The countdown continues as we highlight the runners-up for the esteemed “F*** the Judges Award!” Left to community votes, we spotlight entries that didn’t win our judges’ favors that you all felt deserved a spot!

Our final runner-up: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Abridged – Diamond is Unabridgable by Weeaboss!  Check him out on YouTube!

Check out the video in its entirety followed by some commentary from our judges at the end!

Cast & Credits

Episode 0 – Shine On, You Super Rushed Pilot

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is property of Hirohiko Araki, David Productions, Tokyo MX and Viz Media. Please support the official release.

This is nothing more than a Parody made for entertainment purposes only.



Weeaboss – Everyone



Hakuna Matata (Instrumental) – The Lion King
New Days – Persona 4 OST
Smells Like Teen Spirit – One OK Rock
You Give Love A Bad Name – Bon Jovi
Sad Piano Music – Isolation
Let’s Beyblade – Beyblade
When Doves Cry (Remix) – Prince
Ghostpocalypse – Kevin MacLeod
Hello – Lionel Richie
Badass – Bensound
Sexy – Bensound
Pre-Hibernation – Pantera
Darkness is Coming – Kevin MacLeod
Supreme Hustle – Ice Cube



  • Mentro140 .

    Polnareff joke was a Golden Experience

  • Kyo And Ruka

    I knew this would get on, their video asking people to vote was highly viewed because the video itself was like an abridged episode. It was meh for me, but I think it did well with people because JoJo lol (never watched it, so I was unaffected by the charm XD). Nice pick for the opening song though. And no one would disagree that the opening joke was INCREDIBLY clever.

  • Gorilla

    Is that motherfucking Morty doing the voice?

  • Naygen

    This was actually good!

  • Weeaboss

    Well, I gave a good show! A half-baked one, but I think I did alright. Plus having my entry’s editing praised as higher than some of the actual finalists is pretty heart-warming.

    Thanks again TFS for the honor of doing this for you guys and for holding the competition to begin with. I’m always free, so if you ever need voice or editing work done, just hit me up!

    • Justin Jablonski

      That was hilarious dude, I’m subbing to your channel and I hope for more in the future 🙂

  • android19

    Yeah, had merit, but just wasn’t all that funny to me. Shame. Humor is hard.

  • anyone else feel this was trying to be a sequel to antfishs jojo work
    felt like that more than a homage

    • Mentro140 .

      confirmed as such

  • Mike Alkire

    See, unlike the Soul Eater one which was utterly phenomenal, THIS one I think deserves the “good, quite good, but just not good ENOUGH” runner up award. I liked it, had some chuckles, it was nice, good effort, solid writing for the most part, solid acting for the most part, solid editing for the most part, but yes, rather than laugh out loud, with many jokes, this feels like what I would expect from an official gag-dub from voice actors working blue, or more of a literal “abridged series”. As in literally “abridged” taking into account the definition term of abridged, somewhat in the vein of what LittleKuribo’s Yu-Gi-Oh series started out as, just with a higher leg up on production values, editing and voice work than YGOA’s, humble beginnings had.

    This is the kind of thing i’d like to see continue on Youtube or something, even without being a winner of the TIBA, as it has legs, has talent behind it and deserves to continue.

  • Kyotosomo

    I knew this would get on, their video asking people to vote was highly viewed because the video itself was like an abridged episode.

  • Great job editing and recording, I feel the second episode would make me laugh more due to all the setup in this episode.

    Best joke was the Louis C.K. joke at the end, it was definitely something that can’t unsee when watching series again.

  • Ivan LeRoy

    “Good job. You found a good torrent.” ~hbi2k (2016)

  • Samuel Whittaker

    Overall chuckled a few jokes but yeah they was hit and miss