Are you tired of DC superheroes yet? …Cause we’re not! At #4, it’s Batman: The Animated Series Abridged!

Congratulations to Jesse Gold and crew!  If you enjoyed this video, check them out on YouTube!

Stay tuned after the video for our judges’ commentary!

  • Love how this is both a Tribute and a parody, the Kevin Conroy impression is super buttery and almost dead, I also like Jokers “Blink you’ll miss it.” cameo.

  • Zoey Marie Bedenbaugh

    Wow, he really sounds like Kevin Conroy.

  • Schwann145

    Easily the best entry I’ve seen, and that includes the #2 spot.
    How this didn’t just flat-out win, I’m shocked.

  • Javier Casanova

    “Get good, bitch” DONE, YOU WIN MY HEART.

  • Samuel Cammenthian

    ok, so i totally agree with this being high on the list, but not 4’th. i saw at least 4 or 5 times where the edits were obviously not matching the movement of the object or face. i didnt even need to go frame by frame to see the one at 7:35. it jittered around alot. but, im gonna chalk it up to the limited time to make it. i assume they could have done much better than that if they had more time to polish it.

  • RubberCrystal

    My god the voice acting for this is pretty good

  • Bruce Wayne


    • Bruce Wayne

      seriously though, voice acting, wit and sound mixing, and editing were all top notch but the script was a little boring for me

  • Fantastic writing, fantastic voice acting, clever jokes, excellent lip flap adaptions for western animation (I know that can be hard), and still sticking very close to the source material. This was an excellent entry and deserves it’s spot, the only thing really holding it back was the occasional odd moments of timing due to the pacing, and this really only showed up in the end. Fantastic work you guys 😀

  • zzymyn

    Great! The main thing I found missing in this was the sound. A bit more foley (footsteps being the most glaring omission) would go so far.

  • TomSTheVoice

    YES! I was hoping to see this rank high! Truly awesome editing and writing! Congrats, dude!

  • JZBeast

    This was my favorite show growing up and I have a lot of affection for it. Partially because of that, I have a heavy bias and this is my favorite entry by far. The subdued but hilarious humor just works for me. Major props for both the voice acting and the editing. Thank you Jesse Gold for making this.

  • Gabriel Syme

    I deduce from this entry that the creators are Nintendo fans. The Konami slam plus the use of Zelda and Star Fox sound effects. Seriously though, this was awesome!

  • I’m really happy to see this placed so high. Out of all the entries I watched, this was the one I most wanted to see more of.

    I’m also pleasantly surprised to see how much American animation placed highly. I was afraid not many would tackle those shows since matching lips to voices would be so difficult, but it looks like I was wrong!

  • I love how Bruce sounds just like Kevin Conroy and Lucius sounds like Morgan Freeman.

  • Alex Ingram

    I won’t lie, Lucius saying, “Bruce, I’m God,” was golden.

  • Daniel Real Boyles

    I saw this one before the judging had finished as it was shared on reddit and fell in love instantly so much so ive shown all my friends and hope you continue to make this series. im glad it broke the top five because ive been waiting for this one to show up since the count down started. Well Deserved, Mr. Gold.

  • Magmafrost13 .

    “and you call me master dick” haha, didn’t pick up on that the first time.

    Seriously I’m excited to see what managed to be better than this

  • Eu lia Tu lias

    I hope “Toward the Tiba” is in this list too…

  • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who did a double take when I heard that Kevin Conroy impression. The riddles were smart, the writing clever, and the game humor was dead on, I especially love Alfred’s “get good, bitch,” joke. The impressions all around were really solid, actually, with a great Edward Nigma, a strong Robin, and of course an amazing Batman. That said, the audio mixing wasn’t as good as I had hoped, with a few lines lost to foley and some odd moments of dead air. This aside, this definitely deserves the number 4 slot, as it both understands tribute and parody, being funny but also respectful of the source material

    The only joke that doesn’t work for me is the entitled economy one. I not only didn’t get it, but…came right the hell out of left field. Anyone else feel that way? Regardless, this was a ton of fun and managed to have good action, charming brain teasers, and some solid dry humor. While some people scoff at the Konami joke…I gotta admit, that got me. Topical maybe, but fits the tone and the punchline perfectly. Oh and the fart joke…what? I didn’t see it coming but…what?!

    I still love ROTK abridged more…but this is straight up a smarter and better entry. I freely admit that. Amazing work, guys.

  • John Krauss

    I watched this one awhile ago and I didn’t think much of it. The pacing just didn’t work for me, even when I could definitely recognize plenty of funny jokes. Seeing it again, I definitely can see that it is deserving of such a high ranking spot. Congratulations to the creator.

    • Alius Neo

      I know what you mean, I was blown away by this entry the first time I watched it; but as impressed as I was with editing and that Kevin Conroy impression (damn it good) I didn’t find myself laughing at it a whole lot.

