Wrapping up the weekend #TIBA countdown, we have our official “F*** the Judges Award” winner!  If you like this, check out PhatDogStudios on YouTube!

Congratulations PhatDogStudios, your Log Horizon Abridged is now an award-winning abridged video! Enjoy the bragging rights and trophy.

And a sincere thank you to everyone who voted for their favorite. You all made it happen!

Check out the award-winning abridged video with judge commentary at the end.

Cast & Credits

Director and Co-Writer – Phattony92

Assistant Director and Writer – Richie Roberts

Editor – RsGames1999

Shiroe – Robotfan987

Naotsugu – Xanauzumaki

Akatsuki & Marielle – Lennon Drake

Menu-Sama – Richie Roberts

Henrietta – Lalelaida

Shoryu – RsGames1999

Krohitsubitte – Photoshop work

Ending slate music – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnSxJ…

Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Phatdo…

Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/PhatDogStudios

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    Quick update guys. Episodes 2 and 3 are up and we have begun the editing process for episode 4. If you want to keep up with what we are doing make sure to follow @phatdogstudios on twitter.

  • firewis

    i came back to watch this because i was honestly dissapointed with the #1 pick

  • Zachary Alfred

    This definitely deserves the penis trophy! I would love to see more of this!

  • Aiji Furupsu

    oh no it certainly is a fantastic abridged. 6 judges who cant find humur in this is sad good thing everyone else knows better.

  • Bob

    That use of Panic! at the Disco as the title theme made this an instant win for me

  • Tyler Gilbert

    Even after watching it three times, I still crack up at the “EA, you’re in the game” joke.

  • Wyxz

    Remembering that the first episodes of SAO abridged were pretty meh and now is one of the best abridged series out there.

    The same can happen with this one, the humor was pretty average, but it was so well put together. This abridged have a insane potential of being something really good.

  • Tyler Veldey

    To be hones, winning the FTJ award will get more peoples recognition and clicks than being any of the top 11-30.
    Just sayin

  • Kyo And Ruka

    Seeing what has made the Top 30 so far, I’m very surprised you didn’t make it. I’m assuming you got so many votes but didn’t make it to far in the Top 30 so they just didn’t include you so they could give you the F*** the judges award. I can’t say I LOVED it, I really only enjoyed a few entries; but it was VERY well polished. You guys should be proud of what you made and absolutely carry on the series!

  • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

    Surprised I forgot to comment on this one. I’ve actually re-watched it a few times because, like Soul Hunter, it’s got really snappy editing and plenty of good moments from both the script and the jokes. I’m anxiously awaiting a number 2. That said, I have to wonder how this didn’t make the top 30 or hell, much higher. The jokes aren’t the funniest I’ve heard, but the chemistry between the characters is strong and I think the voice work was great. Log Horizon definitely deserved better than it got. Never seen the anime, but will pay close attention to the abridged series.

  • James Christian Meetze

    Bullshit! This should have won the entire contest.

    • Like Zoinks Gaming

      We appreciate the thought, but we’re happy to have won this. Since we got the approval of the audience.

      • James Christian Meetze

        I mean Congrats, but it doesn’t change that they are wrong

  • Hamdan Alharbi

    this is actually better than littlekurboh whatever it name .

  • Mr. Random

    F*** the judges except that one in particular!
    But seriously, i can understand it not winning, but I think in a couple episodes while they get more experienced and their versions of the characters and world coalesce, that this has a LOT of potential.

  • Tolvan

    This is probably my favorite entry out of every TIBA video I saw. Congrats on the F*** the Judges award to the guys who made it, but goddamn, I wonder what number 1 will be.

  • Darrin Carvey

    I thought for sure this would get picked to be an actual finalist. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s due to a rule like “don’t use any assets from before the competition was announced.” Since I think one of their behind the scenes revealed something small to that effect. Either way, getting a huge fan vote for a FTJ award is pretty damn good in my book.

    • Like Zoinks Gaming

      We had decided to do this series the day before the announcement. So nothing had been worked on at the time TIBA was announced. No script, no casting, just a few people that were like, we should make this. And then TIBA was announced, and we were like, I guess we should get started.

  • Conor

    I thought this was better than ATLA abridged, but to each their own. Funnier too. I think I laughed a little more at this one.


  • Trio the Punch

    I feel like if this is what’s popular enough to win a fuck the judges award, I don’t understand comedy or the goal of abridging at all. Nothing about this worked at all for me and I found myself cringing the entire time at how embarrassingly overacted and underwritten all of this is. I don’t mean to berate the people who make this or who enjoy it, I’m glad it has a place in the world for the folks who appreciate it. But it’s bad.

