Before we move on to our grand prize winner, we wanted to take a moment to focus on one of the entries that didn’t make it.  Because it’s terrible.  Just so… so terrible.  Do yourselves a favor, skip this crap, and just check back tomorrow for the winner.

If you do decide to brave the shitstorm that lies within, you can listen to some judges’ comments at the end if you really want to.  Sometimes it can be fun to listen to us just lay into a really, really bad entry, I guess.

  • Annoyed Amos

    Time to cast out my unpopular opinion. If it wasn’t for this (in hindsight) very awkward first try, I don’t think I would have been such a big fan of DBZA were it not for a decent, watchable first episode. Pilots are almost always awkward. Like most pilots, this definitely still has some kind of identity issues about what it was supposed to be. The people working on it feel like they were trying to figure out what they wanted to make of it at the time. I still liked it. I see the flaws, I still like the more recent, better polished episodes, but I still like this regardless.

  • Solaman Huq

    I loved them doing this. For a slight moment I found it arrogant, but seeing it in comparison to the other entries, its probably one of the highest compliments they could give…because its not that great! And it reminds me of what the entires *could* be. EDIT: I take it back the pacing was brilliant even back then. They Arrogant AF.

  • Nappa

    Nappa sounds nothing like me!

  • Nappa

    Who the actual fuck would ripoff Team Four Star?

  • Tri Dent

    I know it isn’t as great as a lot of newer episodes, but I still quote “get’n m’gun” with friends.

  • Cave Opp

    I like how Taka just broke down and drop the charade

  • Zachary Alfred

    I love that they made fun of their own first episode! It makes them seem slightly less hypocritical!

  • Nicholas Howell

    Honestly, I have no idea why they even judged this. First of all, weren’t the rules not to do anything that TFS or the #TIBA judges have done anyways? So how the hell did they even let this slide through. Second of all, I wholeheartedly agree with all of the judges on this. Finally something we can all agree on. This was by far the worst thing I have ever watched. EVER! Who even knows about Myspace!? The opening was cute, but then when it started the actual abridging, the script and jokes were complete and utter horse dung! May these people never write or abridge anything ever again!

    In all seriousness, I actually thought this was going to be an actual dishonorable mention. Then I saw the silhouette of Goku and thought ‘Did they really?’ Then I played the episode and thought ‘They didn’t!?’ Then came the judging and I figuratively died from laughing. I could not stop laughing the whole time the judges were talking about the episode. Self-criticism to the max! Would this be considered breaking the 5th wall?

  • wow who entered this its the worst attempt at abridging ive ever seen in my life. its almost like it’s over eight years old made by a group of giant weeaboo manchildren.

    all jokes aside i havent watched this episode in so long but when i started watching in 2010/2011 i thought this was the funniest shit ever there is hope for us all.

  • anthony giovannettone

    i was hoping it was friendship is which craft…

  • David Lussier

    Wow, who are the people who made this? I-I can’t even… this is… TeamFourStar, who made this… abomination? horrible display? sin against abridged videos? I don’t even know what to call it. I could see some good things out of this, but for the life of me I can’t see them making a career out of this. XD

  • Jane

    Guys who did this video should watch some episodes of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, and get some cues from there.

  • Kanzuko

    This has got to be the WORST abridged episode I have ever seen. I can only pray they don’t get any funny ideas and try to make more episodes. I can only see it as being absolutely dreadful to watch. This besmirches the original series in many different ways. It’s disgusting and has stupid outdated and overused jokes. I honestly can’t see this one getting any better guys, and judging by all the negative feedback not just from the judges, but also the comments, it’s time to pull the plug. I will admit though, that “Krillen owned” counter thing is pretty interesting, unique, and genuinely pretty funny, although they probably won’t even follow through with the joke in future episodes judging on how terrible the script is. Just left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Kanzuko

    This has got to be the WORST abridged episode I have ever seen. I can only pray they don’t get any funny ideas and try to make more episodes. I can only see it as being absolutely dreadful to watch. This besmirches the original series in many different ways. It’s disgusting and has stupid outdated and overused jokes. I honestly can’t see this one getting any better guys, and judging by all the negative feedback not just from the judges, but also the comments, it’s time to pull the plug. Also that “Krillen owned” counter thing is probably just a terrible set up for a joke that they probably won’t even follow through with. Just left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Dante SU

    so nostalgic.