      That being said I still really liked the episode, and when I was laughing, they were well deserved. This was an entry I expected to see on this list; and I’m really happy that it placed so high. Congrats to Mr. Gold; keep it up!

  • thanto_

    The Kevin Conroy impression was fantastic. Seriously, the best part. Also, the The Riddler was also very close to what I remember from the show. Not quite as funny as the rest, but the voice acting was superb.

  • Matt Landess

    Actually really boring

    • Bruce Wayne

      as Bruce Wayne, I was surprised I was the only one who thought so. not a top 5 showing imo


    If I had to criticize one thing, it’s that sometimes when characters speak for a considerable length of time, their body motions visibly loop and it gets kinda distracting. Aside from that, this was very impressively done; if you ever adapted the rest of the series, I’d certainly watch the heck out of it!

    • That’s probably second to ‘make the mouth move oddly quick so we don’t have to do as much flap work’ in terms of tiny things that take me out of the moment so hard.

  • Dominick

    Speaking as someone who saw this and a bunch of other Abridged series for the contest, and the fact that most of the ones I saw didn’t even make an honorable mention, I have to say that while I did like Dumb Justice more, this was definitely one of my favorites. I felt like the fart at the end of episode was unnecessary and really could’ve been cut out without damaging the final product too much. Not that I’m against scatological humor, I just don’t really understand why that was there. I felt like everything else was on point, however, and the quick banter between Alfred and Dick was really good. The only other thing that I can think of that might need fixing is during the part of the episode right before Batman and Robin drive to the Amusement Park, there’s a halo around Batman’s mouth while he’s talking, which I can only assume is an edit to get the right lip flaps in that just had that small oversight on it. Other than that, great entry.

    • Jesse Gold

      The fart joke was because my parents weren’t gonna get any of the video game references and I wanted to end on something guaranteed to make them laugh. It worked!

  • ThatWasFred

    This was my favorite entry in the competition. So glad to see it placed so highly! The Conroy impression is amazing of course, but beyond that, Jesse is just a great voice actor, with a voice that belongs in animation. I also love the writing, and especially the dry sense of humor that permeates the whole thing. My favorite thing about it is that it’s the very opposite of so many abridged videos that are all about hitting you over the head with as many quick jokes and cuts as possible. The characters and story actually bring out the humor, rather than existing in spite of the humor. A+ entry in my opinion!

  • threadweaver

    Continuously impressed by that Kevin Conroy impression, and pulling footage from other episodes. Love the joker cameo!

  • TactilePope

    This is one of only a few entries that I can see as an abridged series, and a quality one at that. Writing, editing, voice work, source footage were all great. I didn’t feel that it suffered from pacing issues. If it did the script was strong enough to keep it interesting regardless.

  • Nicholas Howell

    Another solid abridging, but it wasn’t really for me. I see the talent here, but maybe not #4. Definitely top 10 though. Good job.

  • Just Iron

    Batman mixed with social commentary on current video game claimant and industry was nothing short of delightful. Way to go Jesse Gold.

  • MynameisEarl

    Well done sir! Loved your entry! Well voiced, well edited. Congrats to you guys! 🙂

    • Jesse Gold

      Thanks! I’m honestly surprised I didn’t get the same source footage lecture you did. I totally borked up the interlacing on my encode and was too far along to fix it once I found the right settings in Handbrake.

  • Goliath89

    Man, I was starting to get a little worried when this video hadn’t shown up yet. Such an amazing entry.

  • Joshua Toback

    One of the best entries, but I was afraid it would be killed off after the 30 second mark. However, I was happily disappointed. I am sad that Cowboy Bebop Abridged will not place, as Sword Cane’s Spike is almost identical to the real one, kind of like the Batman here. Still, I am really happy that this placed. The top 3 should be amazing, as I already kinda know who is going to win. Still, amazing work!

    • Sword Cane


  • Pat

    Has anyone figured out the riddle of the keys at 7:18? The right key brought out the blades, but i have no idea whose face is on that key. The right key opened up the door but i don’t understand that character. What would the middle key do? I’m thinking carbon copy? but not sure since K stands for potassium.

    • Jesse Gold

      You may be overthinking it. That’s Zack Snyder on the right, and the Chinese character “Fu” on the left, and with “CK” in the middle… you get my opinion on Batman v Superman.

      • Pat

        OHHHHH. I legit thought it was a riddle set forth by the riddler, not an easter egg from you. I spent the whole day trying to figure out if there was meaning of the face to set forth the blades. haha.

      • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

        I actually thought the right key was supposed to be Mockridge, but damn, that was clever XD

  • Let’s Dub Project (Tyranee)

    Holy crap. The top 5 are no joke. Mega solid entry and that Kevin Conroy impression is amazing. Really great job! Well worth its place in this contest.

