It’s time to kick off the #TIBA finalists with the esteemed “F*** the Judges” Awards! Left to community votes, we spotlight entries that didn’t win our judges’ favors that you all felt deserved a spot!

Our first runner-up: How to Be a Soul Hunter 101 by YaroShien & co.  Check them out on YouTube!

Check out the video in its entirety followed by some commentary from our judges at the end!

Cast & Credits

Directed by: YaroShien
Written by: YaroShien, IzanamiVA, SpriteStuff
Edited by: QuizGuru►…
Sound and Music Design: YaroShien
Animation: JadeTheFireFox

JadeTheFireFox: Maka►
Shippiddge: Soul►
Redasatomato: BlackStar, Tsubaki►
YaroShien: Death The Kid, Monsters, Extras►
IzanamiVA: Liz and Patty Thompson►
TheKazMat: Lord Death
SpriteStuff: Mifune, Spirit PETA►
MewKiyoko: Blair ►

So Scandalous – Soul Eater OST
Blitz- Soul Eater OST
New Town Alchemy Jazz – Arron Pleitner
Death City – Soul Eater OST
Volatile Reaction – Kevin MacLeod
Kayōbi no yoru ni – Durarara!! OST
BlackStar (Never Lose Myself) – Soul Eater OST
Kidnap The Sandy Claws (instrumentals) – Korn
In His Mind, DB Sways His Arms and Shoulders – Soul Eater OST
Death The Kid (So Crazy) – Soul Eater OST

  • hariman

    Subjective comedy makes the expansion of the FTJ awards very good, because a couple of the FTJ awards share the same sense of humor, which the judges don’t.

  • Dylan Connell

    could you guys fix the video? its not playing. every time i try to play it, it goes to a nonplaying ad and after the ad finishes, the video turns to black.

  • Stevie

    It’s a shame this one didn’t place, this was SO good! The Maka/Soul back and forth was great, Black Star is hilariously competent, and Kid was such a great creeper.

    The only real criticism I can think of is sometimes I thought the jokes were a little too fast-paced. It was hysterical, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of times I had to manually go back and rewatch a scene because one joke would be RIGHT after another.

    Minor complaint though, this was great overall.

  • ☆ Citrus Skyline ☆

    THIS WAS FUCKING BRILLIANT !!!!! OMFG I LAUGHED SO HARD XDDDDD lul where can i watch the other 2 videos XDDDDD

  • Zachary Watson

    British Black Star is funnier than it should be.

  • The Kryptic Knight

    How did this and Log Horizon Abridged not top this list instead of ending up on the [email protected] the Judges award list? Sooooo much better than most of what is on the list.

    • hariman

      Comedy is subjective. The Judges could recognize the quality, but mostly didn’t share the same sense of humor, so they expanded the FTJ category to make sure that the various creators got recognized.

  • Corzya .

    Whaaat? I watched all the videos, and this one was the ONLY one I laughed at!

  • Tyler Uslan

    This was fantastic! I would love to see more of this. Surprised this didn’t place higher, but maybe it’s because I really like Soul Eater.

  • nonspiderweb

    disappointed this one didn’t make it to he top 30 but super glad it’s getting recognised. I hope you guys decide to make more because I would love that.

  • moon

    How did this not place? Wow. I figured this would end up in top 5.

  • Acheron Parthenopaeus

    1 this is amazing and I want more and B whats the song they used instead if the original opening?

  • Bruce Wayne

    well…not my butt. also better than many finalists.

  • Kyo And Ruka

    I didn’t enjoy it all that much, but I felt that way about most #TIBA entries. And considering who else has made it so far; you guys really should have been in the Top 30.

  • Brian Benson

    i actually rather liked this one, my biggest dislike would also be one of my bigger likes, blackstars is by far the funniest part of this, but i dont think the voice matched him. I think the voice was great, but was somewhat distracting coming from that character.

  • brobrothebrowhobros

    Kind of a snooze. I didn’t laugh until halfway through the video.

  • triforce_chic

    How did this not place?? I watched the avatar one today (#30) and this one was WAAAAAYY funnier.

  • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

    It’s a crime that this didn’t make it into the top 30. Blows the YYH abridged one out of the water and is pretty good at…well, making Soul Eater less annoying. Comedy is subjective, but I found this really funny. Would love to see a followup.

  • Deuxis

    “When you’re happy and you know it, summon death” cracked me up.

  • SwedishX

    And this was something rejected by the final judges? Jesus, I actually can’t wait for the rest of TIBA now.

  • Mike Alkire

    Wow. The judges didn’t laugh at THIS? Come on, this was AWESOME.

    But to be fair, i’m of two minds about this. On one hand, it’s a DAMN shame that something THIS good isn’t a finalist, and isn’t actually going to seriously be in contention as an actual winner, and that really is a monumental shame… But on the OTHER hand, if the Judges are THIS iron tough about what they laugh at, then the actual finalists have to be like the absolute mother load of top notch quality, right? >_>

    At least I sure as hell hope so. Because passing THIS up really sets the bar REALLY, REALLY high, now.