  • triforce_chic

    This video still made me laugh more than most on the TIBA list. Beside that though, I like that TFS can look back and see how they’ve improved ^^

  • Razael Damned

    I was really hoping that they would do this. The only thing I would have liked more was if they had put Yugioh Abridged’s first episode in to be reviewed as well.

  • Gary Fortman

    I understand what they were trying to do with this, but I disagree, this was an enjoyable episode. I guess I just remember when this first came out, but some of the jokes actually had me laughing. Maybe I just enjoy bad jokes. Krillin’s “Yeah, quit breaking kame house” and the “YAY BEER” both had me laugh out loud. While it may have a hard time comparing to today’s average abridged, it did something alot of new abridgers have a hard time doing: being genuinely funny, even at the cost of not being high qualty. The weed joke and raditz changing voice actors did fall flat, honestly raditz was entirely a failure by himself, but luckily he was short lived, and both nappa and vegeta were enjoyable in their short appearances.

  • DeltaSea

    God dishonorable is right. Every moment of this episode is garbage. Seriously? My Space? what is this 2006? I would lose all faith I have in humanity if this were to even be considered for a second episode, let alone a full series with its own website.

  • Andrew Alderson

    The Dishonorable mention is the first episode of DBZ Abridged, Team Four Star’s first video ever done. Looks like TFS got a old shame here. (If you don’t what old shame is, look it up on TVTropes:

  • Uriah

    I thought someone had uploaded the wrong video to this page initially, ha. This was an unexpected and awesome surprise!

  • Let’s Dub Project (Tyranee)

    Hahahaha this was a great idea. I know what it’s like to watch old stuff you made years ago. It’s so painful. But on the upside, it’s a great reminder of how far you’ve come. And TFS has sure come a long way.

  • Jacob Anness

    did they…..are they doing a bit

  • Outing yourselves as bad? maybe at the begining but honestly not too ridiculous

  • Gerald Kamp

    Kinda want to see them do all of the first season.

  • Shadow

    This entry literally broke every single rule the TIBA contest had. The creators should be ashamed of themselves and they should never attempt this again if they don’t even have the decency to READ THE GODDAMN RULES!! Seriously, literally every single rule was broken, I don’t even think it was submitted on time either.

    Dishonorable indeed.
    Dishonor on you, dishonor on your family, dishonor on your cow, and most importantly, DISHONOR ON YOUR YOSHI

    • Bosse Linder

      Every rule except the <10 min limit

  • the_concerned_citizen

    Slow clap…..

  • Chaltab

    Honestly it’s easy to criticize people for having shitty mics when you make money off this shit, but actual high quality mics can be hella expensive for a fan doing it for shits and giggles in their free time.

    • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

      The barrier for entry rises in all media. Not that you can’t make something funny on a cheaper mic, but new standards are set all the time.

      • Joshua Stephens

        That’s not the point. The point is that for many (if not all) of the videos you in particular Kaiser seem hellbent on pointing out shitty mic quality when good mics are expensive and when there is no guarantee that you will get noticed then what is the point of wasting the money. I have said in many posts on this contest that this contest has been the furthest thing from fair and that the groups with bigger bank accounts had a much better chance of placing than the groups without much to their names. It’s sad that even though you try to say to “Hey we all have to start somewhere” that is in no way proven by how you treat the groups that entered that may have been good but didn’t have the money for “SUPERU QUALITY MICU”.

      • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs


        Video with good content and good production qualities > content with good content and poor production qualities.

        If every video on the list had poor production qualities of similar ilk down the list we wouldn’t have brought it up so much. But that wasn’t the case. So ultimately, the content had to outdo the poor production quality by a significant margin to make said production quality inconsequential. Innagadadavida made it into the top 10 even with questionable mic quality, did he not?

        Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why “financial advantage” anyone else had. This was a contest of quality: Writing, Acting, Video, Audio, and overall creativity. If something detracts from that experience it’s being commented on and points are getting deducted because the standard set inside and outside of this contest was higher than Samson C01Us. But good writing and creative editing can still go damn far. Which hey did.

