think that the guys who make this need to make an actual anime like a good long running anime. or just make a one piece abridged.

    • choaslord

      I love to see TFS do a one piece abridged that be funny as can be, or do a Magi abridged

  • favorablechange

    please keep making these!!! By far my favorite abridged series I’ve ever seen

  • brotballen

    whaaaaaaaa!lovin it. Poor Hans.

    • asduton

      He was having such a good day! I hope they can do a small bit with Hans singing “London Bridge”. That would be awesome!

  • The PayneTrayn

    What’s the song when Alexander Anderson shows up and starts complimenting Integra?

    • Victormartins

      I want to know too :s

    • xxdmxxjake

      Dropkick murphys shipping off to boston

      • The PayneTrayn

        Not the one with his posse; the one how he’s impressed with her telling off the Germans.

      • ChickenStrips

        No one knows, honestly, I asked the same question earlier and no one has gave me the right answer. All I got was “Dropkick Murphys Shipping off to boston” which at this point is the equivalent of someone saying Darude Sandstorm on youtube..

      • ChickenStrips

        No one knows, honestly, I asked the same question earlier and no one has gave me the right answer. All I got was “Dropkick Murphys Shipping off to boston” which at this point is the equivalent of someone saying Darude Sandstorm on youtube..

    • icutty

      I think it’s a Globus song but I can’t put my finger on it

    • Kichae

      It seems to be a custom version of WWE wrestler Sheamus’s entrance theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6XEePg_u8M That song has followed Anderson around since Ep 1.

  • every9seconds87

    Best. Episode. Ever. I can’t believe it, but you guys keep on topping every single episode of Hellsing. Kudos

    • asduton

      *narrator voice* “How will they top this one?”



  • acennis83

    This was worth a year’s wait 🙂

  • Grand Shaw

    When I heard War by Edwin Starr after Lani’s line, I smiled so wide. TFS is amazing.

  • Acidpond

    Yes awesome………still wondering how their do pips death

  • Timaeus

    So…. Anybody want to watch Rush Hour? Because that’s what Millennium are doing at the moment. They’re on the hourly rush of death.

  • Azurumi Shinji

    Am i the only one who felt the audio was poor quality? Maybe it is just the video player they chose , but that kinda made it not worth a YEAR wait since i have very high expectations of near perfection. If this was a bi monthly release i would not complain at all since its still a great piece of work and i love teamfourstar for it.

    ( especially, during the nazi’s perfectly fitting song it all sounded mushed together badly and it was hard to hear anything clearly. I have high end speakers and a good sound card…also it doesnt help that i am guilty of never hearing that song before , after i listened to that song elsewhere i cold hear it better in this video with a lot of effort.)

    • Jump3R

      shut the fock up, you son of a protestant whore! Just change the focking quality to 720p, it’s awesome then, you bloody heathen !

    • Khagan

      You do realise Taka is also working on dbz abridge.

    • Acidpond

      Was it just me or did it stop have way in

  • vfmissa

    2 years ago i fall in love with this series , and every year i cry once the episode is over and FUCKING WORTH IT!

  • asduton

    mine mine mine Mine Mine Mine MINE MINE NIEN!!!

  • bpeterson464

    I’m wondering what the violin song at the end is called, it’s one of the more invigorating pieces that I’ve ever heard.

    • Zerox

      It’s “I’m shipping up to boston” by the drop kick Murphys

    • Chillax

      It’s Shipping up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys, an Irish punk band.

  • Sparklz454

    this was amazing XD

  • Acthelior

    What was the song they played early when the Nazis were slaughtering the innocents? 2:30

    • Zerox

      That song is “war” I believe.

    • acennis83

      “War” by Edwin Starr

  • TheNumberSeven

    KAISERNEKO, I hope you realize this cannot go up on Youtube with the Dropkick Murphys song in it

    • XvoltaireX

      That might be why it’s not available on youtube

  • Fireaxe

    every time I see this, I can’t help but get psyched out of my mined.

  • Manda1994

    I am sorry for asking in advance, but what is the name of the at song 02:30?

  • XvoltaireX

    “Pop-pop, watch all the heathens drop.”
    I almost had a spit take. xD

  • mahadx

    Finally. THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!

  • mahadx

    Finally. THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!

  • DMachine14

    If communications were back online, why didn’t they have a helicopter sent for Alucard?

    • Sol420

      didn’t you hear them? “everything’s on fire!”

    • theawesomeone

      Because London bridge is falling down

      • apponys21

        Falling down?

      • Falling down!

      • acennis83

        London Bridge is falling down

  • KBgamer2010

    Did, Anderson redefine the term Badass?

    • theawesomeone

      No, he became the definition of badass…or crazy. Funny how often the two coincides

      • KBgamer2010

        Makes sense

  • Cannot wait for the Episode Breakdown on this one!

  • Jaco Vorn

    this is epic i hope ya make even more!

  • BlackBirdT0

    Does anyone know the song that starts at 12:53?

    • toonqueen

      The songs by Dropkick Murphys called Shipping up to Boston

      • BlackBirdT0

        No, it is not. I knew someone was going to mention that song . That song you mention played 14:32, I am talking about “12:53”.

