The countdown continues as we highlight the runners-up for the esteemed “F*** the Judges Award!” Left to community votes, we spotlight entries that didn’t win our judges’ favors that you all felt deserved a spot!

Our second runner-up: Yu Yu Hakushit by Huggbees & penguinz0 (Cr1TiKaL).  Check them out on YouTube!

Check out the video in its entirety followed by some commentary from our judges at the end!

  • Mentro140 .

    Okay it gets better as it progresses, and the fact that all the sound effects are mouth made is fantastic

  • Wiebejamin

    I love how the animation quality was shit but they just made up for it with so many brilliant jokes.

  • HeWhoSlapsHimself

    I’m really disappointed in this comment section. Yes, he won because he was an established Youtuber. That doesn’t mean he deserves to be trashed on. He had good intentions and made a video for fun.

  • Zachary Alfred

    How the fuck does this guy have a fan base?! That was just terrible!

  • Aiji Furupsu

    heie was the only good part surprised this was even on the list. The only plus side is now i want to rewatch all of Lani’s yu yu hakusho since it was a amazing abridge.

  • Maxwell West

    Ah, that’s too bad. I kinda thought it was a little charming. I didn’t expect it to win, but I thought it’d be somewhere along the top 30, so I voted it for it. I unfortunately didn’t make time to see very many entries, so I knew there were way better ones that I didn’t see.

  • MemoryFell

    wow….. when i saw it was a yuyuhakusho as a people’s choice award i thought it was gonna be Panic! At the Hakusho!
    ►►►► ◄◄◄◄ because that was pretty fun.

    but THIS is pAINFUL wth?

  • ssj4maiko

    Wait, this was made for TIBA!?

  • Just_a_Bear

    I’m feeling bad for them, how this is better than Soul Hunter 101?

    • RoninOfDeath

      Personally I don’t think it is, but this is the runners up for the audience choice poll after all. The placement of this was decided by the votes.The guy who made this has like over a million subscribers. His fans probably just voted for him.

  • Sam Ellis

    Well, it made me laugh a lot, I’ll have to check out your regular stuff. Comedy reminded me a bit of Steve Odenkirk’s “Kung Pow:Enter the Fist”.

  • Zac Hansen

    I’m legitimately surprised at the hate this is getting. It wasn’t very funny but I still found it fun to watch. I’ve enjoyed this more than some of the finalists, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one and I love the Ninja Turtles

  • Kyo And Ruka

    I didn’t enjoy it, but I’m surprised it didn’t win F*** the judges due to Cr1TiKaL’s size; I guess none of the views were from actual abridged fans XD

  • brobrothebrowhobros

    There’s bad and then there’s this…

  • Hamdan Alharbi

    i am so confused now. this content is clearly not fit to be a runner up. judges should have known better.

    • Dreadkos_Otherworld★

      Except the judges didn’t have the slightest decision power in this choice, since it’ was a voting system for the audience.
      That’s why it’s called “F*** the Judges”.

  • triforce_chic

    I legitimately enjoyed all the ridic sound effects and the good kuwabara impression xD

  • TheMajinV

    After watching this one through, I’m getting the vibe that the quality of the script in question was intentional. Like, it’s bad, but it feels as if they were trying to be so bad that it’s funny. Either that, or it was a subtle way to poke fun at the countless “bad abridged series” that exist on the internet.

  • Minitron

    Honestly didn’t really find this funny at all

  • Mike Alkire


    Just. Why?

    • Maxwell West


      Just. Because.

  • James Christian Meetze

    That was bad. And hearing the Judges thoughts at the end, the only reason it had so many votes is because the Youtuber who made it had an established audience and they upvoted it. That’s super unfair, because this wasn’t funny in the least.

  • John Hyde

    As someone who loves Charlie’s Youtube content, I just couldn’t enjoy this submission. It seemed like he had fun with it, and the humor is pretty much your typical Cr1tikal humor, but the description’s “hastily made this entry into the TFS competition” is very apparent.