      • Anax of Rhodes

        Are the Olympics unfair because some countries have better training facilities (and the economic fortitude to maintain them) than others?

        If you can’t buy a $200 microphone, go down to your nearest radio station and politely ask if you could borrow their recording room. There are workarounds to simply buying everything.

  • Beaverbrown

    Doing this video is a very smart and well executed idea. The extra time before #1 allows a hype to build a la the week before the Superbowl in America. Furthermore, it serves to show the judges’ humility, their growth, and to provide inspiration. Being only a couple years younger than most of the members of TFS, I’ve been lucky enough, as a fan, that as my tastes have grown so have theirs.

    In my opinion, DBZA is a show that really didn’t find itself until after the beginning of season 3. I know, I know, people love season 2, but smarter writing and staying within it’s own universe turned this show from funny youtube parody into an intelligent comedy that manages the gravitas better than the original. Case in point, The History of Trunks. Many of the older episodes are still hilarious, but the last 10 episodes have been some of the most well written, directed, and produced pieces of media I’ve ever consumed. Though not easy given the nature of the show it’s been great to see the actors grow with their characters such as Lani really making Vegeta his own.

    Hats off to all TIBA entrants for taking the time and emotional risk to create your projects. Even if you didn’t score as high as you’d like, don’t be discouraged to keep trying. If anything TFS has shown that through collaborative effort and hard work (and a little dash of growing up), you can give your vision a real voice.

    • Mr. Random

      Agreed on that.
      I’d say Season 1 was where they were looking for the characters, the finale of that season felt true to everyone there.
      Season 2 was where they found their humor. The finale being one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen.
      And season 3 is about their dramatic abilities. And yeah, they’ve been doing great. That Kami and Piccolo fusion was downright emotional.

      When Buu shows up, I think we’ll be in for some truly amazing videos.

      • Kelsier

        No, you got it all wrong! TFS still hasn’t mastered firebending and they must do so during Season 4 or the White Walk– I mean Fire Lor– I mean Sauron’s army will overrun Middle-Earth, upset the balance of the world and bring eternal winter upon us!

      • Fallen Prime

        I think what cinched their growth in the drama department for me was the treatment of Cell like a goddamn horror villain. LOVE that shit.

  • hariman

    I think they were almost too harsh, though I get that the joke is that they’re taking the piss out of their own mediocre first episode.
    Really, the only joke I rolled my eyes at in that episode was the obvious political potshot. Which isn’t much, in the long run. I actually found the fight over the signature attack to be hilarious at the time. It’s still pretty funny now, at least to me.

    Believe me, I’ve seen far worse.

  • bohbear

    I bet you all think you’re a bunch of funny fuckers, going and inspiring people with this garbage.

  • ExponentialAwesome

    The Myspace joke is the best part of this entry.

  • Cash Cooper

    Worst entry by far, this is counting my teams really, really bad entry. The Comments on this episode made it entirely worth watching again.

  • 7Link7

    The 4th wall joke is STILL Fucking HILARIOUS.

  • Chase TB

    I love how Kaiser simply just read his comment from a few entries ago. Gotta love that TigerKitty.

  • Luke Thoennes

    I went into this thinking it was legit, having forgotten the no shit-talking rule they imposed. I laughed my ass off for minutes when I realized what was going on. Of course there’s the obvious joke of them saying that they wouldn’t have given this episode any kind of fair shake in the contest, but there’s more in there, too. It’s saying: You can be absolute trash, but if you stick to it and keep improving, you can soar to amazing heights. It took TFS a good long while before they were to even a decent quality with their work, something that would even get an honorable mention in this competition. But if they can get better and turn the trash that is DBZA episode 1 into the glory of what they have now, so can you. You just need to do push-ups, sit-ups, and drink plenty of juice.

    • LunarHalcyon

      *Sees this and says:* Oh dammit, I shouldn’t’ve submitted an entry after all, now I am becoming the shame…

      *Watches this and says with high-pitched voice:* WOOHOO! NOT ME!

  • Adam Wiese

    you f***ing trolls

  • Carlos Murillo

    I know they’re taking the piss but goddamn these guys were funny as hell from the get-go. Glad they’ve only improved with time!