    • Anime9001

      Eh, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but the writing and editing was spot on for this. I think they put it best at the end of the video when they stated that this was one of if not the best put together entry for the entire competition. However, it didn’t make the cut because they didn’t find it funny enough despite this. Log Horizon abridged did a good job fleshing out a world and making coherent characters that may be less impressive in a vacuum, but has a ton of potential for the future, similar to how Sword Art Online abridged approached their series.

      So at the end of the day, it was one of the most impressive entries with a lot of quality to it, the comedy just wasn’t as comparable to it in their opinion, which is fair.

      • Trio the Punch

        I can agree with a lot of this. I actually think I was probably a little harsher than I meant to be in my original comment. There’s obviously tons of love and work put into this. From a technical standpoint it’s very well put together. I can’t lament it for not being able to make me laugh, just like I can’t lament SAO abridged for not being able to make me laugh. There is like an entire school of parody-based comedy that I have never found funny, and this falls into that. It’s fine that people like this one, I think I just have a hard time wrapping my brain around so many people enjoying a style of humor that connects with me on literally no level. It’s kind of how I feel about Disney Channel shows or The Big Bang Theory, but I can respect this a lot more easily because it’s obviously not as cynical or hollow as those things.

  • godzilla719

    I saw this at a panel these guys held at a local con and it was a glory to behold. The entire audiences was cracking up and Menu sama got pied in the face. These guys are great people, hilarious abridgers, and I cannot wait to see more of what they have to offer. Congrats on your giant schween trophy.

    • DTG

      Was that the con with Drunk Jesus running around, Akaicon right?

      • godzilla719


      • DTG

        Well god damn it, I should have gone!

      • DTG

        I remember there being an abridging panel at the con, but decided to go to the shitty rave instead.

      • Like Zoinks Gaming


    • Like Zoinks Gaming

      Thanks for all the love man. That whipped cream went up my nose.

  • Laijar

    Congrats guys 😀 You guys had my vote more or less instantly. Looking forward to ep 2

  • Anime9001

    Hearing that this, my favorite abridged series of the entire competition didn’t place in the actual contest is kinda disappointing, but I have to agree with @ahbi2k that the approval of 200k people is kinda just as satisfying, if not moreso than 6 judges. And I’ll say the same thing here as I did for the Soul Eater entry, I like this entry because of how ridiculously well it was put together, moreso than the comedy itself (although I also felt that its comedy was spot on, just the writing and love behind it was even better).

    At the end of the day, I’m glad that they ran this side contest to give Log Horizon Abridged the recognition it deserved, and it’s still the winner in my heart. Oh, and a nice big trophy doesn’t hurt either ^-^

  • Mike Alkire

    As I said previously with the Soul Eater submission, if something THIS good and THIS strong and well-made is essentially winning the FTJ award and not the REAL award, then the actual TIBA competition is REALLY, REALLY REALLY setting the bar extraordinarily high.

    Like, I hope you guys realize how high you’re setting the bar if something THIS good is making the “just missed being good enough” award. I think it’s going to make people even more critical of the actual winners than before, myself included.

    As for this, I myself, laughed a bit at this. This is extraordinarily good, but personally, I still think the Soul Eater video ranks just a it higher than this one, but clearly the amount of views and likes don’t agree. *shrug* Oh well, I still think every single one of these (aside from YuYu Hakushit.. seriously, I re-iterate my only comment I made on that.. “Why? Just.. why?”) still really hits the mark on being of excellent quality.

    I mean this is a version so good that, even though I initially dismissed Log Horizon itself as an anime before, this is actually making me interested to give the anime itself another chance, while of course, I think I am going to become a fan of the actual Abridged series of this from here on out as well.

    But yeah, that bar for the actual winners? Setting it really high, TFS. Just saying.

  • Like Zoinks Gaming

    Hey guys, Richie here! Voice of Menu sama and the writer for Log Horizon Abridged. We had a lot of fun making this entry, and the plan was always to do a series based on this show. The TIBA announcement served as a bonus to motivate us to get started sooner. I am happy to let you know that we are now in the stages of post production for episode 02 and we are excited to show you our next episode. We also have arcs planned out all the way to the end of season 2. So I hope you stick with us if you enjoyed this episode, because we’re in it for the long haul.