  • Michael Wiesner

    How Nobody can see the genius of work made by Cr1TiKaL. What a shame

  • Brian Rodriguez

    I notice what they were trying to do but the only joke that made me giggle a bit was the unexpected jew joke other than that it really didn’t click with me at all at least Soul Hunter had some decent jokes this one was kinda of meh it sounded like they were trying too hard to be weird and different by making sound effects with their mouths,plus using outdated pop culture references and the weird gay jokes which seemed like a poor attempt to emulate early abridging and YGOTAS.All of the jokes fell flat on their ass i’m seriously glad this didn’t make it into the top 30 because it really wasn’t good.Also he could give away literally all of his money and it still wouldn’t have made this any better in my eyes in all honesty I don’t believe that this should have been anywhere near this close to the top of the F*** the judges award because it was poorly done.

  • Dorian Jackson

    All about popularity, guys. :/

  • Daniel Quinlan

    This just makes me want to watch Lani’s YuYu Hakusho Abridged.

  • RoninOfDeath

    No offense at all to this guy, but I find it hilarious that everyone said this would win first place and the audience poll yet two more entries beat it for the poll.

  • ForrestMaxx

    Rediculous but funny af

  • Wyatt Waters

    Hey they forgot to credit Tim Kitzrow for his amazing Oscar worthy role. I mean his performance really brought this video to a new level.

  • Seemed like a guy who wanted to make something different for a change of pace, have fun with some friends, and just so happened to have an active and established user-base. Fans of his seem to enjoy it; us fans of Abridged content have just come to expect a different level of quality (or humor) when it comes these things.
    Congrats to Cr1TiKaL and his friend(s), hope you aren’t afraid to dive into new types of material in the future. The power of improv is a strange one; it either pays off spectacularly or falls flat on its face.

  • Erika Nakagawa

    Wtf is this garbage?

  • Nicholas Howell

    I can see how this made the F*** the Judges Award because he has a fanbase, but I mean come on! This was really terrible. I had to stop watching 2 minutes in because I couldn’t take it any longer. At least littlekuribo has jokes for YGOTAS. The first runner up, How to be a soul eater 101, was lightyears better than this. Whether the guy donates all his proceeds to charity does not excuse this lackluster of an abridged series. Hey! But that’s my opinion #JustAnOpinion

    • Casey

      The Soul Eater one was well made, but really wasn’t funny at all. “THE SOUND IT MAKE WHEN SOMEONE PICKS UP AN ORANGE” alone was funnier than almost anything else anyone in the contest put out, and this is coming from someone who watched a TON of entries and even made one. I’m proud to have lost to an entry as overall hysterical as this one. The shoddy editing was part of the charm of this entry, honestly.

      • TokkVA

        So you are a fan boy…? lol #letitburn

      • Casey

        Hardly, as I’ve only seen one of the guy’s other videos. This one was just far funnier than most of the other stuff entered into the contest, especially the Soul Eater entry which, again, was one of the most well-edited entries (it just just lacked actual comedy).

        Also, way to make yourself look like a 12 year old up past his bedtime with the infantile response. What are you even going for with that hashtag? Just “I don’t like this entry, it should burn?” Wow. Shakespeare would be jealous.

      • TokkVA

        My bed time is in like 10 minutes…Jerk!! xD #letitburn

      • Brian Rodriguez

        Casey….sorry to break this but no if you watched at least half of the entries you would know that there were a lot more better than this in all honesty this didn’t deserve a spot anywhere near the top it should have stayed near the bottom with the other crappy joke dispensers.I saw at least 40 other entries that completely outperformed this one in pretty much every single category from comedy to editing, you saying this was better than everything else shows how much of a blind fanboy you are…

    • Brian Benson

      I pretty much agree, except I kept watching until the end thinking it was here for a reason and was just a bad start…I was mistaken. I literally only laughed twice, and have no idea why it deserves to be on this list, it doesnt seem to have any heart, or have anything that would show the creators spent more than a few minutes on each aspect.

  • Huggbees

    Hey guys I uh…I made this too. Yep, it uh….wasn’t all Cr1TiKaL. Wooo.

    • Ben

      That’s my bad, sorry about that.

  • I can see why the judges didn’t pick the last two #TIBA entries, they were both so lackluster in the joke sections. Editing and sound was fine but just leave a memorable impact for me.