  • RainbowCat

    The dated jokes and the low mic quality didn’t bother me, but having to listen to Vegeta3986’s voice acting again was definitely painful, especially with the Raditz joke pretty much showing Lani was the better actor even back then.

    That said, if y’all ever want to go back and perform this episode outside, or make an ebonics or vagina version of this episode, don’t let me stop you.

  • Hamdan

    I like this. This would give ppl hope to do continue to create abridged series tho their first one sucked

  • Gresh Hutchins

    You know, I would like them to do a criticism section on my entry. I never got qualified, which means I failed to make a judge laugh in 30 seconds (easier said than done, especially when I restricted myself from resorting to cursing!), but I would like to see a fair review of my entry to see how I could improve.

  • Sa Zulu

    So funny. To be honest, the editing is subpar, the voice-acting seems pretty amateurish, and it sounds like most of it was recorded on cheap headsets and not professional equipment. Its like this was made in 2008 or something…
    That aside, I think the second voice actor for Raditz has real potential and I can’t wait to see what other characters he voices in this series.
    I agree with hbi2k in seeing this team work on something more obscure…like say, Hellsing Ultimate.

  • DairuggerXV

    Soooo…. will Goku ever friend him on MySpace?

  • Kevin McClintock

    I think like anyone who felt cheated by this competition, or were angry over some of the judges’ comments needs to watch this video. These comments show that the judges knew what made for a bad episode because they did the same thing when they started out. Too many inside jokes, poor mic/video quality, awkward 4th wall humor, and pop culture references/memes were all issues that many submissions lost points over. Throwing shade at what TFS started out as was a good way to show how a group can improve greatly with enough time and dedication.

  • Foul_Slime

    Most of the criticisms here were valid, true, but don’t knock it too
    hard. Just because it’s sloppy editing, lazy writing, bad sound quality,
    and so many other things, for all anyone knows, this may vastly
    improve, perhaps spawning a phenomenon of immense popularity, bringing
    millions of fans together with their love of the show and hilarious
    jokes and top-notch performances and visual cuts and edits that are
    stunning. What was garbage yesterday bay be treasure the next and this
    entry may very well be the next big thing!

    Actually…..on second thought, nevermind. I mean, how likely is that gonna happen?

  • AusCom

    Most of the criticisms here were valid, true, but don’t knock it too hard. Just because it’s sloppy editing, lazy writing, bad sound quality, and so many other things, for all anyone knows, this may vastly improve, perhaps spawning a phenomenon of immense popularity, bringing millions of fans together with their love of the show and hilarious jokes and top-notch performances and visual cuts and edits that are stunning. What was garbage yesterday bay be treasure the next and this entry may very well be the next big thing!

    Actually…..on second thought, nevermind. I mean, how likely is that gonna happen?

  • Magmafrost13 .

    I cant agree with the criticism of it requiring knowledge of the original. There is *nothing* wrong with having a target audience.

    • Sondre

      There’s a reason these shows are called “[show] ABRIDGED” as in: a more streamlined, shorter version of the show. Why would someone who has already watched and enjoyed the source material watch a shorter version of it? The people who are interested in the source material, but don’t have the time and/or dedication to watch the whole thing are highly likely to be interested in the abridged versions. And considering that’s their entry to the franchise, it’s important that they don’t get alienated/bored of it because of the overwhelming amount of knowledge that’s required from the source material to get the jokes and plot.

      Sure, they can make tons of jokes that require knowledge of the original, but if they’re not being funny without those jokes, they’re not making new fans of the show.

      • Magmafrost13 .

        Thats what the term originally meant, sure, but its not really what it means in this context. Sure they do condense the series, but its more focused on being funny. And at the end of the day, the content has more say in what audience would most enjoy it than than the name you give the content anyway.


    Good God this was painful to watch. How’s this drivel even allowed to be on the website outside of a hazmat container?

  • Reangus

    Powerful roast.

  • Mar4zera

    I hope whoever made this moved on to better things, because no one deserves this.

  • Cephalo the Pod

    I was so sure that this was a trick. The idea of dragging out one bad entry to humiliate its creators seemed too mean to be real. I was convinced that this was gonna be, like, a new TFS abridged episode in disguise.