    • acennis83

      Not sure but sounds something Two Steps From Hell-ish

  • Psychopatrick88

    I see DasBoSchitt in the credits, and I’ve watched this like 10 times already. I guess I’m not familiar enough with his voice because I can’t figure out which nazi is the one he voiced.

  • Draven1895

    I was at Youmacon and got to see this! GOD I LOVE YOU GUYS……Takahata, I’m the guy looking like The Crow. Or Sting. Your choice. Can’t wait till the next one. Why? “Because it’s fucking fun!”

  • Someone

    From now on everytime I use c4 in a game there will be Always a joke

  • Sophia

    Brilliant but downfall is the player and the fact that I had to watch it in crap quality. Hopefully it’s uploaded on to something else soon but still brilliant from what I got when I watched it.

    • CannonLovingBitch

      you are able to change the quality of the video, it goes up to 720p, and they always upload it here 1 week before they do on youtube

  • Nate Woods

    Love it. The ‘axis of righteousness’ bit was brilliant.

    Also, that song during the Iscariot battle chant: what a clever drop… kick Murphys

  • Jump3R

    Just out of sheer curiosity – what is the first British Dude in the bar saying after getting slapped in the face?

  • WorldsWorstMediaPlayer

    Dear TFS, love the show, all of the shows completely beside myself at the release of Hellsing 5 just one question.

    Why, oh why, oh why-ohwhy do you upload it in the Worlds Worst Media Player ever! there are so many other programs you could be using all of which are used by sites that upload famous animes and western cartoons alike that dont have the graphic display problems of what ever it is you are using. I understand a reason to not upload it to you tube to draw people to your site but there are literally dozens of better programs you could use also programs that allow firefoxes down load helper to copy the video, it’s not like people don’t know who made it or where it came from.

  • KitsuneGaming

    Where was nate?

  • Ayamuri

    *sniff* A whole year before another one…! I didn’t get enough of an Alucard fill from this one, although the London Bridge part, while expected, still had me in stitches!

  • roninreverie


  • SaiyanTimeLord

    If the Catholic Church had more priests like Anderson, I’d be more motivated to attend church, just to hear them talk about the rest of their job.

  • deedav198

    This episode is great considering what the official release episode was like. Its one of those stepping stone episodes that gets you ready for the bigger acts. Great job just wish i didnt have to wait a year for the next but i appreciate the hard work you guys put into to all this content.

  • southparkfan1993

    well time to reset the count down clock for a year

  • Lin

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    • KingBeowulf

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  • Jahavad

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    firstly, for the last 8 months or so you have not really been abridiging anything, its just a straight re-telling with a few jokes. this is a perfect example of that. on its own its not that bad its just radically different to what we all came here to see.
    you need to get back to your roots, Hellsing’s peak was episode 3 and dragon ball z’s was back in the freeza saga, go back and do it like that again.

  • Raackman

    Alright, first off Episode 5 of Hellsing Ultimate really didn’t have anything worth watching aside from the destruction of London, and they managed to get some humor into that as well. There was very little dialogue compared to the sheer amount of violence, which was essentially the main reason why anyone watches Hellsing Ultimate. They still had some great lines, London Bridge, The Major dissing the shit out of Zorin, and Alexander Anderson basically hitting on Integra.
    All in all, this is a perfectly fine episode, I’d say worthy of a year wait, although still a bit, only a bit, lack luster for a whole year, but I’m not about to complain about dates.

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      • The J Train

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    • derpy_pikachu

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    To keep your fans interested you need to keep em waiting!

    …Also. Quality takes time. 😀

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    Being fair, Not your guys fault. You did remarkable with what you had to work with. Helsing Ult 5 was just weak to begin with.

    Well, another 2 years until this Zorin v Seras debacle is over (can’t wait to see it). How will TheCrimsonFucker keep himself entertained on that ship so long?

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        Row, row, row your boat,
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        would be more appropriate for alucard.

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    guys continue to provide such high quality comedy.

    TLDR; ^ some douchebag having a fap over how awesome you guys are and asking for you to continue your fantastic work!

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    • SlowDownTimeGuy

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      • Flame13

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      It was probably “Johan” (German equivalent to “John”) but might have been…

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  • xbox one gamer

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    • mikeybisnoob

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      • mikeybisnoob

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  • Heroshade

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    • Jigsaw1591

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      • Danund81

        Episode 5 was always the most ‘fillery’ of the bunch, lots of explanation of who’s going where, who’s who, and who’s plot is thickening.

    • justarandomabridgedfan

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      • TheDragonsFang

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    • Waladil

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  • ChillinLikeAKrillin

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    Alucard: *Sniff** Sniff*…….Something’s burning…


  • HeartlessandSoulless


    • ChillinLikeAKrillin

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      • JabbaFantic217

        There’s only 10 episodes in Hellsing Ultmiate, 1-9 about 43 mins long, the last one being a little over an hour. As impatient as I will be for all of the remaining episodes, I think that the have the right formula when it comes to making and releasing these episodes. How they were able to have the time to make DBZA, and all of their other material on top of editing hour long shows into 20-30 min of awesome parodies is beyond me.

  • The London Bridge writing was immaculate (also, an amazing episode and wonderful addition to the series). Keep doing what you’re doing, TFS!! You’ve still got it!!

  • bneil24

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