    • RoninOfDeath

      For you’re sake I hope you didn’t have any of the cast, character idea, or script in that planning of yours before the contest started. Otherwise you just admitted to breaking one of the rules of the contest that would get you disqualified. Not that I think the judges would be so dickish to do that now.

      • Like Zoinks Gaming

        We were already planning to do Log Horizon as an abridged series, but we had not typed up any of the script and no one had been cast until after the announcement. TIBA was announced literally the day after we decided we wanted to do this.

    • I DEFINITELY will be right there -watching closely- for every single Episode of Log Horizon… This is exactly the right amount of comedy, quality and pacing imo, its soooo goooood~

    • Chaz

      Thanks Hal!

    • hariman

      This is both funny and memorable to me. Just… the change of all the happy go lucky friendly and cooperative characters into various kinds of jerks. Plus the gamer based “Git Gud” and “What games did you play before this?” jokes are hilarious to me too.

      As a Dark Souls player, I get where little miss ninja is coming from, though I’d never put it in the same terms. Patience and getting to the point where death in Dark Souls doesn’t make you angry, that’s the key.

      So… expect a sub on youtube from me. I’ll be keeping up with these episodes, if you make more. 🙂

  • Queen Bamus

    Fuck yeah, it won!

  • Whoa, super huge congrats for those encouraging words from Taka as well as HBI. This entry has some stellar consistency with the humor and joke set ups even if they didn’t all land with the judges. Obviously landed with the community and I’ll be sifting through all your content and content to come for sure.

  • Nicholas Howell

    Bittersweet moment for you guys winning the F*** the Judges Award because you didn’t make it to the top entries, but of the other award finalists for this, you are by far the best! Not only do I want to see more of this, I actually want to support the official release. This is an anime that looks really intriguing to me! Again, congrats on the award! But it also goes to show what we are to expect from the actual #TIBA finalists

  • RoninOfDeath

    Welp. If this didn’t make it in the top thirty I know Mine didn’t. Considering the comments I got saying they voted for this just over mine. Takahata “It may not be the best voice acted.” Eh, I think it’s pretty good. Anyway if Taka didn’t think my was good voice acting then I know he didn’t like mine. Wish Taka would offer me the chance to have him in one of my things.

  • this is one of those series that seems like it could just be a really good dub with crazy humour like actual flcl
    like for real this was really well done

  • Rs (Danny)

    RsGames1999 here, editor of this particular entry. Gotta say –

    I’m legitimately so happy that we made it here, and the kind and heartfelt words from HBI and Taka at the end had me laughing and smiling more than anything this entire week. We may not have made the top 30, but hey, as the title suggests – F*** the judges.


    • Ice

      Loved it all. Had my vote. Cant wait for ep 2

    • this makes me wanna see the actual series

    • Deathbeam9000

      I love this abridge. Made me laugh and chuckle a lot. Only thing i didn’t like was the theme. Other then that I love it. Hopefully you make a episode 2 😀

      • hariman

        They did! If you haven’t checked their youtube, they’ve got episodes 2 and 3 up already. ;D

    • you guys didt make the cut?! how the hell did Avatar the last airbended make it, how the shit did Jojo make it! you guys are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better :C

      • Rs (Danny)

        Well, comedy is a highly subjective thing. The judges probably just found Avatar and First of the North funnier. I haven’t found the time to watch them yet, but I’m sure they’re good, and I’m happy for the people responsible for the entries. A-Log, one of the people behind North Star, is an old friend of mine. I have high hopes.

      • James Christian Meetze

        Actually they aren’t funny. Plus y’alls editing quality and narrative destroy their’s. One of the entries straight up steals a joke from South Park. Like I’m disappointed with TFS and SWE. I love their content but this makes zero sense. At least Takahata101 gave y’all props. Please have him on the show as a recurring character maybe as Nyanta.

      • Anakin The Weird

        F*** the judges, man…

    • Alex Palo

      Man! this is awesome! Do you have more of this?

      • Like Zoinks Gaming

        Episode 2 and 3 are already up and editing has begun for episode 04. Follow @phatdogstudios on twitter to stay up to date.

  • Maxim Dragoon

    Whaaaaa!! I honestly thought this would get 2nd or 3rd place but still, I’m glad this got recognized because this was amazing

  • Definitely one of the seven abridges I enjoyed, glad it got something. I even hear the crew for this is making another episode.

    • Rs (Danny)

      Correct. We’re currently editing episode 2. Expect it by mid October ^^

      • James Christian Meetze

        If y’all put out episodes like once a month, you will explode in popularity.