    I do appreciate the twist that they actually went with.

  • Dark Star

    I was like..”why is Takahata101 always so kind to all the entries with his cool ass voice”…Then I saw this vid. I am satisfied. 🙂

  • Patrick McCabe

    I was half expecting Broly….

  • LostAlbatross

    Still funnier than Dumb Justice.

  • MasterRazor

    The commentary here was funnier than most of the contest entries.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Agreed judges.

  • BunnySkinning

    How have you never seen Dragon ball LK?
    Unsubbed, unfollowed, underaged.

    …also unfriended on MySpace!

    • Mar4zera

      Martin has an open spot on his Myspace?

      Tom, you’ve been replaced.

  • goombacrusher

    I was confused at first because I thought you guys had a rule against not shit-talking any entries, but after watching this I see why you made an exception. What kind of horrible human being would create something like this?

    • Shadow

      A gerbil

    • the tfs crew arent human theyre goblins

  • Uriah

    Didn’t see this one coming but much enjoyed it!

  • Archanix

    Ok if you would laugh at someone fan work I would be soo pissed!!!

  • OsirisRed123

    i know that this is meant to be a joke, but wasn’t that a bit too harsh?

  • Jack Jacobs


  • Razor Rain

    Huh…could’ve sworn one of the rules was that you couldn’t use DBZ. (watches video) Wait, you put your own thing into the contest? I didn’t see it get re-uploaded for that, weird. In any case, I am curious who got the top spot given there were a bunch of abridged series that were also top notch with voice acting and editing, but were a day or up to a month (or two) late. Is it possible to give one of them a mention, perhaps?

    • Jack Jacobs

      They didn’t put their own video into the contest as apart of the contest. They’re showing how badly they started off, they’re showing how much you can improve from something awful.

      It’s sort of a reply to those who’s videos were heavily criticized. I wouldn’t say anything in the top 30 were as bad as this, but they’re saying not to give up on abridging even if your first video is terrible.

      • Chaltab

        Honestly as dated as some of the jokes are it’s still miles better than most of the Abridged series from that time. Sure it’s bad compared to what they’re doing now but it’s still way better than a lot of the other stuff people were making in 2008.

    • LunarHalcyon

      Oh yeah, and to TOP OFF all the bad things the judges said, they ALSO couldn’t follow any of the rules for submission, it COULDN’T be DBZ, it COULDN’T be a continuing series, and it COULDN’T be worked on prior to June 1st 2016! /extendedsarcasm

  • The Rollin Nolan

    I never thought I’d say this in a situation that actually called for it, but……… Hey Team Four Star, why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?

    • FlamingSpartan13

      “You’re the one who’s hitting me”

      • Nocturnal Danes

        “Au contraire, Team Four Star. You brought this upon yourself”

  • Not mike

    It’s nice to encourage the people who you criticized in the earlier entries. It’s like telling them that they can be better by not being this.

  • Lavaros

    I was almost expecting episode 1 with redone voices with the judges for a second. Would of added flavour to this joke.

  • ralphyman

    I was actually expecting LK’s honorable mention today. Did I miss it maybe?
    Anyway, jokes aside, this really does put the quality of most TIBA entries into perspective. It really shows how much abridging has developed over the years.
    I really hope the winner is the Barbie one, btw. That shit was hilarious 😛

  • Mr. Gohan

    I fucking love this!


    This was fecking awful! I got 2 mins into it then skipped to the judges comments just so they could vocalize just how painful this is to watch. Congrats whoever made this! You just ruined the Dragonball franchise for me!

  • Alexander Evans

    And then Little Kuriboh exploded. He really needs to stop doing that.

  • JesusUnoWTF

    Huh, well I’ll be damned. They actually did it… Nice…

  • cake

    Worse than Boxbot/10

  • Kabraxius

    This is everything I asked for several episodes back and more. Hilarious.

  • LordOfDarkLegends

    Man, this really pointed out some problems that I overlooked (having already watched DBZ before watching the Abridged)
    The Krillin Owned Counter is definitely great. I could never get sick of it.