  • Digital Gent

    To be honest, I found this entry to be less on the funny side of things, and more on the clever side. I didn’t really laugh, but appreciated the entry all the same. For instance, the use of the stock footage of the Gryphons breathing fire and the implementation of a riddle with fire as an answer got a smile out of me, but no real chuckle. Aside from that personally, this entry was awesome. On top of the clever writing, the voices acting was great (that Batman voice) and the product was well edited.

    Its definitely going to be interesting to see what the top 3 entries are and how they’ll place. Wonder how much of the “Judge’s Tilt” score will affect the placing since it looks like the final 3 will have solid writing, visual editing and audio quality.

  • zekana

    the voice acting is really good with this one and it’s amazing how good of an impression you do and the editing is well done, aside from some instances of characters talking when you are forced to have them move. its a problem with western animation being…too good for easy abridgement i guess you could say?, but that’s all i can say.
    I feel bad that the script for this one just does not click with me like so many others. i just do not see the humor of it. i didn’t laugh or chuckle at anything but im not a dry humor kind of guy so i assume that’s the issue here.

    however, congratz on placing. your voice work and editing alone are worthy of being placed in the top 20.

  • Jesse Gold

    Being the third entry in a row to feature Batman makes it totally worth being just shy of winning a plaque haha. I am beaming ear-to-ear from this commentary! Thank you all so, so much. I’m glad it isn’t all glowing, though, because I can really use the criticism.

    Surprised to hear that the latter half was slower than the front because I’d thought it was the other way around. In fact, I’m extremely relieved that the infamous 30 Second Rule never came into play, because I completely forgot about it until people mentioned it in YouTube comments. The ep 2 script I’m working on now is definitely punchier…

    I’m glad you liked my riddles. The “Anatidae” thing isn’t even a joke. I just thought it was better than what they did in the show haha. The Minotaur’s riddle at the end actually IS from the episode, though. I just made Batman catch on way sooner. No one has figured out the message I put on the keys yet….

    Especially stoked that Kaiser liked my editing! His episode breakdowns of DBZA were very helpful in figuring out how to put all of this together. Also LOL at Taka mixing up Riddler and Joker. I couldn’t come up with a good idea for a Joker ep during June, but don’t worry. You’ll be glad I saved it. I’ve been doing Hamill a lot longer than I’ve been doing Conroy……….

    Lastly, HUGE thanks to my friends Gideon and Adam for being my Robin and Mockridge, and my friend Teddy for the JG logo and Konami graphic. The rest of this was all done by yours truly, though. Because I am insane. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and I’ll get an update on Ep 2 out soon!

    Onto the top three!!!

    • Archanix

      For me Number 4 waaay to low for you guys.

    • ThatWasFred

      So glad you ranked so highly! Truly well-deserved.

    • Stephen Rosebaugh-Nordan

      Truly amazing work…God forbid, but when Kevin Conroy passes, head over to DC. They can use you. Amazing voice work. I look forward to episode 2.

    • Anakin The Weird

      I voted this as my favorite. Fuckin awesome.
      btw, what did the code say?

    • Mica T

      can’t wait for the next episode.

    • This was one of the ones I watched that I felt had a good chance of winning. Glad to hear you’re continuing this, I’ll drop you a sub.

    • suman roy

      This was one of the entries that just got funnier the more I watched it. The editing was a little spotty at places, but that’s kinda par for the course for fan-made stuff. But using actual Morgan Freeman dialogue clips for Fox was a goddamn stroke of genius.

  • Matt McKisson

    Well, you had some superb voice acting and writing, but the editing left a little to be desired. I don’t hold it against you, though. American animation is a bitch to dub. Overall pretty spectacular though. Congratulations on Top 4!

  • DoktorApplejuce

    That’s because DC is amazeballs. TFS just scientifically proved it. Awesome job, Jesse Gold!

    • Jesse Gold

      Thank you, sir. Was a big fan of yours as well!

      • Ben “hbi2k”

        Now kiss.

      • Jesse Gold
      • MynameisEarl

        Hey, am I allowed into the DC love party? lol

      • DoktorApplejuce


  • Ivan LeRoy

    One of those entries that I truly didn’t appreciate until after a second viewing. I previously hailed it as a poor excuse to show off an amazing Kevin Conroy impression, but now I see there is much more at play. It’s one of the more cerebral entries with some clever writing/dialogue and impressive editing pressed against the constraints of western animation (and a very good one at that).

    My biggest criticism is that first half is clearly much stronger than the second. This is a series that, if Mr. Gold chooses to move forward with, will benefit from not having time constraints to rush it. I’m also not impressed with what others have praised for good atmosphere and tone, as I believe the source material alone does that heavy lifting. Kudos though for being ambitious enough to approach it, as it is really difficult to have your creative voice even remotely heard over a masterwork such as Batman TAS. This entry just barely achieves that, and that’s more impressive than the way I’m making it sound. Congrats!

  • some obvious edits but nonetheless this was fucking awesome

    awful lot of superheroes though….