    • Royal Conquest

      I didn’t think it was really funny myself. None of the humour was even remotely original. The voice acting was good but that was it really.

      • Trio the Punch

        I don’t even think most of the voice acting was all that good. I think the delivery specifically is what killed a lot of the attempts at jokes. I don’t know why 90% of abridgers think they need to scream every line but it’s super obnoxious.

  • James Christian Meetze

    My god that was good. The Yu Yu Hakushit one was fucking awful but this one is so good.

  • Sam

    That was awesmoe

  • Leo

    this shit was good.

  • RoninOfDeath

    And Now begins the anxious wait to if I made it on the list at all. Every day a new period of time my heart will not be beating.

  • Nicholas Howell

    This was a very nicely done abridging. If this is what qualifies for first runner up, I’m excited for the actual top 30. I will agree with hbi2k that it wasn’t great with the jokes, but the voice-overs and editing were on point. Good job guys!

  • Daniel Quinlan

    Pretty nice, but I am not digging Black Star’s voice.

    • Kimarous

      Yeah, the Cockney(?) accent was certainly a strange choice. Started to grow on me after a while, however.

  • zekana

    congrats to the creator on getting runner up. it was because of tiba that i found his How To Be An Adventurer series (parody/abridgement of Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon) and it certainly became one of my favorites, though admittedly i’ve found the series can fluctuate with audio quality from time to time but the writing really is there.

  • Kyotosomo

    Oh wow, if this is only 30th the competition must be really though!

    • Maxim Dragoon

      I don’t think this even the 30th, this is the one with the most votes that DIDN’T make the top 30. I can’t wait to see where others stand.

      • Kyotosomo

        Oh jeese, I hope My Music Academia somehow made it DX!

      • Maxim Dragoon

        God help us… lmao

  • Anime9001

    @Judge thoughts at the end (yes, there’s a word from a judge at the end of the video if you watch long enough, almost missed it):
    Yeah, I can respect that. In hindsight, I think this was a lot better written than it was funny, which I wouldn’t at all count as a bad thing. It spent more time building the world and their characters’ personalities than it did trying to make you laugh (although it tried to do both). It’s this type of writing that I appreciate the most in these abridged series, that feel like they have a plan and are laying groundwork for future episodes, but that’s not entirely what this contest is about. Oh well, that being said I’m glad it was recognized at all. If I hadn’t seen it here, I probably wouldn’t have watched it. I hope to see more episodes of this one in the future~

  • Anime9001

    My real question is, how many entries got more votes than this one? By being the runner-up for this award, that means it must have gotten the second to most votes out of all of the entries not in the top 30, but how many of the top 30 got more votes than this then?

    That aside, very nicely done. I hadn’t seen this one yet, but it was definitely one of the better ones I’ve seen. The only issue I saw aside from the occasional failed joke (which even great abridged series has starting out) was Black Star’s voice. I mean, the accent sounded perfect, but…..I’m not sure if the voice itself fit him, but maybe that’s just me.

    Oh, and props for the scene at 2:01. I’ve been trying to scrub those scenes out of my mind for months, ya bunch of jerks :p

    • Royal Conquest

      The top 30 aren’t voted on by fans the top 30 are decided by the judge panel

  • TokkVA

    I believe this is the 2nd place for Fuck the Judges. So it didn’t place in the top 30 or get the award. Not sure worded kind of goofy.

  • Transformers-RR

    Congrats! ours was in the viewers choice and by quality alone I doubt we’re in the top 30 if THIS one didn’t make it.

    • Casey

      Considering a few of the others that made Viewers Choice, you probably still have a chance.

  • wow yaro got the fuck the judges award
    thought he definitely would have placed
    makes you wonder whos actually on the list

  • Arron (YaroShien)

    YES! As sad as it is that we did not place, I’m glad that we were liked enough to say “Fuck the judges!”.

    • DoktorApplejuce

      Huge congrats! Personally, I would have preferred to have seen you in the top 30, but I’m glad to see that this award did go to someone who poured so much time, effort, and passion into the competition.

    • Super glad to see you guys still receive a form of recognition; and a pretty rad one at that, haha. I remember hunting around for other competitors’ entries around July 1st, stumbling upon this one, and super digging the voice acting. As it’s been said, sorry to see you not make top 30, but I’ll be keeping an eye on your content for sure.

    • Negative Pro

      You did make a good impression, especially for someone like me who has never in fact seen the actual show.

      The pacing was enough for me to understand the actual plot which is a major plus in my book.

      I think my only complaint would be that I had no understanding about the characters, I was reading comments from the actual video and it seems that a majority of people hate Black Star, but he was hilarious to me when I saw this.