    I do like the whole TIBA thing though. It’s a really great way of guiding the creators down the right path. Whether yours even ranks or not, these are all helpful tips.
    Constructive criticism is really needed.
    So, despite not being an abridger myself, thank you for helping others to find ways to improve their content. (Particularily for me to watch <_<) And for introducing me to some that I feel may become good quality series.

  • Aerohed

    That moment when you realize you made most of the same mistakes with your entry as early TFS…

    Well, I suppose I can only go up from here.

    • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

      And this is one of the purposes of this entry.

      • OneWingedRose

        So far from the reactions and stuff, do you think it likely TIBA will become annual? I’d love to enter next year!

        Also I’m really enjoying watching the entries so far, it’s been really fun (and educamational) to watch!
        Side Note – I just realised this comment is the essential equivalent to “when’s the new episode” so excuse me while I go kill myself for bringing dishonour on my family. Apologies.

  • d Destro

    Omg yes!!!!!
    Good job Taka. Shutting some of the people that shit-talk about you guys.
    Considering the year this episode was released is at least better than 99% of the content in the competition. (no joke most of the entries were awful. These critics literally did their best finding 30 entries…which were mediocre at best)

    • TokkVA

      Faaan boooooooooooyyyy

      • Chivalry

        Dude, aren’t we all? That’s why we’re here!

      • TokkVA

        No, I am here for Pyro.

      • Anax of Rhodes

        I’m here for you, Tokk.

      • d Destro

        You are not? What are you doing here?

  • TokkVA

    Jesus H. Christ! Pyro was in this one as well… He must be a time patroller…

    • I regret reading the comment…

      • TokkVA


  • Overthinker

    Where’s Kaiser critic in this? he had so much to say for all the other entries, meh, probably thought it was too sad for words. 😉

    • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

      I… I did critique this one. Did you miss it?

      • Ivan LeRoy

        No, the REAL Kaiser.

      • Anon O’mass

        It’s just not a competition unless the ghosts of german emperors judge the contestants

      • Overthinker

        uh…my deepest apologies, i don’t know how i missed it, probably cause everyone else critic was so damn long. Anyway, thanks for taking my suggestions 😀

  • Darrin Carvey

    *slow clap*

  • Matt Wright

    Leave it to Taka to drop the bit momentarily.

  • Michael Hurt

    I always appreciate when you guys though looking back in a sort of annoyed “what were we thinking when we made this” type of attitude are more just blissfully sarcastic or being intetnionally overly bitter then a “oh we really do think we use to suck and hate what we did and hope to never talk about it again” because quite honestly IMHO, the first episode still holds up of this series. Granted I am not only a huge TFS fan and a huge DBZ fan, but also was a huge fan of pretty much the entire team who first started this series. In fact outside of Frolegend (who did Sayuki Abridged and was the original voice of Chatizou and Launch) I had actually watched and subscribed to all of their channels before TFS was even a glimpse in their eyes. Heck I was even a fan back in the original movie “pilot” days back when no one was either seriously trying to abridge DBZ or just do in a really rushed weird way like the Real Dragon Ball Z series was. But yeah when it was announced that not only was it being done by a bunch of abridgers whose work I enjoyed but they were coming together to play a huge assortment of characters and getting together pretty much every major player in the abridging community in some way, There were even good promos all the main contributors had (oddly enough the one Megumi33 made I can’t find anywhere, nor KaiserNeko’s but the other ones are still around and IMHO still amusing) I was totally on board, and 8 years later still not disappointed in that. And yeah looking back the presentation and footage used and jokes are a lot rougher and it’s pretty obvious the actual style of TFS of being a more faithful homage to the source material hadn’t really been hammered in (which it would really only get in the season one finale) but it still makes me laugh and honestly for it’s time was pretty high quality stuff. Remember folks who just got into TFS and other abridging stuff recently that this style has been going on for 10 years so naturally there’s been some evolution and a differing feel in that time, especially from the big names who started near the beginning.

    And you know one thing I actually really like about the first episode in particular that again you’d only really get if you were a fan at the time or have watched a lot of the team’s older work is this first episode especially feels like a mixing of all of their material. The music choices used especially in the Radditz scene were straight out of Sailor Moon Abridged. The “with open bar” is a Lupin the third Abridged joke. The quick cutting and 4th wall banter between Lanipator and Vegeta3986 (yeah that’s kind of still a big elephant in the room of old abridgers whenever he has to be brought up in something isn’t it?) is something Naruto Abridged would do. The very “you’d get this only if you really knew the characters” joke were stuff out of Berserk abridged, the mocking the censorship is real Yugioh Abridged stuff (who granted wasn’t in the original TFS team but would obviously join them pretty early on as the narrator), the space between joke bits felt like Yu Yu Hakusho abridged, and the setting up runners meant to be runners early on is a G Gundam Abriged thing (yeah remember that Takahata101’s first big abirdged work was doing G Gundam Abriged with cheesmanjoe which I don’t know why everyone forgets to talk about when focusing on the others older work) and probably other little bits here and there. It felt like all the elements of the team were coming together for this one project and all bringing their own style to it… granted that would eventually become it’s own thing and you wouldn’t really need to know the source material or heck even the other abridgers older work to get the joke and references but it was a still a solid first outing. Honestly looking back for you guys of TFS none of you had a bad first episode… at the time of it’s release. Of course I doubt any of it would pass muster now (honestly I kind of now want to see the 6 judges go over everyone’s original first episode. Espeically Hbi2k and LittleKiriboh’s and MasakoX/he who is not around anymore3986) but for what it started, for it’s time and for helping actual abridging become less of a niche and more it’s own thing (seriously Teen Titans Go did a full on abridged epsiode recently) this is still good IMHO.

    • Jim Gordon

      Piccolo~ NEEERRRDDD!!!!

  • Casey Miller

    Hey cool, Kaiser used my suggestion about the fourth wall bit!

    That said, in-universe jokes being a no-no may have been one of the (possibly many) things that doomed my Clone Wars entry, now that I’m hearing the guys mention it a lot here.

    • Casey Miller

      I can’t help but feel like Taka’s faced some opposition on the KOC among the other team members.

  • Overthinker

    YES!! you took my suggestion!! this was epic!! xD

    • Yojimbo

      Bro, not to burst your bubble, but I;m pretty sure they were going to do this regardless of your suggestions.
      And, if it was from you, they probably would have credited you with the idea.

  • its a shame they wasted a day and that the judges wasted time and energy to make this when they could of shown us the winner

    • ScrappyHunter

      No, it’s not.

    • Casey Miller

      We all know it’s Star Wrecked anyway at this point, we can wait a day.

      • Bosse Linder

        Have you seen fakkuman? Pretty sure it’s gonna be that one

    • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

      *Sees all the positive response to the posting of the video.*

      Yep. Damn shame.

      • i just think its stupid

      • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs


      • Ben Adelman


      • LostAlbatross

        Having fun is nice and all, especially since this idea was born in these comments, but I’m with him. The anticipation of #1 was very strong this morning.

      • Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs

        This was more important than that anticipation. This was our acknowledgement that we’re not perfect, and a way to tell people that we all start off not-very-good.

      • Reangus

        Psych tension built bring on the real talent BRAAAAPPP!

      • LostAlbatross

        Understood completely, but it didn’t resonate because I was already here reading the comments and saw that. Great idea for people who wouldn’t read them, but all I’m saying is both videos could have been posted at the same time.

      • NoTimeForThatCrap

        I just think YOU’RE stupid.

      • we’re all entitled to our opinions

      • LunarHalcyon

        So glad there’s an “unlike/downvote” option in the comments section, for this exact reason
        (ಠ ͜ʖರೃ)

  • Pedro Bento

    Honestly, this video, though it is a good bout of self-deprecation, does highlight some of the problems I have with what people consider to be the things that make an abridged parody good.

    I don’t see why intimate knowledge of the subject matter being necessary to understand references is a bad thing. Is it really too much to ask that the parody be aimed at people who actually watched the show?

    I don’t understand why so much emphasis is put on visual and audio fidelity beyond beyond understandability. Isn’t it enough that we can tell what things are? Why is it such a gigantic problem that the resolution is low or that the picture jitters a little bit?

    And finally, I don’t understand why there’s an apparent cap on 4th wall breaking. If the joke is funny, it should be in the video regardless of how many other jokes sound like it.

    • Casey Miller

      Some fourth wall bits can be good, but I cringe at the Raditz one any time I go back and re-watch the series.

      • Pedro Bento

        I don’t understand why. It makes sense. Double Sundae was a stupid name. I can totally see the situation happening in real life, which makes it funnier.

      • Onyx Leo

        It’s not Double Sundae, it’s Double Sunday. His other attacks are Shining Friday, Saturday Crash, and Weekend. It’s his theme.

      • Chaltab

        I’m still not sure I get that whole gag. Double Sunday is the actual name of the attack, Keep Your Eye on the Birdy was something from the Ocean dub.

    • Matt

      Requiring knowledge of the show for a joke isn’t bad, but it does mean you’ll turn away more people who haven’t seen the show as they won’t get the joke and will find the series less funny overall. As you get further in to it you can have more of them as those people will have seen the show, if only through your series; but at the start it can detract from it.

      The visual and audio quality aren’t needed, You can have a great abridged series with bad quality. You should just try to aim for the best quality you can get. But some of my favorite abridged series have/started with bad quality. You shouldn’t stop watching a series only because of bad audio or visual in most cases.

      As for 4th wall jokes, those are incredibly hit and miss and are usually best avoided, as even if they’re originally funny they quickly lose comedic appeal in subsequent watching.

  • Dramos

    The first time Takahata101 talks longer than 10 seconds. :O

  • Michael Bootes

    Damn Taka is savage in this one

  • Ruthie

    lmao i was hoping for this

  • Domehammer

    Wait… since when was the joke with farmer about appule? Wasn’t it raditz couldn’t get a dog?

    • Ben “hbi2k”

      I think he’s saying “a poodle.” I think. It’s called enunciation, Mr. Quote-Unquote Voice Actor. Learn it.

      • Daniel Quinlan

        I thought he said “a pool”.

  • android19

    My how far abridging has come.

  • Bosse Linder

    The commentary! OH, THE COMMENTARY!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    Especially Kaisers, seing how he made pretty much the exact same in the comment section in an earlier video

    • Bosse Linder

      Especially Kaisers, seing how he made pretty much the exact same in the comment section in an earlier video

  • Michael Bootes

    Hbi2k raises an interesting point in this one do any of the judges/tfs members have a background in AMV’s? Nappa covers excluded obviously. If so I’d love to hunt down someof their work

    • Ben “hbi2k”

      I’ve made a handful, of which a somewhat smaller handful actually sort of hold up. Trying to figure out how to post a link to the playlist here without it embedding the video, which shows up distractingly huge and could be annoying for others. Best I can do for now is tell you to copy-paste this and delete the spaces: / f0JJ4W

  • fastasfuckboi

    I wanted this. I really wanted this. Thank you.

  • DoktorApplejuce

    Yeah, I don’t see the team behind this entry really going anywhere within the abridging community after this.

  • Michael Johnson

    Damn, you guys dishonored yourself of your beginnings days?

    Dishonor on you

    Dishonor on your cow

    • Clifford Kellogg

      Truth be told, I think that was the joke here. I’m kinda glad that they tore themselves apart; it simply proves they’re impartial…Kaierneko, good job on not showing too much embarrassment.

    • Tyler Gilbert

      Haha, Mulan reference.

  • Zelo

    LoL they put their own episode

  • Duncan Sharp

    God damn, I never thought you’d actually do it. SO glad you guys got to criticize this one.

    • RoninOfDeath

      Well, Kaiser trashes on episode one a lot in panels and on twitter. When ever a fan or someone brings up the idea of remastering the early episodes basically. He has stated that he can’t watch a lot of season one.

      • zakrael

        To be honest, I can’t watch Season 1 either anymore.

        I enjoyed the first episodes when I first saw them, and they’re obviously still important to the series as a whole, but I can’t in good conscience recommend them to anyone, and when I go back to binge-watch old episodes I consider DBZA to start with Episode 13 and the arrival on Namek. Everything from there onwards just seems to be such a step up from the previous episodes.

        It really is impressive how far DBZA has come.

  • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

    Oh my god…you guys are amazing XD Truly this was…not terrible at all but the beginning of something wonderful.